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 The Rulebook

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Raivis Galante

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PostSubject: The Rulebook   Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:28 pm

The Rulebook

Rules must be read before joining! Please take a moment to read through our rules

You must be over 15 to join Wiztalia.

Do not register with your character's full name. Failure to do so will lead to loss of one chance of being accepted(you will have three tries).

Be kind to others and respect their beliefs. OOC Drama will not be tolerated. The moderators here are very used to having problems with members and so if something is bothering you, feel free to bring it up with one of us!

Teachers may not abuse their power. To award or take points, you must first clear it with an admin.

Please check the character list before reserving your character. If it's already taken, you may reserve an alternate character but a chance will be taken away unless the confusion is on an admin's failure to update the list.

Minimum post requirement is two paragraphs. This can be one paragraph if the paragraph exceeds ten sentences, but each paragraph, to be counted, must have five sentences minimum.

Mark all threads! If it is open, mark it so. If it is with another person, mark it with their name. Finished threads should be marked as such so they can be moved to the correct forum.

Refrain from spamming. Spamming is posting numerous, irrelevant threads or comments where they aren't necessary. This includes in the Chat.

You should post within one week of joining. If you fail to do so, you will be PMed and warned. You will have two days to post or your account will be marked inactive. After one week from the warning, your account will be disabled.

Forum RP is strictly for literate roleplay. Script may be used in the chat, and is recommended.

OCs are allowed for countries that are not canon in the series. Genderbends are only allowed when their counterpart is already claimed. City OCs are unfortunately not allowed at this time.

Mature content must be marked as such in threads. Smut is allowed but keep it reasonable. We don't want only smut on this site, remember there are other genres you can RP.

If you will be absent for an extended period of time or are just busy, please post in the hiatus topic! If you want to drop a character, please post there as well.

Three strikes, you're out. If you break the rules three times, you will be banned. For major offences, you'll be banned regardless of strikes.

Your character must come from a different school, hence being an exchange student. Put your favourite colour in the anything else section of your app.

If you don't post an application or finish an application in time your reservation will be revoked.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome, in the forum or by PM!

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The Rulebook
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