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 Roderich Edelstein// Austria application Re-Done

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Roderich Edelstein


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PostSubject: Roderich Edelstein// Austria application Re-Done    Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:19 pm

Please read my extra not at the bottom of the application.

Character's name:
Roderich Edelstein.

Country of origin:





Roderich is a very quiet and reserved young man. He is often described as a loner, which makes it very difficult for people to approach him. However, he isn't a loner in the slightest. He's just really shy when it comes to making friends. And he is socially awkward when it comes to meeting new people when it isn’t in a stuffy aristocratic setting, so meeting new people on a friendly and open atmosphere is just something he isn’t used to.
Roderich is one who likes peace and quiet, and for fun he prefers spending his time reading or playing the piano. He also like to spend time with people he knows, like family or close friends that understand him; With close friends and family he acts a bit more open i.e talking more, laughing and even smiling.

Roderich is known for being very reserved, wearing a calm and expressionless face when he is around new people. He is honest and straight forward with everyone he meets. In his opinion it’s better to be brutally honest than letting someone believe a lie. This trait can sometimes backfire on him, considering most people don’t want to hear what they are doing wrong or if they are acting like a hooligan.

During a crisis Roderich will remain calm and optimistic. Refusing to show panic in the face of his enemy, even when he knows he will lose a fight, Roderich will not go down without a struggle. However, he usually tries to reason with someone first before things get physical. Another trait he has is an aversion to physical intimacy, or public displays of affection. He will instantly go red and huffy if he sees someone acting inappropriately, which has landed him into a few arguments.

Roderich mostly took after his mother, having inherited her soft and delicate features, pale smooth skin and unusual violet eyes. He keeps his eyes hidden behind a pair of rectangular spectacles and his long bangs. His chocolate brown hair is usually styled, except for when he is at home then he lets his fall loose. He has one long strand of hair that sticks up defiantly despite his best efforts to flatten it down. Roderich has long and slender hands, perfect for playing the piano.
There is a beauty mark just a little below his lip that is barely noticeable. He's not very strong or muscular, but what he lacks in the muscle he makes up for by always looking well-groomed in public. He's quite short for a man, standing at only 5’8, it adds to his delicate looking appearance; It’s a fact that he hates really, considering that most of the men on his father's side of the family are an average five ten or over.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood?


Great Cook:
Roderich is an excellent cook, thanks to his mother. Even though it is not considered one of the manliest thing’s in the world to do he still loves it. Sweet's and pastries are his specialty~

Good Friend:
He is good at giving advice to his friends, even when it’s something out of his league he will still try to help. He is very head strong and dependable when problems arise. His close friends know they can turn to him.

Tidy person;
He’s very clean, organized and hates messes. Because of his grandparent’s upbringing, he has become a bit of a neat freak. He will even lose his temper if he sees someone just lounging about when they could be cleaning, or at least picking up after themselves.

Honest Guy:
Roderich isn't one to beat around the bush. He will always give his honest opinion if people ask him, weather it sounds harsh or not people can count on him to tell them the truth. Honesty is the best policy right?

Good Student:
Roderich is very smart and level headed; he is very good when it comes to memorizing spells and sheet music. Hands on tasks are one of his strengths, such as performing spells and Charms.

Musically Gifted:
Even though Roderich has Veela ancestry, he really isn’t much of a singer and instead inherited a natural gift for music. He is an expert at piano and violin, anyone who hears him play thinks it's magical and can be entranced into a dream like state just by hearing him. Chopin and Mozart are two of his favorite composers~


Not physically gifted:
Roderich is terrible when it comes to harsh physical sports (Muggle or Wizard), he just can't do them without getting injured or bruised. The only thing physical things he can do are fencing, but that’s not an everyday sport and horseback riding. However, he doesn’t get to do that very often so that sport doesn’t count.

Gets lost real easy:
Roderich’s sense of direction is terrible, and always has been since he was a child. It made navigating his grandfather’s huge mansion very difficult, since he was always getting lost or once he ended up in the master bathroom instead of the sitting room. He can't go anywhere by himself, an escort has to take him places so he won't get lost for hours. To hide this at school he makes sure to follow his fellow Ravenclaw's to classes or the common room.

His Pride;
Because of his upbringing, Roderich is a very proud person. This is a trait that came as a result of his upbringing. This trait gets in his way, he would much rather do something on his own and fail miserably than admit he needs help with something. This pride gets in the way when he gets lost and needs help finding a location and has to ask someone he hates for help.


Scared of marine life:
Roderich has a great fear of marine animals, especially squids and starfish. He refuses to go near a body of water that might contain these animals. It all stems from a mishap that happened in childhood, which involved his older cousin’s planting a small squid in his bed as a child. After that day he is extremely scared of them.

Injuring his hands:
Since Roderich considers himself to be a musician first and wizard second, he is always careful with his hands, making sure no harm will come to them. He wouldn't know what he would do if he damaged, or injured them, for music is his way of escape.


Slips into German:
Roderich, unknowingly, will use German in a conversation. An example; Instead of saying "Yes" or "Thank you" he will say "Ja" or "Danke".

Another of Roderich's quirks is when he is nervous or frightened; he will reach for the small gold cross always worn around his neck. It was given to him by his mother after he was accepted in his regional school; it serves as a source of comfort for him in his times of need.

Your Character's back-story:

Roderich was born the only son of Bernard Edelstein of the well known Edelstein family of Austria, and Ada Heineken, a lower class muggle/Veela half-blood who was a beautiful and talented musician . Her mother was the muggle and her father was the Veela. Bernard and Ada's relationship was frowned on in his family; they all thought Ada would ruin their pure-blood image. The fact that she had magical blood in her did not help win them over. The Edelstein’s where known to be a bit racist towards muggle’s or half-blood’s. However, the two married despite the Edelstein families objections. After a few years of arguing most of Bernard's family finally came to terms with the marriage, but they still didn't approve. The only one who still refused to acknowledge the union was his father Adolf,

The young boy was doted on with love and attention from both his parents, and the nannies who worked in the household affectionately called him 'Little Master'. He wasn't spoiled by any means; his parents believed that it was unhealthy to spoil a child with objects and the like. His mother believed it was better to teach him how to stand on his own two-feet and earn what he wanted. Roderich knew his father’s family had abilities, but it always fascinated him when he would see his father performing magic. Roderich also knew that the reason his grandparents ignored him for the most part was because they thought him a muggle. It hurt him, but his mother assured him that even if he wasn't a wizard she and his father would always love him.

When he was ten years old his grandparents decided it was time to teach him how to be an aristocrat. They told his parents to send him to their mansion in Vienna, were he would live with them for a year. Though the couple protested they weren't given much of a choice, and they sent little Roderich to live with his grandparents. The moment he arrived he was taught to act, speak, and even sit like an aristocrat. He struggled with the lessons, his tutors where harsh and punished him if he got the lesson wrong. The only lessons he did spectacular in was music; he was a natural musician, and music gave him an outlet for all his pent up emotions. Over time he deduced what it was his grandparents wanted from him, and if he wanted to go home he had to become the perfect aristocrat. Before long, Roderich finished all his lessons and he could look and act like an upper-class boy; He just wouldn't act like one when he went home. Thanks to the lessons and discipline from his grandparents Roderich learned to be neat and orderly.

When Roderich arrived home he of course told his parents how everything went, and about his lessons. They were especially impressed by his musical talent. They thought his playing was beautiful and magical, and now that his eleventh birthday was approaching they began to keep an eye out for any signs of magical abilities.

When Roderich turned eleven he began to show signs of magical abilities. It wasn't until his parents heard the sounds of the Roderich's piano, violin and flute playing 'Moonlight Sonata' all at once that they realized something was off. They became curious and walked into the music room. They found Roderich sitting at the piano, eyes closed as he played, and the violin and flute were floating above his head playing themselves.
It was a show of strong magical talent.

A few days after that show of magic a letter arrived. It wasn't just any letter though, it had arrived by owl and Roderich's father knew what that meant. The letter bore the insignia of 'Amsel-Akademie für junge Zauberer und Hexen' (Amsel's Academy for young wizards and witches) on the back. His parents, and his father's family were thrilled that he would be attending the best academy in Austria to train. His mother and father congratulated him and began shopping for all his supplies.

A few years later when the invitation to attend Hogwarts had arrived Roderich and his parents were shocked, they hadn't expected a school all the way in Britain to invite him to attend. Roderich and his father were up for the idea, thinking it would be a good thing to study abroad. His mother wasn't too keen on it, she wasn't sure it would be a good idea for him to study so far away. However, after much reassuring from her husband, and Roderich promising to write everyday she finally agreed to let him go.

We Just Got A Letter:

The day Roderich received his first acceptance letter it was quite unexpected. For him at least, but his parents knew that their boy would be receiving this letter sooner or later. It had been a few days after his show of 'magical talent'.

Roderich had been in the music room sitting on the large couch that was in the center of the room, gently tuning his violin. Roderich had been in his own world as the soft notes rang in the room, not taking notice of the large owl that was steadily speeding towards the window.
This was the best part of the day. He thought, smiling softly as he set the bow and violin down on couch cushion next to him.

Standing he stretched his legs before heading to the door, but he was stopped by a light tapping sound on the window.
Roderich stopped mid step and looked over his shoulder to the window behind the couch. His eyes widened at the sight of a large barn owl standing on the windowsill. He could clearly see an envelope clutched in one of his talons. It tapped the window again with its beak.

Quickly, he walked to the window and opened it. The owl ruffled its feathers before sticking its leg out; attached to its foot was a letter. The moment he took it the owl flew off, leaving him with the strange mail delivery.
Frowning he examined it. It looked expensive; the envelope was gold with his name and address written in cursive black ink on the front. When he flipped it over he saw a wax seal with an unfamiliar crest in the center.
Intrigued, he carefully opened the letter and pulled out the piece of parchment. After reading the first few lines his violet eyes widened.
It read:

Dear mister Edelstein,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into 'Amsel-Akademie für junge Zauberer und Hexen'-
He stopped reading after the last few sentences, lithe fingers tightening around the letter as a thrill ran through him. An occurrence that did not happen often, especially is music or baking wasn’t involved.
This was the letter he had hoped would arrive! It meant he was a wizard, just like his Vater and grandfather! As small smile formed on the young boys lips he quickly left the music room and ran for his Vater’s study calling in loud-at least for him-voice. “Vater! You won’t believe this, my letter came today!”


It was years later that he received his next letter. The owl that had delivered it was a large snowy white owl, that soared threw the music room and landed gracefully on his grand piano. It was patient enough not to hand him the letter until he had completed his piano piece.

Once Roderich had finished the owl had fluttered over to him; a letter was clutched in its beak. He reached for the letter and thanked it before the owl took off out the open window. Roderich glanced over it than flipped the letter over in his hands and examined the seal on the back. It had a crest with the capital letter H in the center surrounded by a snake, a badger, a gryphon and a raven. "Who could have sent me this?" He decided to ask his father about it and stood from his piano bench and head for his father's study.
"A foreign exchange program you say?"
His father, Bernard, smiled proudly at him and nodded at him. "Yes, it seems that Hogwarts is hosting an exchange program, inviting you to spend your last years of school studying there. I think this would be a great opportunity for you".
Roderich looked thoughtful for a moment before he nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, it does seem intriguing. I think I'll attend this semester".
His father smiled broadly and stood from his seat, "Great, we'll start shopping for your supplies today". He said while heading towards the study door, Roderich followed and they both headed out of the study and down the hall. Roderich glanced up at his father “Who should tell mother"? His mother had a hard time letting him leave for school in Austria; he didn't know how she would react when she told him that he wanted to attend his last years of school in the UK.

The Sorting:

As Roderich stepped off the platform of the train he stood quietly amongst the other exchange students that would be attending Hogwarts. He reached for his glasses and adjusted them, making sure they were in place, and running his fingers through his hair to flatten any strays.
He wanted to look his best when going in.
Nervously, he began to make a mental check of everything he needed on him.
Hair in place-check
He reached for the front of his shirt and pat it, the small pendant was still there
'Wand', he paused and reached for his pocket and felt for his wand ( Canary Wood, Dragon heart-string 10 1/2 inches) , it was right where he left it.

Once Roderich had finished primping, he took a deep breath and made his way to stand next to the other students. He glanced up at the castle that he was to be attending this semester. He had heard much about this school and how magnificent it appeared, and at first he didn't believe that an old castle could be so grand.
But now that he saw it for himself, Roderich had to admit, it was very beautiful. With its Gothic architecture and windows glowing with gold light, it made it all look so enchanting and quite the opposite from the Academy he had attended.

Roderich broke himself out of his reverie and followed the mass of exchange student's.
As they were led into the grand hall Roderich took in the layout glancing at the house tables and their occupants. The people sitting at the tables had quieted down so they could gaze at the transfers. And though he did not show it, Roderich was extremely nervous as he felt their stares.
It was quite unnerving.
In an effort to distract him from his nerves he turned his gaze back to the podium; a small wooden stool was placed in the center, an old wizard's hat was placed upon it. He watched, one-by-one as the students walked up and sat on the stool and were sorted.

Which house would he be in? He wondered, frowning slightly as he reached for the cross hidden under his shirt.
His grandparent's wanted him to be placed in a 'Pureblooded' house, to ensure he would make the 'right' friends and the 'right' connections for the future.
Basically, they wanted him in Slytherin House.
He certainly did not want that!
Epecially after he had read about Slytherin house while on the train. He had read 'Hogwarts, A history' and studied as much as he could about the four houses. After reading about them he came to the conclusion that he certainly did not want to be placed in Slytherin, like his grandparent's wanted. The type of wizard that was placed there sounded a lot like the noble children his grandparents made him associate with back home. Liars. Ego centric, he had had enough of those-
"Edelstein, Roderich"!
It’s my turn already? He wondered, his head snapping up to attention.
Shaking his head to clear it, Roderich took a deep breath to calm himself before walking up to the podium, his head held high with as much confidence as he could muster, he took his seat on the small stool.
It was quite uncomfortable, but he ignored that and folded his hands on his lap and waited.
The teacher placed the hat on his head; it was large and slipped past his eyes a bit.

His hands clenched a bit as he waited to be sorted.
A bit nervous are we?
Roderich jumped, startled by the sudden voice. It sounded as if it was coming from his head. Was it the hat talking to him?

You are correct Mister Edelstein. It replied, as if reading his thoughts. The voice sounded amused. Blinking, he calmed himself down enough to answer the hats first question. ‘Yes, I am a bit nervous’. He answered mentally. There was no point in lying if the hat already knew the answer.
You’re an honest one eh? That's good, you have integrity. But wear to put you? It paused a moment, I see your very proud, you’re not the bravest of people, and your family blood is strong but you’re not the Slytherin type-Yes! I see you have sharp wits about, and a ready mind to learn and adapt, so you belong in- RAVENCLAW!
His new classmates cheered loudly as he stepped off the platform and sat down at the Ravenclaw table. Roderich breathed a sigh a relief as he glanced around at his new housemates, offering them a polite smile and shaking their hands. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad here.

Name: Miranda, or Mimi :)
Age: 21
Time zone/Country:- GMT 8h U.S Standard time
Tell us a little about yourself:
I'm just a normal anime/manga fan, I'm kind of shy but I'm easy to get along with once you get to know me :). I love reading and and drawing and I'm usually online allot, the only times I'm not online is when I'm swamped with work or I'm too tired to log on. And I'm sorry if the sorting hat part was short and not very good :(. And for Roderich's school I made it an 'Academy' because an Academy sounds more sophisticated. :) Plus he wouldn’t have gone to Durmstrang because they only accept pure blooded Wizard’s, and Roderich is a half-blood, or he would be considered a mutt since he has a quarter Veela in him.
Anything else? My favorite color is Pink~ :)

Okay this is the edited version of my Austria application. I changed a few things and fixed the grammar, also I added that Roderich is a quarter Veela from his maternal grandfather. In Harry Potter J.K Rowling had hinted that there are male Veela’s, and that not much in known about these humanoid creatures except that the women can lure men with their dancing, beauty and their hypnotic voices. They also have a magic all their own, so since female Veela’s are known for entrancing men by doing their seductive dances and hypnotic voices I figured that a male Veela could lure women by seductive voices or hypnotic music, which is why I had Roderich inherit a magical music ability that enraptures people when they hear it.
Okay…let me know how it is.
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Raivis Galante

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PostSubject: Re: Roderich Edelstein// Austria application Re-Done    Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:17 am

Congratulations, you've been accepted! Welcome back to Wiz!

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Roderich Edelstein


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PostSubject: Re: Roderich Edelstein// Austria application Re-Done    Sat Jul 21, 2012 6:37 pm

Yay! Thank you! :D
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PostSubject: Re: Roderich Edelstein// Austria application Re-Done    

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Roderich Edelstein// Austria application Re-Done
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