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 An Escape of a Daring Sort -OPEN-

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PostSubject: An Escape of a Daring Sort -OPEN-   Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:40 pm

He near sprinted out of his classroom the second he dismissed class. It wasn't that they were bad kids, or stupid but being cooped up in that room was finally getting to the man. Romulus was meant to be free! Free as the wind! Free as a bird! Or as free as his legs could take him out of the halls of Hogwarts. It really was really personal. Or at least, that personal.

The Italian just wanted to be in Hogsmeade for some fresh air, drinks and the chance to not be entirely surrounded by students that he needed to pretend to be a responsible adult around. Not like he was fooling any of them. Giving a grin, he found himself at the entrance of the Hog's Head Tavern, the last place any pupils would be if they had any common sense in them.

"A Fire Whiskey would light up this old man's day," he plopped at the counter, far away from the more sketchy looking of the patrons that did seem include a half giant, a hag and a few people of indiscernible genders in cloaks. Gulping it down in one shot, he grinned at the bartender who clearly had seen better days. Not quite entirely home-free but close enough for Romulus.
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An Escape of a Daring Sort -OPEN-
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