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 Research on magical creatures~ (Open to anyone! )

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Roderich Edelstein


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PostSubject: Research on magical creatures~ (Open to anyone! )   Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:16 pm

Roderich sighed, running a hand through his brown locks as he headed towards the Library. he hadn't been there in a while...mostly because he seemed to get lost whenever he tried to FIND the place. But that was another matter. Right now he wanted to do research for something he had wanted to do for awhile.

Research on the Forbidden Forest and what lay in wake there.

As he walked through the Library entrance he glanced around to see only a handful of students, all quietly reading or taking notes from the books. he smiled at the peacefulness of it all. The Library was one of his favorite places.

Smiling he held his note pad close to his chest and headed for the book Aisle relating to the Magical creatures and things that were in the forest. He wanted to see if Unicorns and other things he had heard about lived in the forest, all his child hood Roderich had heard of these creatures but never once saw one. It was because his Grandparents thought it improper for a young noble to associate with creatures like that.

Roderich scowled. Well, I don't see the problem. We have House Elves at home, what makes these creatures so different from them? I know they are wild, but still what could be so bad about just seeing a unicorn or goblin?

With that in mind he went to searching the book titles for one that would help him learn of the forest, of the creatures he wanted to see.

(( Sorry if this post sucks XI ))

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Research on magical creatures~ (Open to anyone! )
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