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 Quills are Spiders, Obviously [[ Open ]]

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Raivis Galante

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PostSubject: Quills are Spiders, Obviously [[ Open ]]    Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:00 pm

[[ Gosh we can't seem to keep a thread in this section! ]]

Tucking his quill behind his ear, Raivis sighed at his homework and placed his elbows on the desk. He hated being stuck on his work- because he hated having to get help(it made him seem stupid!). Not to mention, he wasn't sure who could help him in Arithmancy. Not many students liked the subject, and he was already ahead in it. But now he found himself stuck...really, it couldn't be that hard, maybe he was just over thinking it! After staring at his assignment for a few more moments, Raivis made a groan of frustration and plopped his head down on the desk. This was going no where. He stood up and stretched, maybe he just needed some fresh air! But soon after he'd pulled his arms over his head, he felt something cool trickle down the side of his cheek. Without a second thought, he yelped and smacked at it, thinking it must be a bug biting his skin and trying to devour him-

But when he saw the black ink on his palm and saw his quill fall to the floor, he felt an immediate rush of embarrassment, and prayed no one was around to witness that little...episode.

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Quills are Spiders, Obviously [[ Open ]]
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