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 Sesenne Alexander // Saint Lucia App

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Sesenne Alexander

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PostSubject: Sesenne Alexander // Saint Lucia App   Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:41 pm

Character's name:
Sesenne ‘Sofia’ Alexander

Country of origin:
Saint Lucia


17 (born 22nd February)

A pretty welcoming girl, Sesenne tries to do everything with a laugh or a smile. But she’s kind of vain, if someone she’ll grin and giggle, then tell them they talked to the most beautiful girl in the Caribbean wizarding school. She’s passionate about festivals and she has quite a few back home, celebrating independence day, creole, and mardi gras among other things. She’s a bit of a party girl in that sense it’s been installed into her big celebrations need big events, though if people draw comparisons or mention another carnival…especially if they imply it’s better she’ll point out things like ‘B-but they’re a bigger country!’ or her personal favourite. “Well my country is the Helen Of The West Indies!”. She tries to be as homely as she can, and it's not all that easy to annoy her. She speaks in Creole when she’s happy, and speaks a bit of French, just because she can. Her main language is English; it’s what she’s most likely to talk in unless she gets a tad creole happy. She likes her accent quite a lot…and she’s proud of her achievements in life, she likes people to know she’s not a complete and utter bimbo. In fact she's pretty smart, banking, economics and writing all seem to come somewhat naturally to her.
Sometimes she says things that other people wouldn’t quite approve of, she does what she likes and she likes what she does. She gets attached to people rather easily, especially people with ‘Kind faces’ as she describes them. She’s naïve about these sorts of attachments too, it’s easy to take advantage of her and she often doesn’t catch on. Although genuinely sweet and somewhat smart once you get to know her she’s a bit lethargic, often giving people somewhat lazy smiles after her work is done, falling asleep waiting for something. She’s a bit of a heavy flirt, giving someone a wink here or there, that one prefect a seductive smile just so they think twice about putting her in detention. Though for fear of her reputation she doesn’t go any further than that, on the other hand she doesn’t really have restrictions to who she actually does it to. She always tries to do things with a laugh or a giggle, she’s often helpful and does try to help people. But she enjoys being pampered herself as well. And on occasion she'll make friends with people who will.

She’s not a girl with a particularly fiery temper but her grandfather on her dad’s side was a skilled tactician known throughout the Caribbean for his mastery of duelling*, when he spent time with her she picked up his habits of a bad temper, she’s cooled down now as she’s gotten older and others have influenced her but she’s still a bit quick to anger. She often gets angry when someone insults her intelligence or does something else that can destroy her self-confidence. She has a lot of it but at the same time, it’s very easy to break down. She does, unfortunately, not quite live up to her grandpa' reputation.
*Reference to the Carib people who lived on St Lucia, they were known for their mastery of warfare in comparison to the peace loving Arawaks. They resisted the English, the French and the Dutch on the island for a long time.

Sesenne or Sofia as she prefers to be called like most people of Afro-Caribbean origins has dark skin, she may be a little lighter than average due to the fact she is part French, however one wouldn’t be able to tell or see anyway. She stands somewhat tall at 5’6 1/2’’ and isn’t quite skinny yet isn’t quite fat, curvy would be a way to describe her. She’s not one to diet though, she likes her figure it means she has no A cup angst at least. Her eyes are dark brown, as is her hair. Her eyebrows are slightly thicker than average but after years of plucking them, she's gotten them down from incredibly thick to...thicker than average. She’s most likely to wear a pair of sunglasses, regardless of the weather and only takes them off when she wants to see something more clearly, even then she just wears them on her head, they have become some sort of comfort to her. She wears her hair down, more often than not and only wears it up when she’s on a broom or making potions. Her hair goes a little past her shoulders and is often styled in controlled curls or waves, because like most girls she likes feeling pretty.
In school she wears her school uniform, admittedly she doesn't dress smartly though she always has her top button undone and her tie hangs rather loosely around her neck, in summer she doesn’t even bother with the tie, just tying it around her wrist. Out of school she usually wears some sort of wedge heels, and probably jeans and a shirt, and bangles she likes to rock them bangles and a madras bandana to pull back her hair. She tries to be modern in that way, though long skirts also appeal to her, she just doesn't wear them as much now because she doesn't see a lot of people wearing them. She’s never seen without a pair of hoop earrings, that sort of gives her a ‘chavvy’ look. Though back at home she just used to wear her hair up, wear a plain shirt and a pair of shorts. In the winter though, she bundles up to the point you could roll her down a hill and she wouldn’t stop.
Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood?:
Half-blood (known muggle ancestry via her paternal grandmother, she wouldn't be considered a pure-blood also she's not sure of her maternal grandfather's blood status so she could be the child of a pureblood and half-blood or two half-bloods.)

• She can laugh most things people say about her off.
• Cricket-If it’s throwing the ball, hitting the ball with a bat, or hitting people with the ball or the bat. Cricket is a passion of hers. It’s led to a passion for Quidditch as well. Especially beating.
• Dancing and singing- she doesn’t do it often but she has a pretty voice, even with her accent and she has a natural rhythm. Her favourite dance is the kwadrille, a creole dance originating from the French quadrille. However her dancing goes anything from the kwadrille to whining.
• Arithmacy and herbology are her best subjects.

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:
• She’s scared of being left alone.
• She's seen singing St Lucian songs often.
• After an incident involving her Haitian friend/distant cousin Jean Jacques and their buddy from Dominica she can’t stand anything that involves certain types of dark magic, and is actually pretty superstitious. She tells people it was a run in with a lajablesse, or la diablesse, not many people believe her though.
• History of magic –Boring, boring, boring. Did I mention boring?
• She's easily bribed with promises of bananas or an iguana.
• She’s incredibly naïve. She assumes everyone is somewhat nice at first.
• She assumes anyone and everyone understands Creole, obviously they don’t.
• She does things without thinking sometimes, if someone does manage to anger her she’s perfectly fine sorting out problems by a well aimed cricket ball.

Your Character's backstory :
Sesenne is distantly related to the L’Ouverture’s a well-known pure blood family within the Caribbean, as most magical families are somehow related. The L’Ouverture’s are known for their mix of European enchantments, African spells, traditional native charms and Obeah wizardy, the magic they practice is rather unique. Like a lot of pure blood families, they see it as somewhat important to keep the bloodline ‘pure’. Sesenne is related to them via her maternal grandmother (Catherine Descartes) who herself was a witch from St Lucia who went to the same school within the Caribbean that Sesenne did. She did well until she met a Frenchman who took the wrong portkey to the Beauxbatons academy of magic and ended up in the Caribbean, she wasn’t sure about whom he was but the foolish young woman fell in love instantly. Months later after their whirlwind romance she found out she was pregnant. And that is how Sessene’s mother, Marie Descartes was born.Marie lived a fairly average life in St Lucia’s capital of Castries before getting her own letter of acceptance to the magical school within the Caribbean. She only really excelled in sport and divination (making Catherine wonder if this man she had slept with was a Seer), but was a popular girl despite her average capabilities. She was well known for a cheeky smile and a passion for flirting.

Sesenne’s father, William Alexander was the son of Helen Johnson, a muggle born witch of St Lucian descent who attended Hogwarts and Derek Alexander a St Lucian pureblood wizard known for his skills in hexes and mastery of duelling. When Derek was out-duelled by someone, he fled to England. Where he met Helen, and after a few years they were married.

William was a rather exceptional young wizard, bright, brave, ambitious and somewhat kind. Like his mother, he also attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor, like most Johnsons seemed to be. The only thing he was particularly bad at was charms, often setting fire to things, accidentally burning people’s eyebrows off etc. And potions actually, they seemed to just…blow up around him. When he graduated he and his family moved back to St Lucia, and that is how he met the ‘love of his life’ Marie Descartes. After just a year they got married and Sesenne and her brother obviously came from their union. Soon after the family moved from Castries to Micoud.

Growing up Sessenne was a curious child who was often away with the fairies, almost getting ran over by something or another. And at first she didn’t show any signs of magic, which worried her family because the idea of having a squib in the family was actually rather embarrassing. She finally showed some sort of magical power when she blasted a hole in her room while messing around with her father’s wand. A short while later when she was 10 years old her father left his wand and his home, not giving a reason why. Needless to say Sesenne kept the wand as a memento of her father, never using it in fear they weren’t compatible. This was around the time she grew closer to her paternal grandfather, William, having a thirst to know of stories of her father’s youth and how amazing magic could be once she was able to control it. She grew closer to the wizard side of her heritage. At age 11 she got her letter, and was packed off to school.

At school she got the nickname Sofia because of a Spanish speaking kid who couldn’t pronounce her name, needless to say the name stuck and she still asks people to call her Sofia because otherwise, she feels like it won’t stick in her mind. During her first year she met Jean-Jacques L’Ouverture a boy who was something like her 4th cousin by marriage and part of the pureblood L’Ouverture family and to date is the only person at her school who calls her by her real name or 'Sessy'. They actually just bonded over Creole and a love of similar magic, and eventually the two became somewhat inseparable. The year later a boy from Dominica also joined the school and the three of them became fast friends. They had a few laughs, little adventures and an apparent encounter with a lajablesse. Really, apart from the fact her father went AWOL she had a rather nice and relaxing childhood. Though her father leaving has made her cling on to that part of her heritage.

We Just Got A Letter:
An 11 year old girl was sat down on her bed gazing out of the window, she looked as though she was waiting for something, the sun was shining and the day looked absolutely glorious. Why was she inside on a day like this? There was one reason. She was 11 today.

11! Today was that big day for those who were in the wizarding community and Sesenne Alexander had been waiting all day for her acceptance letter, what if it hadn’t arrived? What if they thought she was a squib?! What if her brother had eaten her letter?! “Sesenne, come down already we have something for you!” she heard the familiar voice of her paternal grandfather call, after 2 minutes or so the girl dashed down the stairs of her home to where her grandfather was standing with a letter, with her name on it, and a small grin on his face. She gasped realizing immediately what it was.

“I am going, man! I’m going! I’m going!” she gasped, a huge grin on her face as she ripped open the letter, her eyes absorbing each and every word, every letter of it’s content. She then began to read out loud.
“Dear Miss Alexander
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to…AHH!”
And that was as far as Sesenne got when her brother walked into the room, she threw the letter and hugged him. “We’re going to school together! We’re going to school together!”


On the little island of St Lucia it was a sunny, dry day and in the village of Micoud a young Haitian boy was lying on the ground, staring at the sky with a dark haired girl quietly snoring in the background, there wasn’t a loud noise to be heard that was until…

“Jean-Jacques! Jean! Have you seen Sesenne?” a feminine voice called over to the Haitian boy who had been over for a visit for the holidays, said boy turned to the sleeping St Lucian and shook her awake, a grin on his face. “Hey Sessy, your maman wants you for something, want me to come with you or do you want me to uh…as they say in Jamaica ‘cut stick’?” Sesenne rolled her eyes “Stay here, I’m coming back” she said, rushing inside.

“Maman, Sa ca fete? What is it? Did Dad come ba-huh?” she was cut off by her mother thrusting a letter in her face. All she saw was the logo and she knew what it was immediately. “Hunny, congratulations! Your grandpa will be so proud”

“Me?! I’m going, mummy! Mummy! Tell granddaddy I’m going! I’m going to Hogwarts I’m going to make him proud! Just like…” she paused. “I’m going to Howarts…just like daddy did…” she mumbled before running back outside “Jean-Jacques! JanJak! We have to tell Dominic I’m going to Scotland!”

“Scotland?! They were serious about that exchange? Sessy you’ll lose your accent! Hey you better write to me, right? In Creole. The proper way! Sa k ap fet and all that. None of the lesser Antillean junk, ok?” he called as she rushed towards him. The St Lucian girl just gave her friend a wink and a kiss on the cheek as a response before going off to find her parrot to send a letter. “Oh Jean-Jacques…ou kouyon wi…you're too foolish" she smiled in an almost fond way. "I'll...never lose my accent, what makes you even think that eh?"

The Sorting:
Dark eyes scanned the area as a dark skinned young girl took her sunglasses off in order to survey her surroundings and the large, impressive castle that was slowly coming into view. Hogwarts is home? How could anyone call such a cold looking place home? Wrapping her scarf closer around her neck the St Lucian stopped her musings for a moment. She’d have a lot to do there…it would be fun, and she was bound to make at least one friend here right? Putting back on her sunglasses she stepped out of the boat, following the band of other people.
The Great Hall was what she’d expected to say the least. Big. However it was warm, it gave a feeling of friendliness and had it not have been a fact that she was nervous and out of her element Sesenne would have absolutely adored the feeling. ‘Alexander’ her surname was common, it would or could provide time to think…she hadn’t quite realized what a division the houses made. She looked around her surroundings, seemingly away with the fairies until a strict, sharp voice brought her back into reality.
“Alexander, Sesenne”
Hearing her name being called dragged her back to reality. She made her way up to the stool slowly, cautiously. She was nervous. That much was obvious. She closed her eyes when she had the hat placed upon her head, the first thought going through her mind was that it was going to ruin her hair.
“Ruin your hair, you say?” the hat paused for a second the occasional ‘I see’ coming from his…did he even have a mouth?
‘Not enough cunning to be put in Slytherin. A sharp mind though…even if it’s with a lazy mindset…naïve…away with the fairies. Easy to underestimate aren’t you? You’re ambitious an-oh! It looks like William raised a flirt. ’
Her eyebrow twitched at that, what exactly did this hat see?
‘You seem to be kind…yes. Helping people, but there’s no real substance behind this, you do it because it's how you were raised...and easily fooled, Sofia you’re nothing like your father,he was a Johnson…you're stranger, and a bit smarter…I guess I could only really put you in...’
As she walked down to the table of blue applauding the most she couldn't help but wonder something. It had taken a while for what the hat had said to be fully absorbed. That thing must have a really boring life it remembered her dad of all people.

Name: Lexi.
Timezone/Country:GMT from jolly old England.
Tell us a little about yourself. I've been RPing for about 2 years and throughout those two years I've had some amazing times! Though usually I never seem to meet other Brits and I like oranges. I'm looking forward to RPing with people, I always do. Also I'm really kind of scared I've done this all wrong >.<
Anything else? Orange!
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PostSubject: Re: Sesenne Alexander // Saint Lucia App   Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:04 pm

Well I think you can be accepted, I can tell you've done some research! I'll tell the admins right away and see if we can get your app moved to the right section!

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Sesenne Alexander // Saint Lucia App
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