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 A Quiet Place To Study [Open]

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PostSubject: A Quiet Place To Study [Open]   Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:54 am

    Madeline took a deep breath as she entered the library. The scent of old books filled her nostrils and she smiled. Since she had moved to Hogwarts, she had been here already more times than she could count. It wasn’t surprising, Madeline always quickly felt at home in libraries. God knows that perhaps she even had spent more time in them in her life than at home.

    The Hogwarts library really was impressive. Not as big as the one at her school back home, but that was also a much bigger school. When you compared the amount of students making use of it, this one would probably be the one she preferred. Quieter in comparison.

    She walked past the bookshelves, gently brushing her fingertips against the spines as she went. Then she picked out a few books on potions ingredients to work on her potions essay. She found herself a nice quiet table, away from all the students who were -sometimes way too loudly, please, this is a library- discussing their homework, and sat down. As she flipped through one of the books, she soon was completely lost in the pages, and the only sounds she was aware of was the scribbling of her goose feather against parchment, and the occasional rustling of paper.
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PostSubject: Re: A Quiet Place To Study [Open]   Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:28 pm

Aimée felt her shoulder ache as she finally reached the library. Her whole bag was filled with books she had taken with her from the library one at a time to use them in the common room of Gryffindor. She never felt the need to return them when she didn't need them anymore; the library was not a place she passed often. These books had been piling up beside her bed, not remembering she was allowed to lent these books for only a few days. An attention paying fellow Gryffindor reminded her of this, telling her that the librarion wouldn't be happy when Aimée would ever return these long-expired books.

So now she was carrying this way too heavy bag. The girl could've used a spell to lift the books from the ground and let them float to the library, but she didn't want to be seen like that - a short girl that was surrounded by a whole bunch of big, flying books walking through the hallway. Not to mention the fact that the halls around the library were usually crowded; the books might bump against heads and other vulnerable body parts of other students. Non, Aimée would rather not attract attention in such way.

As the Gryffindor entered the library, she looked around where she could deposit them. Ah, there! She approached the table, where she was supposed to hand her books over to someone who would take them in. That someone was not here.
Smiling to herself, she quickly put the books on the table. There wouldn't be any accusing questions thrown at her to why she had so many books! This must be her lucky day. Her shoulder immediatly felt better after releasing them from the weight of the books.

Just as she put down the last book, Aimée heard someone enter the library behind her. With a quick glance, she realised that it was the librarian. Retreat! She quickly jumped behind a bookshelve, and slid to a more quiet section of the library. I'm behaving way too suspicious! Then the girl spotted a table, away from the other tables, with a lone Ravenclaw girl sitting at it. Perfect.

Aimée sat down next to her, trying to look as normal as possible. The other girl didn't seem to notice her. Was she asleep? No - her eyes were open. Amazing, Aimée thought, to be so skilled in concentrating that one didn't even notice someone sitting next to them!
The Gryffindor was pretty impressed. But it wasn't very polite of her not to say anything. Aimée took a breath. "Uhm, hello there!"
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PostSubject: Re: A Quiet Place To Study [Open]   Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:02 pm

    As usual when Madeline was studying, she was completely lost in the world the books sketched out for her. She wasn’t in the library anymore, or at least her mind wasn’t. Her mind was wandering through the places the book described; a dark forest, a mouldy cave, a spring meadow. Mentally visiting the places the potion ingredients could be found as she catalogued their characteristics and uses.

    So when the Gryffindor came to sit next to her, Madeline didn’t even notice and continued working. She was only pulled from her own little world by the sound of the other’s voice. She only half realized someone was talking to her, so as she looked up at the sudden sound, Madeline jumped a little in her seat.

    It took a few seconds for her to return to reality completely, and realise that another student had found her way to the seat next to her. For a moment the only thing that left her mouth was a small. “Oh,” But then she remembered her manners. “I- I mean, hello,” She quickly corrected herself.

    Madeline wondered what had brought this girl to the table. Not much students ventured out this far back into the library, preferring to stay in view of the door, in case their friends arrived. Not that Madeline minded if she joined her at the table. That is, until Madeline glanced at the table again, and saw the result of her studies had left little place for anyone else to put their things. Her cheeks became red in an instant. “Did you need this table? I’m sorry, I can-” She didn’t finish that sentence as she started to gather her school supplies which by now had migrated across the whole table.
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PostSubject: Re: A Quiet Place To Study [Open]   

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A Quiet Place To Study [Open]
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