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PostSubject: Hetasupertalia   Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:08 pm

In the year 2075, ten years after the end of World War Three, a bomb had been dropped in the US that caused mass destruction, due to how technologically advanced the bomb was. However, not all was lost, for two things were gained despite the hardships. The contaminated ground mixed with later generations' DNA, mutating, thus giving humans super powers. A city arose as well, with the name of Neo-Eden City, which is a city that can be described as a safe haven for all who choose to live there. Yet, the government rules with an iron fist, controlling everything the population does. There are those that resist this rule and wish to fight back with their powers. Others stand by the government, liking their ideas and wishing to uphold them. There are also those who are neutral on the subject, choosing to keep their powers to themselves and live in peace.

Which side will you choose?

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