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 Terra Sigma, interactive ZombieApocalypse!AU

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PostSubject: Terra Sigma, interactive ZombieApocalypse!AU    Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:02 pm

[...] It is now the year 2150. The Sigma rays have dispersed worldwide and have infected many, if not all, countries in the world. That’s where the Nations came in. Brave, still young, experienced in many kinds of warfare, the Nations were called to work together and find the source of the rays, and destroy it.

No living humans remain in all of North America. All the people that could be saved were shipped off to Europe and Asia, and the rest all became zombies. The Nations have made their permanent base in Canada, close to the border with the US, close to where once stood the capital of the former.

Their goal? Kill as many zombies as possible to clear the way towards a potential emplacement of the source of the Sigma rays, which still must be determined.

Their allies? Each other, with occasional material help sent over by plane from Europe.

Their enemies? Everything that surrounds them. The plants they step over could be poisonous. The animals they encounter could be rabid mutants. The water they drink could be infected. And worst of all...

Every step they take outside their warehouse could expose them to the risk of being bitten...

Will you be able to survive the zombie apocalypse?

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Terra Sigma, interactive ZombieApocalypse!AU
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