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 Spain - Antonio Fernandez Carriedo - [COMPLETED]

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PostSubject: Spain - Antonio Fernandez Carriedo - [COMPLETED]   Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:25 pm

Character's name:Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

Country of origin: Spain

Year: Seventh

Age: Seventeen

House: Hufflepuff

Personality:Antonio always seems to manage a smile despite whatever it may be he's going through. It would be rare to ever find him in a less than cheerful disposition. Some might read this cheerful personality as somewhat naive or even dense. When given a chore to do, he does it to his full extent, though he may take quite a long time. According to Antonio, one must procrastinate just once in a while. Many might take him as a fool who acts his shoe size, but truthfully there's a certain sensible level of maturity in him. When this personality shows, he can be very protective of those he cares about. He has, in fact, become very wise with age, just more in practical manners than in actual school work. For example, he has grown to absolutely not tolerate any unfair play. He is very passionate on equal treatment.

For someone who is the age he is, Antonio can be very sophomoric. Or rather, he has some preferences over maturity and responsibility. For him, fun comes first and work can always be done later. His sense of humor seems to be lacking age as well; there isn't a joke he wont laugh at, from puns to those jokes that shouldn't be said around children. Of course this leaves him in a slightly unnerving spot with some professors, given he is quite the clown in the classroom. However, when he must buckle down to work Antonio gives his all. He can be incredibly devoted about a topic he can deeply care about.

Antonio has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve, always speaking his mind and complimenting those he he feels deserves it. Many awkward situations tend to occur because of him, given he can't really ever understand the shyness of others. The most difficult thing he could bring himself to do is lie; Antonio is a terrible liar and would stumble furiously on his words if he tried.


Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Pureblood

Patience - Antonio's cheerful disposition makes him a huge optimist, always looking on the bright side and always believing that if one keeps trying it has to get better.

Social skills - Antonio can always be someone to talk to and is a very entertaining fellow to listen to. He never fails to say hello and compliment and he adores to talk. He has a terrible lack of shyness.

Luck - Not an exact strength, but Antonio has been in many close-call situations there's no doubt that luck is on his side. He believes in karma and uses it to his advantage.

Kindness/honesty - Antonio is all-accepting and selfless. He never puts himself before others. Seriously, this guy is so nice it's annoying.

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:
Weaknesses --

Procrastination - Antonio works hard, he truly does, but somehow he always manages to end up having to work hard on things only moments before they're due.

Impulsiveness - He really needs to learn to think about what he's saying before he says it.

Lying - Antonio has the absolute worst poker face when it comes to lying. If he ever manages to successfully tell one he'd find himself stricken with guilt and end up spewing out the truth moments after.

Cold weather - He tends to get sick in winter and has grown to strongly dislike the cold. He admits winter can be pretty, and its fun to breathe like a dragon in the cold air, but he'd rather not be shivering.

Phobias --

The dark - A rather secretive phobia of his, but he never really managed to feel truly comfortable in the dark. The light just seems so much better and darkness is just so.. dark.

Disappointing/Losing a friend - He treasures the people he calls companions very much and he just wouldn't know what to do If he no longer had them.

Werewolves/vampires/trolls oh my! - His parents had a rather odd way of keeping Antonio from causing too much mischief as a child, they commonly explained how magical monsters such as these would kill him in the night If he ever misbehaved. Sometimes, they'd even dress up as said monsters just to scare him out of his pants.

Quirks --

Spanish - Antonio likes to slip into his first language now and then.

Giving friends nicknames - It's so much more fun remembering people with nicknames!

ect (mostly likes)---

Tomatoes - He's crazy for the fruit. From growing it to cooking it in everything, the spaniard cant get enough of tomatoes!

Guitar - It's his favorite instrument. Though he loves electric, he prefers acoustic. The sound of singing along to his own guitar strums is simply bliss for the spaniard.

Cute things - Antonio has a soft side for cute things. His favorite cute things are turtles. He owns five.

The sun - Nothing feels better for this spaniard than a hot sunny day. Some good sun just puts him in a good mood.

Pervy jokes - Antonio is seventeen and likes to act twelve, he cant help but giggle when it comes to those 'that's what she said' jokes.

Your Character's backstory:
Antonio came into the world a strong and healthy baby, and every waking moment of his life was enhanced with the wonders of magic. He grew up in a wealthy countryside in Spain, where his mother and father were both wealthy wizards, who owned prosperous vineyards and tomato farms. Life was pretty much handed to Antonio. He was an only child with wealthy parents, and he never dealt with knowing of world hardships as a little kid. Had it not been for his parent's strict parenting he would have probably grown up to be a major brat.

This Spaniard spent his childhood roughing it up outside. He always came home for dinner with his clothes covered in mud, grass, and dirt. Not having any siblings, he made friends with neighboring muggle boys and grew to love excavating through the 'tomato plant maze' rather than playing with magical items. Antonio never felt more free than when he was getting scratches on his knees and throwing rotten tomatoes at his friends. The wizarding world, to him, was more of a secret that was just there for his parents to do stuff with, instead of some big deal.

Antonio took a good while to show a sign of magical ability. However, when a sign did come, it came in a booming dinner fiasco where all the home-cooked cuisine exploded into sparks. Despite the disaster in the kitchen, Antonio's parents were thrilled for their son and started ahead in educating him in the world of magic. That was the same year he flew his first broom. The sense of flight was rather fun, though it was limited to where he couldn't fly without being hidden from muggles.

The moment he was accepted to the Wizarding school of Spain, Antonio was bought spiffy new uniform and sent on his way. It wasn't until years later ,when he turned seventeen, that he was chosen to be a foreign exchange student at the well-renowned Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

We Just Got A Letter:

"Por dios, your aim sucks,'Tonio!" Antonio wiped his sweaty forehead in a laugh as he got ready to throw another tomato at his friend, Alejandro. The hot summer day blazed on his bare back as he reached to grab another tomato from the crate. Holding it firmly, he eyed to distance from him to his muggle friend crouched behind the barrel fort. He wouldn't miss this time.

Antonio took a breath and chucked the rotten tomato with all his might. In a swish and the sound of a mushy 'splat', Antonio had managed to get Alejandro right on his left shoulder. "How's that for aim, mi amigo?" Antonio yelled with a smile. He headed to the crate to retrieve yet another tomato to throw, only to find he had thrown the last one. "Oye!" He called to his friend, "There's no more tomates! I'll go get another crate, si?" And with that, Antonio was running through the grass to get one more crate, tomato-drenched and fully smelly.

The crates of wasted tomatoes were packed together a far side from a wall behind the greenhouse. As Antonio began to try to lift a crate, an owl seemingly came out of nowhere and perched itself on it. Antonio ceased his lifting in a surprised 'gack!' and put the crate down. "Well hello there! You sure surprised me, didn't you?" The bird apathetically hooted in response. It appeared to be holding a letter, tied to it's right claw.

Antonio eyed the random owl with a curious smile. "Is this for me, little friend?" He pointed at the letter. The owl gave another hoot and issued Antonio a bored stare. The Spaniard's curiosity took him over, and he freed the letter from the bird's foot. Antonio began reading the contents of the letter with light aloofness, but his attention and eyes focused when he skimmed the words, 'Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry', one of the most well known schools on the study of magic. Antonio re-read the letter, hanging on every word as excitement tore threw him. He had been chosen to enter an exchange program to travel all the way to Britain and be enrolled one of the best magic schools in the world. He couldn't believe his amazing luck!

Clutching the letter close to his chest, Antonio replied to the owl with a heartfelt "Gracias!" and ran all the way back to his manor to tell his parents the wonderful news. He'd apologize to his friend for ditching him later. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, and he couldn't wait to see the delighted looks on his family's face.

After confronting his parents, Antonio was glad to see they were as eager as he was. He hugged his mother and father in a big glomp and promised he'd get the best grades he could while his parent warned him not to get into mischief. Antonio assured he wouldn't and that he'd make many new friends and be attentive in class and write everyday until his parents didn't have anything to lecture him on.

At the end of the day, the spaniard's mind was racing. A new school, heck, a new country, just thinking of how much fun it would be gave him happy goosebumps. He made a mental note to write to all his friends here in Spain, muggle and wizard, and to make as many new ones as he could muster.

The Sorting:
Antonio stood staring in awe at the enormity of the huge hall he was in. Everything was so gorgeous, his eyes couldn't contain it! He was given an annoyed poke in the back by the younger student who stood behind him; Antonio's gazing was holding up the line.

With a quick 'sorry' and a smile Antonio moved forward in glee. He began to stare once more at the rows of students sitting at the tables, each in their own color of uniform. He wondered where he was going to be destined. Antonio could only smile in enthusiasm.

When Antonio's name was called his heart did a backflip and he gladly walked on over to the stool and the front of the room. An old looking hat was placed on his head. It searched through him and it occurred to Antonio that it was looking through all the corners of his brain. He tried not to think of the times he did something stupid or embarrassing.

'No, I saw those things too, lad. Quite the laugh you are.' Antonio heard the hat speak in his head. He gave a smile and an quiet sigh.

'Lets see now, you seem to be very eager on acquainting yourself with others here. You are accepting... patient...Loyal...'

"It'll be..." The hat called out "Hufflepuff!"

And with a smile, Antonio nearly lept off the stool and headed toward the hufflepuff family as they cheered him on.

Name: Yucky
Age: 15
Timezone/Country: PST
Tell us a little about yourself. I love to write, read, draw, and rp! This is my first time being spain, I do hope you find him to your liking. ;v;
Anything else? Green~
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PostSubject: Re: Spain - Antonio Fernandez Carriedo - [COMPLETED]   Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:36 am

Sorry it took me so long to look at this! I didn't notice that it had been finished! Anyway, it seems fine to me, so you're accepted!
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Spain - Antonio Fernandez Carriedo - [COMPLETED]
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