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 Fionn Kelly -- Republic of Ireland

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Fionn Kelly

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PostSubject: Fionn Kelly -- Republic of Ireland   Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:25 pm

Character's name: Fionn Kelly*

Fionn is pronounced Fyun, and can alternatively be spelled Finn. The meaning of his name is 'fair headed' and although this is contradictory to his actual appearance, it can figuratively be taken as 'one with bright ideals/a good head on his shoulders'. The surname Kelly is infact Irish, and like many surnames only came into use after the Norman and Viking invasions of Ireland, respectively. In canon, since Ireland's only real parental figure (Ancient Celt) would've been long gone at this point, with no name given, I doubt he'd use the much more popular 'O'insert name here' or 'Mac', both of which mean son or grandson of --. Changing this even in a human AU would feel just weird so, yes, tl;dr on just the name.

Country of origin: Republic of Ireland

Year: Seven

Age: 17

House: Ravenclaw


Resourceful Having little to work with as a child, material-wise and emotionally, Fionn had to learn to be resourceful at an early age, and with great success, too. Fionn makes it a point to have connections and to have access to anything he'd need, or anything he'd potentially need as a bargining chip of some sort. Hence, why he stays nuetrual in other people's business most of the time, and why he tries to be slightly buddy-buddy with people. Well. Most people.

HumorousThis isn't to say that Fionn is funny himself, but he does like a good laugh. Frankly, Fionn likes it when people including himself are having a good time, and it's even better when someone falls on their bottom after slipping on black ice. Slapstick is his favorite form of comedy, even if it's incredibly stupid slapstick. However, he'll pretty much laugh at everything, even if it's really cheesy or overdone, you'll get a chuckle out of him for atleast /trying/. Fionn believes that laughter is the best medicine, and so he always keeps his chin up and his funny bone tickled, least he turn sour and unwelcoming.

Honest Fionn is an honest, hard working young man, there's no doubt about that. He prefers the naked truth over lies, although since he /is/ a practical man who can't afford an extra amount of trouble on his busy plate, he will resort to lying and ferreting his way out of situations. Being no stranger to hardwork either, Fionn works for everything he owns, wether it be by trade or by pay, and prefers it that way. The motto in his house was 'work for your bread', after all, and Fionn rather likes that sentiment.

Optimistic-RealistLike so many others, Fionn may have a rather odd and slightly dysfunctional past, to say the least, but he always likes to look at the brighter side of things. This doesn't mean he thinks things are peaches and roses all the time, as Fionn knows perfectly well things don't always go his way. At times, there just isn't a bright side (one that he can see, anyways) and that theres a half and half chance that life will not always be kind. This still doesn't stop him from trying to make the best out of a situation, and to work for better times though.

ResponsibleIn a world where one has to rely on no one but himself, Fionn feels as it's his, responsibility to be, well, responsible. He feels that anyone who comes into his home (or in his presence, and they're, say, younger/sick/hurt) is his responsibility, and that amongst everything, he has to take care of others. Fionn also feels like a job half down is a job poorly done, and he won't stop or half-ass something until it's complete and perfect in his eyes.

Kind-HeartedCall him a bleeding heart, but Fionn likes to help out others, and give to others when they're in need. He likes to help out and make other's lives better for that, and he's always willing to give to charities of any sort. Fionn may be a bit frank and come off as cruel because of his sense of humor, but he is very friendly and warm to most people. His door is always open, and Fionn is always willing to listen, though this attribute can be over-shadowed by a short temper and a sharp tongue.

AmbitiousOh boy, is he ever! Fionn, having had to work hard in the up keep of his home and his grandparents for most of his life, he is well aware what it means to drag yourself around by the seat of your pants.

EloquentEver heard someone talk a mile a minute? Well, Fionn can, so it's best to sit down and listen to a tirad or two. Fionn is a very dramatic speaker, formally or not, and that shows. He loves the melodramatic, making a point to, and in general stealing the show. He knows the written and spoken word, and knows how to use it to his advantage well. However, this also means that when he's insulting someone, he can get rather carried away, especially when Fionn is fighting over a point he wants to make. Still, when Fionn does calmy give his opinion, he does, or tries to do so, in a very normal, clear cut manner.

TemperedFionn has a bit of a temper on him – he's not horrible, nor is his rage particularly scary in everyday situations. However, he tends to get frustraited easily, especially if a solution or answer is right infront of him and no one else seems pays Fionn any mind about it. Fionn will often click his tongue, stamp his feet, or try his best to cool down. Unless he's truly enraged, a fight (fists and screaming are options A and B) probably won't break out, although when it does/might happen, all restraint flying out the window. However, it takes /alot/ to get Fionn to that point.

HaughtyIf anything, Fionn is a proud young man. He is proud to a fault, even, and although he doesn't strut this fact, there is always an undertone of hubris in his walk. Fionn's pride isn't hard to break, either – years of taking care of a pair of snippy, nit-picky old people, has taught him to have an /iron/ upper lip, and to work ten times harder to show that little part of himself, and others, that they're wrong. Fionn is proud of his people and country and won't let anyone tell him this is a bad thing.

CarefulFionn is a cautious young man by nature – he's adverse to taking huge leaps, and when he does, Fionn feels a bit uncomfortable about it. He prefers taking the safe road over new ones, and is usually forced or talked into it by others, only to regret it later. Least to say, Fionn isn't as strong willed as he'd like, but I digress. He's stuck in his ways, and follows more old fashioned values, just as his grandparents had taught him, although Fionn is rather progressive in his own right.


A picture is coming to a theater near you soon!

Fionn is known for two things -- his freckles, and his smile. He's got little to no real coloring, aside from a mass of freckles on his face, arms, and legs (and back and ...well you get the point) although in the summer Fionn tends to burn. Fionn has a strong jaw and thick cheek bones, with blue-green eyes. Fionn's still got quite a bit of baby fat on him, especially around his face, even if the rest of him is rail thin and lean. The baby-fat in his face is emphasized even more by the slight curl in his dark (dark, dark) brown hair and how it at times curled around his face.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood?

Half blood.


- Charms -- When it comes to basic charms, Fionn has a natural talent, and even with hard practice and studying, Fionn can usually execute moderate to high level charms with ease.

- Histories of Magic -- Despite his talents in potions, Fionn finds himself more in love with histories of magic and just how much culture and morals shape magic around the world.

- Smooth talker -- Fionn is exceptionally good with words -- this comes from years of reading and studying, but also from hearing his grandmother, who was a rather powerful lecturer in her day,

- Early riser -- despite his staying up late into the night, Fionn is rather chipper in the morning, possibly bordering on slap stick tired.

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:

- Drowning -- Fionn's grown up around rocky cliffs and cold, murky water -- least to say, the ocean wasn't that inviting to swim in most days. Sure, he fished and what not, but often his father would warn him against spirits and merfolk that sometimes pulled unsuspecting wizards and muggles off of their boats. It doesn't help that Fionn is a rather weak swimmer.

- Poor sense of smell -- Due to a bad accident involving a stink charm and a neighbor's cat when he was little, Fionn has a rather poor sense of smell, only being able to really smell anything unless the scent is pungent.

- The Dark -- he's pretty paranoid in general, and in the dark? The man is a huge chicken.

- The unseeli court and magical creatures in general, steaming from a bad incident when he was young that left Fionn with a poor view of any magical sentient creature.

- Poor money management skills -- Having never really been given money as a child, Fionn tends to have poor spending skills. It seems like an easy concept to grasp, but really, he tends to spend money as fast as it burns in his pockets.

Your Character's backstory:

(For history based reasons, Fionn is going to be a cousin, not brother of the Kirkland's -- this is because England (and other parts of the UK, although i think the Celts still lingered in Wales and Scotland for a time) was mostly inhabited by the Anglo-Saxons, where as the Celts that had inhabited the island earlier were pushed back and inhabited Ireland. I hope that's okay, if not, Fem! and normal England, and Britannia, we can talk through PMs? owo)

Fionn's parents were an odd lot from the start. His mother was a less-then-spectacular witch from the Kirkland family -- a well respected, pureblooded bunch who prided themselves on not only their blood, but their prowess in magic. His father, however, was a young man, from a young family in Ireland, working and studying hard as a muggle-blood at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His father was known for his charms, and for his way with his wand -- his mother was a mousy girl with pretty blue eyes and strong hands.

In their seventh and final year at the school, the two finally started dating. After two years of sexual tension and mutual love-hate, they finally did it -- granted, it was rather awkward at first, but they were happy. They were evening thinking of marriage by the time they were both 22, and still going strong. It was only when Miss. Kirkland's family threw their hands up in rage at her even thinking of marrying a /mud blood/ that the happiness began to fracture. The couple fought, and although it pained her, she married Fionn's father anyways. Soon afterwards, she very nearly was blasted from the family tree, with only her father's constant urging the head of the family /not/ to saving her from banishment.

Not two years later was Fionn born in Dublin, on a foggy April morning (April 18th, to be exact, corresponding with Ireland finally leaving the British Common Wealth) to a very, very ill mother and a stressed father. The couple had both gotten jobs at the Irish Ministry of Magic* and the now Mrs. Kelly had gotten herself infected by a rather odd spider from Saudi Arabia, causing her to go into premature labor. She died later that day due to the rapid spread of the poison, and left Fionn and his father to grieve.

Now aside from that tragic spider bite, Fionn's life was a rather good one. His father had saved up oodles of money over the years, and they settled down in a sleepy fishing town. However, even if Fionn had everything he wanted, he didn't often have his father there to care for him. They had no cleaning lady, and since he couldn't use magic, Fionn resorted to muggle means of cleaning, and did a pretty bang up job, too. Fionn often ended up doing more manual labor as he got older, as well, even when at the age of nine, his muggle grandparents came to live with them. They were elderly and frail by then -- much too old to keep up with a child so high strung as Fionn. So they often put him to work, chopping wood (under a micro-managing eye) and clearing out flower beds, even going so far as to brush out the attic.

Ahhh, yes, the attic -- that's when Fionn found his first faerie. And truly, it was a monster, a member of the unseeli court, and one of the nastiest as well. It was a boogeyman, in the most popular of terms. Although they usually hunted around at night for their victims, often times they would sneak up and prowl in attics whenever particularly peckish or mischievous. Anyways, the basic run down was that the boogeyman crept up on Fionn while he was sweeping out the attic one day, and it was only his father's arrival that saved the boy from being switched out with a changeling and eaten. Granted, what he got out of it was a badly broken leg and a healthy (if not paranoid) fear of the court, and any faeries in general.

What happened afterwards, you ask? Well, since Fionn was laid up for several months, even with the help of medical magic, the bone still needed time to reset. Thus, his grandfather pulled out his old harp one day, and sat the boy down to learn. Thus was born Fionn's life long love of music -- he quickly took to the harp, and by the time he was thirteen, he was also practicing with the fiddle as well. He loved both instruments, and although he's not a master yet, he aims to be.

It was also during this time that Fionn had his first trip to his mother's family's house. It was a pleasant enough visit, although he was well aware of the family's small jabs at his and his father's blood ancestry. It was here that Fionn meet Anne for the first time -- and boy, did the two not get along. It came to a head for both of them during a particularly warm summer gala, when Anne was complaining about being too hot, and Fionn was feeling mischievous. With a heavy shove, off the little girl went into the water, and soon after they both came into the family's rich halls, sopping wet and covered in pond weeds.

The fight that resulted included exploding cupcakes and a sever spanking for the two children, and then three months for time out. Well atleast Fionn had managed to get his cast off soon afterwards, although he still kept to the harp with as much vigor as ever. When he was eleven, like many lucky wizarding children, he received his letter to Hogwarts. Least to say, his family was thrilled, and off he went! Fionn excelled at charms and potions -- both great fields of study, and even into his seventh and final year, he's been pushed to be an auror. But alas, Fionn doesn't have the stomach for it -- he's brave, but he'd much rather live a quiet life full of music and a warm home and maybe even some children. A Domestic life for a domestic young man -- but that still doesn't mean he's not going to have some adventure! After his graduation, Fionn plans to go and study abroad, in Africa, or in South or North America, to study the ancient roots of tribal magic there.

*This is, of course, assuming that the Irish and British governments have just separated around the time the muggle's did, and the only reason some Irish students go to Hogwarts is possibly because it's simply a better, older school. Or, it could be because of the proximity between the two countries and no one simply bothering to erect a proper Irish school over the years.

We Just Got A Letter:

Fionn hated it when his grandmother forgot her spare key to the house. Always, always, it was the same routine every other week -- a loud rattling on the front door and the windows, and then a loud bark for Fionn to get his little arse down there! Really, his old gran needed to glue that darn key to her palm if she was going to continue to leave and have pap lock the door behind her. Why does such an old lady need her morning walks anyways? Shouldn't old people just sleep all day?

Apparently not Fionn's grandparents, especially his grandma -- and the tapping just continued, even as Fionn rolled out of bed and came stumbling down the stairs. Strange, no ruddy, scrunched up face was peeking through the door -- maybe it was his father instead, coming home after a late night at the office? Who knew, it was dark outside still, with only the faintest inkling of pink in the heavy clouds that were threatening to burst with rain. Fionn was tired, and even as he opened the door, WOOSH came a giant owl.

Now that wasn't expected, atleast, not in /this/ household -- but what was different was the owl's dropping of a letter right on Fionn's head, and swooping back out.

"What, birdie, not even staying for a bit of water?" Fionn called out to it, but he didn't pay any real mind to it. He was too transfixed on the seal -- the Hogwarts' crest glistened gently in the dim light, and Fionn had to stop himself from jumping around in excitement.

"Whats that you have there, Fionn?" His father asked, peeking over his shoulder -- ohhh he hated when his old man apperated behind him like that! The sneaky man! "I-I got a letter!"

"Well open it!"

"Right, riiiight," said Fionn with a tug at the heavy paper, blindly heading toward the table as his father shut the door and flicked on the lights for him.

And there it was -- the letter, the school supplies list, and the standardized note for parents. With stuttering, dried lips, Fionn read his letter allowed, and nearly woke up the whole house hold as he screeched: "DA! I'M GOIN' TA HOGWARTS!"

The Sorting:

Fionn's heart was pounding. His palms were sweating, and for once in his life, he was actually quite nervous. He didn't have his father there to protect him, nor his muma or his duda. No tall adult to hide behind or wrap his arms around their waist. Fionn only had himself, and dozens of other children all waiting with baited breath to be called up and sorted.

Would be be Ravenclaw, Sytherin, Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor?

Who was to say, said a little voice in his head, only the hat knows that. And indeed, as the names poured ever so steadily from the witch's mouth, there was barely ever a hint of hesitation in the Hat's voice. Was he even trying? Or was he really just guessing?

"Kelly, Fionn!" the older woman pipped, searching with hard eyes through the crowd of nervous eleven-year-olds.

With a gulp and a nervous glance to his peers on either side of him, Fionn stepped up -- tripping a bit in the process -- to the woman, slouching on the little tripod and not looking up at the crowd. Was this how it felt like to have a million eyes on you? Fionn didn't like the feeling, even as the hat was slipped onto his head, covering his own eyes from the world.

Mmmm, yes, sound of mind . . . very good, very bright, a bit of a joker though, no? the hat whispered into Fionn's ear, causing him to seize up just a tad, very brave, too, too, from what I've seen in your memories . . . ahah, but you think i'm lying, don't you? I see, humble, but very ambitious . . . . Quite the little musician your father has raised up . . .

A few more whispers of random chatter -- smooth talker for one so young, you little devil, you.... -- and then it was silent. A moment or two more and --


Name: Nicole or Coco
Age: 16
Timezone/Country: EST
Tell us a little about yourself. I've been RPing for about a year and some months now, and I feel like it's improved my writing ten-fold! Uhm, i love to study and I sometimes draw silly things and i love the color blue and meat. And love, give me love and i'm real happy, like a true Cancer. XD
Anything else? Blue
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PostSubject: Re: Fionn Kelly -- Republic of Ireland   Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:34 pm

I really enjoyed reading this! You're accepted!
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Fionn Kelly -- Republic of Ireland
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