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 Iceland // Eiríkur Hjálmarsson [WIP]

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PostSubject: Iceland // Eiríkur Hjálmarsson [WIP]   Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:21 am

Character's name:
Eiríkur Hjálmarsson

Country of origin:


13 (Birthday- June 17)


Upon meeting him for the first time, you might find he is rather collected, level-headed, and tends to be mature. Once you get to know him, though, the cool facade is not so dominant as his somewhat fiery personality- his curiosity, bravery and stubborness showing through.

He has had to mature at an early age, but sometimes his true age shows through some of his naive ideas and the occasional rude comment. He often tries to be very practical, hiding his true thoughts (his cousins picked on him when he talked about things he'd imagined up, and thus he's tried to hide those thoughts).

*can't figure out how to work the picture thing currently*


-Good with animals (normal or magical)
-Generally mature for his age
-History of Magic (one of the few wizarding books he had, left from his mother- he learned everything he possibly could about it)

-Curious- his curiousness often overides common sense, but he will keep somewhat of a wit about him
-Potions- again, his curiousness gets him into trouble, as he likes experimenting to try different results- to say the least, this never goes well
-Not physically strong
-Focus- he can become focused to the point of blocking anything and everything out around him
-Easily flustered
-Somewhat naive
-Something of a daydreamer, although he hides it

-That everyone he knows will leave him- he secretly fears that if he gets close to someone with so much as friendship, they will die, disappear, or some such terrible happening as that

-He has a bad habit of chewing the inside of his cheek, whether it be from nervousness or just thinking
-Has a stuffed puffin

-Liquorice and fish

-Anything with math- He just doesn't understand it, and he doesn't like things that he can't figure out (this also results in his lack of 'money skills'- he can't just doesn't do well with it)
-As said before, things he can't figure out
-Loud people

Your Character's backstory:
Eiríkur was four when his mother died. He doesn‘t know what from- the only one he could ask was his father, and if he tried asking his father, he simply became tight-lipped, commented on how much she loved them both, and then wouldn‘t say anything else. Eiríkur definitely didn‘t have it terribly- his father never became alcoholic, and he was grateful for that- although his father definitely became more reclusive, sticking to his study room most of the time. The occasions his father would spend any amount of time with him were pretty much the pinnacles of his childhood.

Since his mother was gone, and his father had become reclusive, he was left to his own devices in the Icelandic countryside. They didn‘t have any neighbors, much less kids around, and so he found other ways to entertain himself- playing outside in plenty and reading books under his favourite tree. Under this specific tree, too, was the first time he‘d preformed magic. He was five at the time- his father hadn‘t come out from his study in a while, the longest time so far since his mother died. He was rather depressed that he couldn‘t get his father out, so he had climbed into the branches and sat moping. A flock of puffins flew overhead- he was assuming they were migrating- when some came and sat on the branches of the tree. They didn‘t pay him much mind, and since he didn‘t have anything else to do, he started talking to them. One particularly close one looked as if it was listening to him, and he wondered aloud about what the puffin might say, had it the ability to talk. The surprising thing was, the puffin did speak- it complained to him about how long he still had to travel. Eiríkur was so surprised, he nearly fell out of the tree!

He sat, entranced, and listened to it, until it flew off with the others. As soon as they had flown out of sight, he climbed down and raced to his house, practically yelling about what had happened- he had magic, just like his mother (he had been used to having a little bit of magic around, as his dad didn’t hide or get rid of his mother’s wizarding things- his father always told him to not get his hopes up too high, though, because there was no telling if Eiríkur was magical himself). He told his father about it, and they were both pleased- but there was also the catch of no-one being able to teach him to control his magic, as his father was a muggle.

When he was nine years old, both he and his father became gravely ill. His father died from this disease a few months after receiving it, but Eiríkur was able to pull through soon after his father died. This sickness not only resulted in him losing his father, but also has left his immune system weak. After he recovered, he went and lived with his cousins in Reykjavík. He no longer was able to explore the country as he used to, but he now had access to a lot more books- and he used this new resource to his advantage.

It was hard for him to adjust to life with his cousins- they weren’t terrible, by all means, no. They didn‘t pay him too much mind, and he wasn‘t used to being ignored- often making him cross (this is also what has helped his empathy with those who go easily unnoticed). He has settled himself at his cousins’ now, and has adjusted to enough to this new life.

We just got a letter:
He finally had some peace from the loudness of his cousins, and he meant to enjoy it. All of them were outside, or somewhere in the city, so he decided to take the chance and read. He pulled out a book from behind his pillow- he had been reading it the night before and had left it there- and settled himself on his bed, back against the wall. It wasn’t long, though, before he heard a tapping. He didn’t even give the sound a glance, continuing his reading. He assumed it was one of his cousins doing something outside. When the tapping became more incessant, he finally looked up. The window was across the room, in front of him- and he thought he had just seen something move quickly away from the window. Eiríkur got up, slightly exasperated that his cousins HAD to get his attention. Huffing over to the window, he threw it open and stuck his head out, just about ready to yell at the perpetrator- when he got a mouthful of feathers. He recoiled back, quickly looking around to see just what had flew in. A large tawny owl was now sitting on his bedpost, looking quite pleased with itself. It stuck a claw out- holding up a light blue letter.

He slowly went up to the owl- not fully sure what to expect- and took the letter off. As soon as he had the letter securely in his hands, the bird took off, leaving him with the piece of paper. He opened it- revealing the introductory page, asking him to come to Reykjavík’s wizarding school. Needless to say, he was joyful- he ran out of the room, looking for the closest cousin possible, showing off the acceptance letter with a huge grin.


It was just another school day- he was sitting in the back, staring at the clouds instead of listening to the teacher, as had become a recent habit for him. He vaguely registered that the teacher had left the room for a moment- everyone started talking, his only cue that she had. He lazily looked to the door, wondering why the teacher was pulled from class. She stuck her head in a few moments later, telling the class to quiet down, and asked “If Eiríkur would come for a moment?” He was rather surprised to hear his name being called, but he got up and came to her. He was rather confused because of her behavior- she kept smiling and glancing back at him, mumbling things under her breath.

She led him to the principal’s office, the principal ushering him in. The window was open- like an owl had just been here and gone. The principal, too, was merely smiling at him- and all of this was starting to creep him out. She merely handed over a letter- and as soon as I saw the seal, I was just as excited. I quickly opened the letter, revealing that I had been accepted into the Foreign Exchange program, and would be going to the prestigious Hogwarts school.

The Sorting
He looked around him, amazed. Sure, he had read about Hogwarts, but the books didn't do it justice. The outside alone was impressive, but now that he was inside, he was completely taken aback. The ceiling seemed melded with the night sky, and the enchanted candles floating above made everything that much more surreal. Trying to keep from stopping and staring around in awe, he settled his gaze upon the other students. Some were actually successful in being nonchalant about the whole thing, while others were just as fidgety as he was.

The crowd parted for a moment, just long enough for him to see a stool with an old, rather beaten-looking hat atop it. A name was called, and the crowd moved again, giving him a clear view of the stool. A student was there now, the hat on top of their head. It seemed like the whole school held its breath for a moment- but only for a moment, because the hat suddenly called out, “HUFFLEPUFF!” and loud cheering came from one of the four long tables in the room.

He watched as, one by one, students were each sent to their new tables. He was watching a particularly excited group of students cluster around their newest member when his name was called- “Hjálmarsson, Eiríkur”. Taking a deep breath, wondering where he'd be sent, he walked up and settled on the stool. After just barely adjusting himself on it, he was plunged into darkness- the hat being a bit too large for his head.

Hmm...ambitious, very ambitious...Eiríkur jumped slightly, starting to look around to locate where it was coming from before realizing he couldn't see. He didn't think it very probable, but he had suspicions that it was the hat- and before he could nix out that idea, he heard the voice again. Yes. He felt his face flush a little, embarassed by his own ignorance. He had read plenty on Hogwarts, but he had been lost in the moment instead of reviewing the facts!
Ah, you have wits..courage in plenty, too...you could reach your full potential in Slytherin-no? Your mind stuck on books? Then it will be...


Name: Sofi/Sophia
Age: 14
Timezone/Country: Texas, USA (UTC time zone)
Tell us a little about yourself.
I don't really know what to say... Other than, I hope this is ok. This is my first time to RP online, so some of it might not be the best...
Oh, also. Excuse me if I go off on a tangent about something... Just tell me I'm getting off topic, I'll try my best.
...Now I feel stupid.
Anything else?
My favorite colour is between blue and black (and colour combination being blue and green). I think that's it?

Note- I'm done, but some of it was rushed, so there might be some last editing tomorrow (the 21). @_@ I need to go to bed now though... *5 AM in the morning* That all? I just need to figure out how to work the pic thing...*crashes*

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PostSubject: Re: Iceland // Eiríkur Hjálmarsson [WIP]   Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:45 pm

I figured I'd get to this before it was finished but um, this is a 3rd person forum... I hope it says that somewhere... ;;

Also make sure you have a few more likes/dislikes/quirks, ect, it's a bit short right now.

Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Iceland // Eiríkur Hjálmarsson [WIP]   Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:09 pm

He seems to be coming along nicely, there's just a few things:

* Since you couldn't figure out the picture thing, you should have put in a paragraph of description for him. (Also,
[img]image URL here[/img]
is how you put pictures in.)

* Instead of 'curiousness' in the weakness section, please use 'curiosity' (this isn't a huge point, but it's still something I felt should be addressed.)

* At the end of the section where he got the letter to Hogwarts, you slipped into first person. Please fix that.

You've got two more tries, and the other admins might have other things they want you to change.

EDIT: Some other things that were noticed that we would like you to change:

* Your personality section lacks depth - add to it and use complete paragraphs. Otherwise, he's Mary Sue-ish.

* Ice was four when his mother died - why was he grateful his father never became an alcoholic? If he's looking back on it and being grateful, mention that. After all, why would a four year old understand why it's good someone isn't an alcoholic?

* If he's focused, mature, and level headed, how can he be a day dreamer and easily flustered? Those don't really fit together. Either eliminate the conflicting parts, or explain them more in depth so they make sense.

* Why can the Puffin talk? Please explain this. After all, not all of the magical creatures could talk in Harry Potter, so why can this puffin talk?

* Your Iceland feels like an OC with canon character wrapping. Try to fit to the actual character. You're allowed your interpretations, but he still needs to be canon.

* Give us a description of the character's appearance - not just a picture. Describe him to us. Your application lacks descriptive words and phrases, and this would help prove to us that you know how to use them.
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PostSubject: Re: Iceland // Eiríkur Hjálmarsson [WIP]   Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:59 pm

You've gone past your reservation deadline by quite a few days, so you've lost your hold on Iceland. You must wait a week before re-reserving, and you will only have one try left if you do re-reserve.
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PostSubject: Re: Iceland // Eiríkur Hjálmarsson [WIP]   

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Iceland // Eiríkur Hjálmarsson [WIP]
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