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 Midnight Snack

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PostSubject: Midnight Snack   Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:01 pm

The longer he stayed awake, the hungrier Alfred would get, but this night he just couldn't fall asleep, and supper was beginning to feel like ages ago. He curled onto his stomache and buried his head in the soft pillow as he fidgeted. It was a rather clear night; the windows in the dormitory were illuminated with the moon and it shined into his curtains. It must have been late enough that everyone was asleep or at least quiet about their state of consciousness. Suddenly, his stomach's quite gurgles gave way to a particularly loud growl, and he abruptly sat up. There was no way he could sleep with that hunger gnawing at his insides. The stash of junk food and candies he'd brought with him from home had been demolished not a day after his arrival, and he hadn't been to hogsmeade yet, so it was without any sustenance that he now found himself.

He groaned and stood up, stretching himself. There must be a way to get past the curfew... Making up his mind to go to the great hall- it was the only place he'd seen food- he padded out the door. He quietly reached the common room entrance and pulled open the door. Not sure how, but he'd have to sneak past the sleeping portrait later.

After sneaking through the confusing hallways down the tower and into the great hall, he looked around the now darkened, and felt suddenly a rush of his old fear for ghosts. The past days he'd jumped whenever he saw one, and refused to go near, but now that he was alone where a ghost very well may be, he felt extremely uneasy. Staying near the doors, he called across the room, "Hello? Is there some way I could ger food? Or uh... do I have to... sit at the tables? And... yah?" 

Unsure, he waited at the entrance.
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Snack   Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:45 pm

{I hope it's okay that I replied!}

Another night, another lost bet among the staff which meant it was Romulus' duty once again to patrol the Great Hall area for students ignoring their curfew. Luck had never been his strong point. The Italian yearned to just go to bed himself. He was too old to stay up so late only to go to work once again so soon in the morning. It wasn't like he couldn't handle it, he was Head of Gryffindor: he could handle anything but it was terribly dull on most nights. He near wished that more students would misbehave for the sake of giving him something to do other than lurk, festering from boredom in the dark.

It was so dull that the man near fell asleep at a table. Romulus simply wasn't made for staying up with nothing productive to do. In retrospect, perhaps he should have packed some work or the Daily Prophet to distract himself enough to stay awake but it was far too late now. Yawning loudly, he got up from the Hufflepuff table on which he was sitting to walk about the room, humming an old tune that had been popular about the time he was a student here.

Apparently the night was going to become a lot more interesting; their were footsteps and a voice heard through the hall. Unlike most students roaming after hours, this one, one of his Gryffindors he noted, made no effort to skulk about. And far from and interesting motive like a tryst with a beau, this one was motivated by food.

The Ancient Runes professor cast a lumos and waved the kid over. "You know, most people are sleeping at this hour, si?"
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Midnight Snack
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