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 What Are You Trying To Prove? [Dominik]

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PostSubject: What Are You Trying To Prove? [Dominik]   Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:37 pm

Elizabeta tightened her grip around the handle of the broom as she faced the length of the Quidditch field, biting down on her lower lip. She was hesitating, briefly, unsure if she wanted to go ahead with this. It was something that she had never done before.

Riding a broom.

While she had played with the balls used in the sport when she was growing up and running freely through the streets of the small village, she had never once flown. At least by herself. It wasn’t as if she was scared. No. Elizabeta refused to admit that she was scared of something so little as a broom. Because she wasn’t. She was just wary of the concept.

The Hungarian looked down at the school issued broom, her eyes roaming over the bumps and scrapes of the wood. This would hold her weight, wouldn’t it? It certainly seemed so, from the assurances of the professor that had handed it to her. Elizabeta sighed, telling herself to get over this, and finally stepped forward.

She could do this, even if she had to figure this out on her own.
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PostSubject: Re: What Are You Trying To Prove? [Dominik]   Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:46 am

One of the things that Dominik regretted in his school career so far was something that most people might not guess about him. He was the type of kid that had done quite a few things that he should probably regret -- playing a distasteful joke on someone who didn't deserve it or picking a fight -- but the thing he always regretted was much more simple. Though he was far from the best at it, Dominik always found ever since his first flying lesson back home that it was something he enjoyed. It made him feel free, more than his other hobbies. Part of him always wanted to give playing quidditch for his school a shot. He was competitive and thought it would be a fun challenge. Back in Romania he had never bothered, and here in another country he found himself with the same issues.

Even if he wasn't playing for a team or anything of the sort, that didn't take away from the feeling that flying on a broomstick gave him. Dominik considered himself lucky that Hogwarts had plenty of brooms for students to use. It meant that when he needed to get away from things and his usual walking around school grounds didn't relieve him, borrowing a broom was the next best thing.

Right now he was experiencing just that. He was unsure if it was out of pure coincidence at his odd hours or if simply no one wanted to be around him, but usually when he came to the quidditch field, it was empty. This was what he was expecting as he walked onto the field, but much to his surprise he saw that he wasn't alone today. There, at the edge of the field, stood a girl. She appeared around his age and he vaguely swore that he had seen her around before. A closer examination told him that he probably had, since her robes were decorated with the same scarlet and gold as his own.

Now, Dominik was never one to care too much for strangers. The sight in front of him was something he couldn't resist. Though he didn't have a clear view of her from his current standing, she looked rather cute. On top of that, the expression on her face looked a tad confused. "Oh, hello!" he said rather simply, walking more away from the side of the field, but at the same time keeping a bit of distance from her. It was jut enough to make his presence known. "I wasn't expecting anyone else here." Really, what was he supposed to say to someone he didn't know? It would have been awkward to be the only two people here and have not spoken a word. Dominik hated being aware of the awkwardness of situations, even if he often accidentally created them himself.
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PostSubject: Re: What Are You Trying To Prove? [Dominik]   Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:48 am

How did the Quidditch players make flying look so effortless? Elizabeta made a face as she tried to figure out just how she was supposed to ride the broom, shifting restlessly as she readjusted the weight of it in her hands. She was pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be difficult, but she had no clue how to go about this business of flying.

She blew out a frustrated sigh, frowning to herself as she held out the broom in front of her. The Hungarian girl knew that they levitated…somehow. Elizabeta swore quietly in her language, just about ready to throw the old thing onto the ground when a voice called out to her. She jumped slightly, turning to face the source as her body tensed automatically. She hadn’t heard footsteps on the thick grass, but she slowly relaxed when she recognized the boy as one of her classmates.

Though she had absolutely no idea who he was. Elizabeta eyed him curiously, knowing that she had seen him before – without knowing his name. All she knew was that he was a rather…interesting individual, from the stories she had heard about him. And that he came from a country that bordered Hungary.

“Hello,” she greeted him softly, cautiously offering a slight smile. “Neither did I, to be honest…” The girl paused for a moment, tilting her head. “Did I interrupt something? I can leave if you’d like me to.” The last thing she wanted to do was incur the wrath of a student she didn’t even know. Elizabeta caught sight of the broom in his hands and looked down at her own quickly, unconsciously, before lifting her eyes back towards his. “…Are you out here for flying practice?”

[I'm sorry if this is derpy OTL]
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PostSubject: Re: What Are You Trying To Prove? [Dominik]   

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What Are You Trying To Prove? [Dominik]
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