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 Alfred F. Jones// United States of America

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PostSubject: Alfred F. Jones// United States of America   Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:59 pm

Character's name:Alfred F. Jones

Country of origin:United States of America




Alfred grew up an incredibly jovial and outspoken person, and he still is. He won't hesitate to interact, and can blow through the most sensitive of subjects. His need to talk may seem excessive to some, but his heart is in the right place. There are many occasions where he's dragged someone from their lonely corner, his kind nature has earning him many an admirer, not that he ever notices, and in those rare exceptions, whatever inkling he may have is suppressed in favour of an easy friendship. In this way, it may be said that he's an essentially lazy being.

Not that his friendship isn't worthwhile. Once he has grown to like, or perhaps even love, someone, they become the receptors of a fierce and enduring loyalty, rivaled only by those of kin. For those few special people, of which his family holds indisputable spots, he will expend no limit of energy to protect them. He is really comparatively selfless, and depending on the object, be it material or otherwise, after varying degrees of contemplation, will try his best to hand it over if needed.

It doesn't mean there is no capacity to hurt present in him. He's a proud person and not afraid to show it, bringing him inevitably to clashing with others frequently. It doesn't allow him to back down from his opinions, and will even make him go as far as to forcibly change the views of others. He might unwittingly wound someone (emotionally or otherwise) in this manner, and his stubbornness won't let him apologize easily. The arrogance really hides just a little bit of loneliness; all those years of not having much parental interaction left a now almost nonexistant mark on Alfred.


Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Muggle-born

Strength: He may be lazy, but not when it comes to exercise. It's genuinely a hobby for him, so he's got the muscle to show for it, and also means he isn't easily pushed around.

Kindness: It's really pretty easy to get along with Alfred, given one can get past his brashness, because this underlying trait, kindness, is ingrained and prevalent. When he's aware of a situation, his sense of justice, however possibly misguided, will kick in, and all actions are based in kindness. If he is not severely at odds with someone, then he would never consciously hurt them.

Optimism: Whether due to childish naivety or determination to stay strong, or both, he's almost blessed with optimism, and it helps him slough through the troubles of life.

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:
Arrogance: This trait doesn't sit well with anyone, and though it is usually overshadowed by his other, more becoming characteristics, it isn't pretty when it shines through. He really does believe what he's saying, and likes to show it.

Big mouth: It really does get him into trouble sometimes; not thinking before opening your mouth tends to offend, and often times, he doesn't even realize it. He's hurt by it as well, affected by those he'd inadvertently angered or saddened. It gets him in trouble with the teachers sometimes too.

Fear of ghosts: He lived on an old farm okay? The nights when he was sleeping alone, because his dad had a separate one, he fancied there were unnatural things out in those expansive fields, and the wind blew through the grass and aging house unhindered, creating eerie noises in the dead of night. It may have also been due to the inordinate amount of horror movies he and his dad enjoyed together.

Attention span: It's a short one. Gets him in trouble at school, and creates an awful jittery tic. He can't really sit still normally.

Your Character's backstory:
Mrs. Jones was of a hardy constitution, building sheds and tending to livestock. But Death was not to be deterred, and one day, a town over, she met Him in her old pickup truck. Carrying the then two years old Alfred, her husband attended the service solemnly. It wasn't a memory the young child would recall.

As Alfred grew up, Mr. Jones was a good, albeit busy father. They bonded through milking the cows, and shooting the occasional hog, but he was never able to feel a mother's love. He got on just fine, not having ever known it, but having only one parent meant many a week day spent playing with the assortment of animals on the farm, and watching T.V. He went to a school 25 minutes away, and achieved mediocre grades. His loudness as a child meant popularity, and cluelessness meant he was never really inadvertantly drawn into bullying or arguements.

When Alfred was 7, his dad finally moved on, and introduced to him one day a pretty, young woman. She was met with curiosity as Alfred wondered why his dad was so nervous. Having never known a mother, he accepted her readily, like a teacher, or baby-sitter. As she came over more often, it helped fill a void he didn't know had existed.

Not long after, they were invited to her house, where her son from the previous marriage was visiting. Being the same age, Matthew grew on Al quickly, and as the relationship of their parents progressed, it saw them spending more and more time together. It also meant he inevitably found out about the fantastical world of magic, and was proportionally bummed about not being able to see it firsthand. He was curious about why Matthew wouldn't perform it, but learned not to ask after the first couple times.

Magic was just perfect for Alfred's nature. It captured his imagination, and provided countless hours of daydreaming. There was many a time when he fathomed something supernatural had occurred, and he tried with all his might to just be a wizard, but the adults made sure not to get his hopes up. As a result, he had an unconscious disbelief that he could ever do magic. He still loved to make believe with Matthew, who he always thought would get to hex people some day.

So it was with great surprise and confusion that Alfred received an owl on his eleventh birthday, from the state run magicks institute.

We Just Got A Letter:

Alfred had gotten used to seeing the odd owl in broad daylight from Mr. Williams's occasional correspondence, and so wasn't fazed in the least by the great barn owl heading towards the house now. He watched eagerly on the porch steps as it glided closer.

'This must be the important letter Mattie was waiting for last week!' He thought. Even though he wasn't entirely sure how it worked, he saw how sad Matthew was when no owl ever appeared that day, and didn't know what to do. But this must mean the poor owl got lost, or was a lazy butt, and his brother was going to get the present afterall!

He reached out just in time and managed to save the heavy parchment from death in a murky puddle of god-knows-what after it was flung unceremoniously from the owl's feet. Alfred couldn't muster up the annoyance to glare at the owl and didn't wait to turn towards the door. The bird circled behind him.

Picking up speed, Alfred burst through the doors and had his mouth open, ready to shout, when he looked down at the parchment. He came to a halt and squinted at the writing. On the front, right under the seal, was most definitely his name. He frowned and called hesitantly, "Mom? A letter came!"

After a long discussion, and much confusion, they confirmed the letter was indeed for Alfred, to a magical school, and wrote out a short reply for the restless owl still perched outside. Alfred himself eventually became ecstatic, but with Matthew's lack of an invitation still fresh on their minds, he spent the rest of his birthday that day trying to cheer Matt up. Despite receiving his congratulations and reassurances, Alfred couldn't help but feel his spirit dampened by Matthew's plight. That night, he gave him the biggest piece of the cake, an especially big hug in thanks, and all the hot water.

It was a hot day, and the two of them sat, or sprawled in Alfred's case, in the grass behind the house. He chewed a grass stalk while talking through his life in his third year at the boarding school, not able to contain his boasting. Staring up at the sky, he was the first to notice the dot in the distance, making its way towards the two boys. He sat up and gestured to Matthew at what were now clearly two owls. They watched as they flew closer

One landed on Alfred and he set to untying its parcel from the owl's spiny leg, while the other shook another letter free, right into Matthew's lap. Alfred turned to watch as both immediately flew off again to settle on the roof of a barn to await their replies, chased by a cat that was around the structure.

They opened up the packages and found to both their disbelief, an invitation from the esteemed Hogwarts magic school. Alfred immediately jumped up and exclaimed excitedly, pulling Matthew with him to get their parents and a quill.

The Sorting:

Alfred strode boldly into line behind an excited girl and quickly darted his eyes across the hall. From the artificial sky, to the floating candles, and back across to the old hat. He was humming with excitement, and were he a few years younger, he would surely have been bouncing in place, but as it was, the energy was restricted to a nervous twitch of the leg. He turned around to seek out his brother and tried to convey his general feelings noiselessly.

When his name was called, or the second time anyway, he all but trotted onto the stool, and beamed at the crowd. The hat was graciously placed upon his head, and he greeted it in his thoughts.

'Oho! A healthy young lad aren't you Jones? I've no doubt of just where to place you. Strong in mind and body; loyal, steadfast, and brave... It must be...'

Alfred grinned as the hat shouted for Gryffindor, and hopped off the stool, loping over to his new family for the year.

Name: Sorry, if you'd just use my character name or some variation, that'd be great!
Age: 16
Timezone/Country: GMT -5/USA
Tell us a little about yourself. Hmmmm... I never have anything to say about myself... I'm in high school, I like to draw, and that's pretty much it! I look forward to roleplaying with everyone!
Anything else? Red!

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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F. Jones// United States of America   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:37 pm

You're missing something. Please read over the rules again very carefully. You have two more tries.
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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F. Jones// United States of America   Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:41 pm

Ah, I'm sorry! I'm not sure how I just missed that. Fixed now!
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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F. Jones// United States of America   Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:31 pm

Your app is lovely! I really enjoyed reading it. You are accepted, please change your name and you can begin to post!
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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F. Jones// United States of America   

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Alfred F. Jones// United States of America
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