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 Don't Talk to Strangers [Matthew + Yekaterina ]

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Yekaterina Braginskaya


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PostSubject: Don't Talk to Strangers [Matthew + Yekaterina ]   Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:05 pm

The first time Yekaterina visited Hogsmeade had been terribly overwhelming. Students rushed all over the place, crowding shops, horsing about in the streets, chattering loudly. It made the girl feel self-conscious, pulling her robes tighter around her body, hoping to gain some level of invisibility. Of course, all the students were too busy interacting with their friends to truly notice her (thank goodness). However, her worries were hardly quelled.

She stepped into some sort of restaurant (something about brooms, which was a silly name for a place to sit down and eat) and almost blanched. There were literally no tables open and it was teeming with Hogwarts attendees. With a soft sigh, Katya turned around to, hopefully, find a smaller cafe: somewhere she could settle and relax for a few hours, perhaps brush up on Herbology through some studying.

Fortunately, she managed to find somewhere that fit her tastes. A small cafe on the side of the street called 'Madame Puddifoot's'. She entered cautiously, glancing around, slightly nervous. It was decorated in a sickly-sweet manner, but it was almost empty. With a sigh of relief, Katya entered and made her way to a table, requesting some tea. Perhaps this trip wasn't worthless after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Don't Talk to Strangers [Matthew + Yekaterina ]   Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:42 pm

Matthew needed someplace to relax. He was tired and stressed out from his last Potions lesson and needed a pick-me-up. A non-alcoholic pick-me-up that was, Matthew didn't drink alcohol, he was too young and it was bad for him. So, when the Hogsmede weekend rolled around, Matthew headed over to his very favourite cafe! Madame Puddifoot's, it was the best place and had all this cute stuff hung everywhere! The little tea-cups were to die for.

So, he pushed the door to the quaint little shop open and beamed at the tinkling noise it made. It was as though it was different every time! Which, he reckoned, it probably was. He glanced around. There were many available tables, like always, but he realised with dissapointment, that his favourite table, the one he always sat at, was currently occupied. What a shame.

However, a quick adjustment to his glasses and a couple of blinks later, he recognised the lady sitting there. She was very young, still in school, Hufflepuff even. He'd seen her around in the common room! So, he had a choice. He could be sociable and go up to her. Or he could be as introverted as usual and go take a seat in the corner of the cafe instead. He weighed the two choices in his mind, but after a moment's thinking, decided that he should go talk to her.

...He wanted to get a better view of those breasts anyway.

Ambling up to her, he gave a shy little wave and motioned to a seat.

"Hey. Mind if I sit here?"
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Don't Talk to Strangers [Matthew + Yekaterina ]
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