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 Books and Bedtime [Open]

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Former Croatia

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PostSubject: Books and Bedtime [Open]    Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:36 pm

What an odd school. Very odd indeed. There were odd things everywhere! It was so different, and the weather was so cold. He missed the ocean...but hey, what could you do? Maybe this would be some fun. There might be some cool people to hang around. He could make new friends and maybe...what was he thinking about again? Stretched out comfortably on a couch, Valentin laughed quietly to himself and closed his eyes. Well he hadn't met anyone yet, but he was certainly open to it...at the sight of the first person he saw, he'd stumble off the couch and introduce himself. What if there was a pretty girl, even? That would be the best!

But for now, there was no one but Valentin and a very quiet room. It was so easy to just...fall asleep. He yawned, leaning his head back against the back of the couch and made himself more comfortable. In his hand was a book on Charms he'd been reading, but he just didn't have the attention span for it now. Being tired and trying to read usually made one fall asleep, and within a matter of moments, Valentin had drifted off. The book he had laid over his chest now slid off him and clattered to the floor. Valentin didn't even flinch, just drifted off into dreamland. His poor book was now sprawled on the ground, a couple pages bent. He'd hopefully be forgiven by any bookworms around.
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Sesenne Alexander

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PostSubject: Re: Books and Bedtime [Open]    Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:36 pm

Staring at the letter she had just written the St Lucian girl chuckled and screwed it up in a ball. No! No! No! That was all wrong; it wasn’t how it was supposed to go at all. It was supposed to be silly, funny so it would make them wish they were here with her. Frowning ever so slightly she grabbed a piece of parchment yet again this time keeping it short and simple. The end result wasn’t quite Ravenclaw material…that much was for sure. Especially for a girl who was so proud of her writing skills.

‘Hey Jackie!

Doing awesome here. Got sorted into the smart people’s house, the uniform looks great I’ll send you a picture later! How you keepin’? Write back soon! Tell Dommy I said hi!


Putting her sunglasses back on Sesenne, or Sofia as she preferred to be called, sighed gently. There was no place like home, as they say, and she was getting ever so slightly home sick. Not that she wanted to go home or anything but it was kind of tough being in a place with no friends. Idly she picked up ‘The Daily Prophet’. Daily? How fancy. The newspaper back home was thrice weekly.

As she walked from her dorm to the common room she noticed someone, about her age perhaps? Sprawled on the couch…and a book that had fallen.

“Bonjou, mon. ca sa fete? Are you ok?” she grinned a bit. It hadn’t quite occurred to her someone might actually be bothered when they were woken up. She was just excited she could finally speak to someone. And she really needed to know where the place they sent letters was located. They used owls here….she found that so strange. Parrots were so much prettier. And besides when they woke up...it wasn't like she was too horrifying to look at, was it?

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Books and Bedtime [Open]
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