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 Accidents Happen [Ludwig & Feliciano]

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PostSubject: Accidents Happen [Ludwig & Feliciano]   Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:36 am

This castle needed a map. Ludwig had decided that after he'd set off to find the library on his first day and, a half-hour later, had managed to find a closet full of melted cauldrons, the school's trophy room, and a multitude of disused classrooms, one of which was being torn up by a ghost who had beaned him on the forehead with a broken bit of chair. He wasn't even that bad at following directions, honestly! The castle was just frustratingly huge, and seemed to be constantly changing. Passageways led someplace different, staircases vanished... nothing as weirdly spontaneous had happened at his school in Germany, Ludwig could recall.

The older Slytherins had assured him that he'd get used to the castle eventually, but Ludwig had decided he couldn't wait for that luxury. He didn't even know if he'd be allowed to stay on the following year. So, he'd set aside a portion of his free time to make a decent map for himself. Two afternoons so far, he'd walked the halls, tracing lines onto a large sheet of parchment and taking notes on any peculiarities the doors or staircases held. It was a daunting task, Ludwig quickly realized: he'd had to go back to the same places twice already, just to make sure this staircase or that door didn't open to the outside on odd-numbered days or something equally as ridiculous.

Today, according to Ludwig's notes, he had just finished checking all the doors in the east-west hallway of the fourth floor. Holding a pot of ink in his left hand, his quill in his right, and the parchment spread out between them, Ludwig squinted at his notes and frowned. He still had to the north-south hallway, and it was getting late. But he wouldn't have this chance again, and he needed this map to be perfect - or at the very least, reliably accurate. Picking up his pace a little, Ludwig rounded a corner just in time to slam into someone walking the opposite direction.

A ripping noise, the shattering of glass, and Ludwig stumbled and lost his balance, picking himself up from the floor almost instantly as ink seeped into his robes. His map had been torn in two, but what was of more interest was the person he'd crashed into. The brunette was lying on the floor, and the black robes he wore had yellow accents. Picking up the pieces of parchment, Ludwig walked over to the other student, "Are you alright?"
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PostSubject: Re: Accidents Happen [Ludwig & Feliciano]   Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:14 pm

(Ludwig I am very very sorry for not replying sooner! Please don't be sad. ;; )

Though Feliciano had already been attending Hogwarts for a few months now, there was still a bit of a problem that happened every so often. This castle was absolutely huge. His old school back in Italy was also rather big, but he has been there for years so he had finally gotten used to the winding corridors. Here at Hogwarts, he knew his way to the classes that he attended every day, the great hall, the common room, and some other key places around the castle that he frequented. The catch with all this at this point in time was that for most of those places, he only knew one path there.

It wasn't often that Feliciano felt particularly adventurous, since he had no problems with his current route. Today was the day that he was going to break that pattern. Feliciano had been walking his normal path to one of the classrooms where he often met with the muggle arts teacher and other students with an interest in the subject when something caught his attention. The farther down the hallway he walked, the slower the pace of traffic got. Feliciano wasn't particularly tall, so it was hard to tell what was causing the corridor blockage. He waited there a few moments, trying to squish past the sea of other students without getting elbowed. It didn't take long for him to turn back in the opposite direction, giving up.

Today Feliciano had promised that he would go to that room, so it wasn't like he could just abandon the other student that was supposed to be waiting there for him. Clearly, there was only one other thing to do. He had to go a different way. As he walked, he tried to remember the other way he had gone there with someone else once before. It couldn't be too hard, right? Feliciano stayed close to the wall on his journey, because for whatever reason it was comforting and made him feel like he wasn't going to get lost. If he was remembering correctly, he just had to take this turn up ahead next.

What he found as he made his way around the corner wasn't as comforting as he thought it would be. Instead, he found himself on the hard floor. Feliciano let out a whine of discomfort, taking a few seconds to realize what had happened. It appeared he had crashed into another student. He looked up at the other person wide eyed, looking a bit frightened as he did so. The blonde student he bumped into was much bigger and well built then himself, so it was no wonder he was knocked to the floor so easily. That alone was enough to worry someone like poor Feliciano, but to make matters worse he noticed that this particular student's robes were decorated with the color green. "I-I am sorry!" Feliciano stuttered out, trying his best not to just run off. "I am alright, I think, but you are all dirty!" Oh no...Feliciano had a sinking feeling in his stomach. Although his own brother was from that house and it was silly, Feliciano had to admit to being frightened of most Slytherins. Here he was, knocking one down and covering them in a mess.
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Accidents Happen [Ludwig & Feliciano]
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