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 Monika Louise Beilschmidt [Fem!Germany] // [[Completed]]

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PostSubject: Monika Louise Beilschmidt [Fem!Germany] // [[Completed]]   Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:52 am

۩ Monika Louise Beilschmidt ۩

Whence I Came





Monika is known for a maturity beyond her age and possesses a stoic, serious nature that many have found queer for a young lady of a mere fifteen years of age to have. Vastly different from her older sister, Monika tends to be what others would term as a “stick in the mud” or a “wet blanket”. Yet she is also praised as being dependable, intelligent and assertive, and with her prudence and abilities, Monika is recognized as a brilliant leader.

She is, without a doubt, a perfectionist to the truest sense of the word. A high achiever with big ambitions, Monika expects no less than absolute excellence and perfection from herself and – unfortunately for everyone – often from all those around her as well. Giving her “second best” is an unacceptable term to her and “failure” is not a word found in her dictionary. Monika does not so much abhor inadequacy from others, rather, she finds it unacceptable for one to give less than their hundred and ten percent for whatever task they pursue, and for giving up in the face of opposition and obstacles. Some would call the high standards that Monika set for herself as unreasonable and some of the students had even termed her as a slave-driver. (Not to her face, of course, but the walls have ears; especially the walls of Hogwarts.) But Monika is secure in herself and does not allow such things to dampen her spirit.

Despite the initial intimidation one might receive from her, Monika also has a soft side to her. She is quite an amiable person once you get to know her, and she enjoys helping her peers, be it imparting her knowledge and skill or simply setting aside time for them and lend them a shoulder to cry on. More often than not, the people around her would exasperate her or frustrate her, but Monika is never one to leave a friend behind.

Blood Status

Pure blood.

My Shield and Sword

♠ Leadership; be it rain or shine, Monika would be able to take command of the worst of situations and lead others out of trouble.
♠ Responsibility; Monika is an extremely responsible and dependable person, and would not leave loose ends behind.
♠ Caring; despite her intimidating front, Monika can be extremely caring and even motherly to those around her.
♠ Loyal; loyalty towards her sister has developed into the strongest of loyalty and determination towards her peers, her principles, and her values.
♠ Bravery; fear no evil, and that was what Monika was. Though she did have her own fair share of fears, Monika was willing to try and overcome them.
♠ Giving her best; Monika does not know how to give her second best.

Those Shadows You Call Fear

♥ Don't leave me; though she has never said it out loud, Monika is always secretly afraid that the people around her would leave her like her parents did.
♥ Failure; Monika cannot accept failure, because she cannot escape disappointing all those who had placed their faith in her

I Just Can't Resist

♣ Chocolate; God's gift to all mankind. And womankind.
♣ Cute things; this included awkward, clumsy people who Monika just does not have to heart to abandon
♣ Beer; though alcohol is technically prohibited on school grounds, but Monika is a lover of beer and a heavy drinker with high alcohol tolerance.

It's Called Being Unique

♦ Clothes; Monika is actually quite good at designing clothes and making them. She likes to dress her sister up in some of her original designs because she feels her sister appears more feminine and would look nicer in them.
♦ Star-gazing; Monika enjoys star-gazing as it relaxes her from the constant stress she has to endure.

Long, Long Ago

Monika never knew her parents; they were naught but a passing comment mentioned in occasion by her grandfather, Alaric and her older sister, Maria. As far as Monika was certain, they had simply disappeared without a trace, like a drawing that was hastily and abruptly erased from existence with only vague memories of them remaining behind. Yet growing up without parents did not mean that Monika’s family was any less complete; as far as the young German was concerned, her grandfather and her sister were all the family and support that she needed. (And it also helped that she was constantly showered with love and attention, as well.)

It was clear from the beginning that the two Beilschmidt sisters could not be any more different in nature. Much like the sun and the moon, Maria and Monika was vastly different; Maria was always the more outgoing one, the one whose presence would instantly be known the moment she enters a room, yet Monika possessess a calmer disposition. She was undeniably the more mature one of the two sisters, and the one who generally kept both of them out of any serious trouble. But as contrasting as the sisters’ personalities were, they balanced out and understood each other and had been inseparable since they were young.

As children, they had always gone mischief-making together (after much persistent cajoling from Maria, Monika would finally relent in the end) but as stated above, with Monika’s wit, Maria’s willpower and their combined early magical advantages, they had never been caught red-handed, though they had been very close to achieving said ending. Such close encounters had only served to fuel Maria’s adrenaline rush and made her all the more determined to create more playful mischief and mayhem. Monika would always protest, of course, but both sisters knew that they were set for Maria’s next big scheme together. (After all, Monika could not possibly leave her sister to plunge head-first into trouble and potential danger alone. It had become an inside joke between the two sisters on who was, judging from their sense of responsibility and maturity, actually the older one between the two. Well, Maria has always passed it off jokingly, but Monika usually meant it in all exasperated seriousness.

But Monika did adore her sister so and was very protective of her; unknown to Maria, Monika had often challenged the mean kids who had bullied her sister, and constantly returned home scruffy and worse for wear, but nevertheless, triumph in defending her sister’s honour. Though Maria had always questioned the source of those wounds whilst tending to them, Monika never revealed her secret. These childhood memories served as a basis for Monika’s unwavering loyalty and love to those she cared about that grew in strength and determination as she grew older.

A Letter For Me?

“Adicus, Anke! Kommen hier!” Monika whistled softly, a toy bone in the grasp of her fingers punctuating with her words with a loud squeak. In response, sharp barks laced with obvious excitement sounded, followed suit by heavy, rapid footsteps that escalated in intensity and volume as they drew nearer. Two bulky German shepherds appeared in the distant and came barreling straight towards the young girl, yet she remained unravelled and resolute; such a sight of two stocky beasts making a frenzied bee-line towards one would have easily intimidated one out of their wits, but Monika was made of sterner things than that.

And she had trained her dogs well.

Sitz!” She issued a curt order, extending a hand out firmly. The two dogs skidded as their paws tried to find purchase upon the damp grass to halt their acceleration. Thankfully for Monika (who did not desire a dip in the muddy ground any time soon), they managed to stop in time and planted their bottoms firmly on the ground, regarding their master with wagged tails, large, expecting eyes and convivial smiles.

Monika smiled. “Gute hunde,” She purred, fanning her hand across the dusty-brown coats of her dogs in an affectionate caress. She directed a finger at both dogs, miming it as a gun with a verbal “bang!”. Promptly, they dropped to the ground with a soft, pained whine as they rolled over to reveal their bellies and stuck their legs into the air. Monika laughed softly as she reached down to award her pets with belly rub, but she could tell from the glint in their eyes that the reward that they truly lusted after was their little prey in her hand.

She squeezed the toy bone. It squeaked.

Adicus and Anke shifted their gazes between Monika and the chew toy still within her grasp. The young German could practically see the two canines formulating a simple but effective method of extracting the treasure out of her evil clutches; they directed their woeful eyes to Monika. She shook her head in mild exasperation, raising the toy over her head in preparations to grant the dogs of their sole wish, when a loud hoot pierced the general tranquility and peace of the moment.

She slanted a swift glance upwards, towards the source of the unwanted disturbance and caught sight of a flurry of snowy feathers. An owl? An Eurasian Pygmy, to be exact. Strange, they usually hunt during dawn and dusk. What was one doing when the sun was still high in the sky?

But the fluttering was enough activity to catch the keen eyes of Andicus and Anke, who both leapt up at the sight of a newcomer. Their barking was evidently distressing to the minute owl which lost focus and fluttered closer to the snapping jaws of the two canines.

“Anke! Adicus! No! Schlechte hunde! Down!” Monika commanded, gently swatting away the dogs as they tried to catch the owl. She squeezed the toy once more, successfully recapturing her pets’ attentions and hurling it a good distance away. It was no contest; Andicus and Anke’s attentions were diverted once more to give chase after their beloved chew toy, the owl, forgotten and no longer of interest. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done as the owl landed in a heap in Monika’s arm, visibly shaken by the experience.

“You poor thing,” Monika cooed softly, trying to calm the owl down by running a comforting hand over its feathers. It was only then that she noticed something peculiar attached to its legs by a thin thread.

A letter?

Monika squinted, drawing closer to the article attached to the Eurasian Pygmy’s ankle; it was a beige letter with a crimson wax seal on one side, and smooth cursive writing marking out ‘Monika Louise Beilschmidt’ on the other.

Oh. Oh.

Schwester! Schwester!” She cried, dashing back into the house. “Schwester!

“Ja, Monika?” Maria’s muffled voice came from within the deeper depths of the kitchen, and with the aroma of chocolate – mein Gott, she loved chocolate – wafting in the air, it painted a direct trail to the kitchen.

“Schwester, I got my letter!” She cheered, gently tugging the letter free from the owl. Maria raised her eyes from the desert that she was preparing, caught sight of the beige letter and grinned.

“Congratulations, Monika!” Maria dropped everything and enveloped her little sister in a tight hug. Monika returned the embrace with a smile on her face.

“I should read it now—Schwester!” She protested when Maria snatched the letter from her grasp with a sly grin, spinning away to prevent Monika from snatching it back; an unspoken challenge of ‘catch me if you can’ has been issued.

Several hours later, after an eventful game of tag that resulted in both girls to journey the full length of the house, Monika had finally retrieved her precious treasure, leaving her sister to remain in an exhausted heap on the floor. (Tickling; Maria was entirely defenseless against that.) Delicately peeling open the wax seal, Monika’s eyes roamed over the neat lines of words, the smile growing wider on her face.

‘Dear Monika Louise Beilschmidt, you have been accepted into the Berlin Academy of Magical Arts---‘

‘I accept.’ She smoothed down on the parchment along with her signature. “Schwester! I’m finally going to the Academy with you!”

Maria, still recovering from the previous tickle fight, simply laughed and raised a thumb in approval. Monika smiled.

A Foreign Exchange?

Treten.” The command came from the other side of the door. Monika obeyed, calmly pushing aside the door and entering the office of the Headmistress.

Schulleiterin,” Monika greeted politely, incling a nod towards the woman seated behind the desk. Headmistress Vien was a stern woman whose large size and intimidating stature cause most of the students in the academy to treat her with (albeit, slightly fearful and wary) respect. But there was more to the Headmistress than meets the eye, and after getting to know the older German, Monika had found her to be quite amiable. Maybe it was because the two were very similar, as many had commented before. But nevertheless, Monika liked the Headmistress, and fortunately, the Headmistress returns the sentiments as well.

“Monika.” Headmistress Vien smiled in greeting, gesturing for her to take a seat. As she settled down, the Headmistress continued, “You’re most likely wondering why I called you in here today. Well, as you know, your sister is currently attending the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy---”

“Schwester? Is she alright? Is she in trouble? Was she expelled?” Words of concern erupted from Monika before she could stop herself.

The Headmistress chuckled. “She’s quite alright, and no, she isn’t expelled yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did get into some sort of trouble,” She shook her head with a small smile. “But the school hasn’t reported anything major yet, so she should be fine.”

Monika’s eyebrows winged together in mild confusion. “If schwester is fine, then why…?”

The older woman directed a soft smile towards Monika. “Monika, you are a brilliant student, one of the best this school has ever seen, I dare say. A born leader, assertive yet not authoritative, skillful but modest, and possessing a caring heart of gold. You remind me of myself when I was your age, long, long ago,” She laughed, but her eyes still shone with a proud, affectionate gleam. “And I expect great things from you in the future. You, my dear Fraulein Beilschmidt, will one day change the world.”

Danke.” She was flattered, honestly, but she could not comprehend the rationale behind lavishing praises on her at this moment. Had something bad happened?

“Therefore, although it pains me to give away such fine talent, but it is obvious that someone of your caliber deserves a better opportunity to develop your skills.”

“I… do not understand.”

“Don’t you?” Her eyes twinkled with a queer glint as grasped a letter from within the depths of her desk’s compartment. Monika retrieved it from her hands, gazing upon the familiar creamy skin, the cursive words addressing to her and the crimson wax seal, this time, bearing a different emblem. With steady hands, she unsealed the envelope, slipping the parchment inside out of its casing smoothly.

‘Dear Monika Louise Beilschmidt, congratulations! You have been accepted into the foreign exchange program for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy…’

Raising her gaze back up to meet the Headmistress’, Monika’s lips opened, but not a word was formed. In return, the Headmistress simply smiled in approval.

“Well, what say you, Monika? Do you accept?”

It's. . .A Hat.

Well, she certainly wasn’t in Berlin anymore, that much was clear.

The hall was abuzz with excitement and murmurs, but it wasn’t in German which Monika had grown up learning. It was snippets of conversations tossed and thrown about in various languages, as varying as the numbers of students there were in the foreign exchange program. The group consisted of students of different age and different nationalities, but all shared the common excitement and eagerness at being presented before the whole school and the famous Sorting Hat, to be revealed the House destined for them.

Monika would be lying if she said she wasn’t just a tad nervous. But the words of Headmistress Vien comforted her soul and calmed her heart.

'You are a brilliant student---'

It was time. Everyone anxiously bustled into an orderly line, and was led into the Great Hall where an equally excited atmosphere greeted them.

'You remind me of myself when I was your age---'

A routine soon set itself in place; students after students stepped forward, waiting for the Sorting Hat to be placed upon them, which would soon be followed by the Hat’s bellow and the cheers erupting from one of the four tables. It was her turn next.

'I expect great things from you---'

The Sorting Hat was placed upon her crown. She heard its soft murmur in her mind, and could feel it shifting through the depths of her mind, peeking at precious memories and eavesdropping on past conversations. Monika could not help but feel a tad uncomfortable at such a…violating experience. (It was rather intrusive, after all.)

‘Feeling uncomfortable, are you?’ A low voice chuckled in her head. ‘Do you have something to hide?’

‘Everyone has something to hide.’ She replied the Sorting Hat flatly.

‘Indeed,’ It agreed. ‘That’s why I’m here; to judge what’s on the inside and reveal all your dirty, little secrets. Now, now, Miss Beilschmidt. You don’t have to feel so upset; I was only joking. A hat can also possess a sense of humour, you know.”

Monika tried to compose herself; no point fretting over what must be done, of course. The faster the Sorting Hat made a decision, the better.

‘You, my dear Fraulein Beilschmidt, will one day change the world---’

‘Your Headmistress is a lovely woman,’ The Hat mused. ‘Very wise as well. But isn’t it too pressuring for a child to place such a big ambition upon her shoulders?’

‘I can take it; I will change the world.’ She declared. Monika could have sworn that she felt the Sorting Hat smile.

‘Very well then… I’ve made my decision.’ It stated. “SLYTHERIN!

Cheers exploded from the Slytherin table and rising above the rest of the booming applause was a familiar scream and the vague words of, “Zat’s my schwester!” Monika’s lips twisted in an exasperated smile as she hopped off the stool and made her way towards her new House. She spotted the energetic waving and exaggerated gesturing from Maria as she promptly shoved another student off the bench to make room for her sister. Slanting an apologetic smile at the poor Slytherin who was shoved to the floor as she passed, Monika took her seat next to her sister who enveloped her in a familiar hug.

“Welcome to ze Slytherin family,schwester!”


Name: Her Royal Highness. Hat. You can call me Hat (: It's a nickname that derived for the term 'Mad Hattress'. XD
Age: I'm 15. (:
Timezone/Country: I'm a Singaporean! :D Yes,I noticed that there's a Singapore on this site. :D
Tell us a little about yourself: I roleplayed other hetalia characters before (: Like my own OC Singapore,France,England and Belarus.
Anything else? Hope to roleplay with all of you soon! ^u^)/

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PostSubject: Re: Monika Louise Beilschmidt [Fem!Germany] // [[Completed]]   Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:46 am

Your picture is broken, that's all.

Other than that aghfkdlahgjdks *grabby hands* My cute little neice ;w; You're accepted let's RP some time andIwouldlikeyourmsnand/orskyyypeilu <3
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PostSubject: Re: Monika Louise Beilschmidt [Fem!Germany] // [[Completed]]   Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:01 pm

Okay,fixed it~
Hello uncle (thatIneverknewIhad)! XD Thank you for accepting me~ ;u; And sure! Will pass you my skype if you want. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Monika Louise Beilschmidt [Fem!Germany] // [[Completed]]   Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:48 am

Yay! Yes please ;w; I'm in the UK, so I might see you sometimes. ovo
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PostSubject: Re: Monika Louise Beilschmidt [Fem!Germany] // [[Completed]]   

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Monika Louise Beilschmidt [Fem!Germany] // [[Completed]]
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