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 Might as Well Make The Most Out of This [Anne]

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PostSubject: Might as Well Make The Most Out of This [Anne]   Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:51 am

Elizabeta sighed faintly as she gathered the papers she needed, straightening them on her bedside table before tucking them into her bag. She hummed softly as she organized her belongings, trying to figure out just how she was going to survive this History of Magic project. Her partner was one Anne Kirkland, and she was rather…oh, what was the word? Aloof? Cold? Something along those lines. All she knew was that the other girl didn’t seem to like working with other people.

The Hungarian frowned slightly as she rifled through her texts to find the correct one, and fit one thick book into her arms as she hoisted her bag over her shoulder. Perhaps she would gain a new friend out of this; she had only recently arrived at Hogwarts for the exchange program, and she had yet to find someone to call a friend. She could at least try to make one with someone her age.

Making her way down the steps and through the common room, Elizabeta stepped lightly towards the library as she tried to find the light of this. A possible new friend was one, and the other was a better grade than she could have hoped for being paired with someone else. She might as well focus on the good points rather than the negativity, and there was a small smile on her lips by the time she entered the library, in a far cheerier mood now.

Her feet carried her to one of the small alcoves where students could study, and she put down her stuff quietly as she started preparing for the work that the project would take. Sitting down on the edge of a chair, Elizabeta started to rifle through her textbook in an attempt to find some sort of idea they could do. Hopefully Anne would have an idea.

[I am so sorry for being late! OTL Hope this is good, I got really busy.]
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Might as Well Make The Most Out of This [Anne]
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