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 Family Bonding (Anne and Guinevere)

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PostSubject: Family Bonding (Anne and Guinevere)   Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:38 pm

To say Anne wasn't fond of her family was an understatement. In truth, her feelings towards them were more of loathing. However, there were two exceptions to that rule: her cousin Arthur, with whom she spent most of her time with as a child, and her aunt Guinevere, who had for some reason or another abandonded the family. While she never loved anyone, the two were as close as she got to a familial relationship. In fact, ever since attending Hogwarts with Guinevere as her teacher, the two had grown closer, to the point where Anne felt comfortable visiting her aunt out of the blue.

Which was what she was doing today, on her way to Guinevere's office (attached to her classroom). It wasnt exactly spur-of-the-moment (Anne hardly did anything without thinking it through first), but it was unannounced. The girl merely hadn't been to see her aunt in a week and figured her visit was long past due. They could have tea and biscuits and chat. It was almost like a mother-daughter relationship, almost.

Knock, knock, knock. Anne stood patiently at the office door, albeit slightly nervous. A small part of her was wary that Guinevere would be angry with her for not sending a note first (though she had visited unannounced plenty of times). Perhaps she had been spending too much time around her mother in the summers, a situation that always gave her anxiety and frayed her nerves. Guinevere was nothing like her mother. And yet, propriety had been too ingrained in the young girl. Well, it was too late to leave now. She'd have to stick around and face the (imaginary) consequences.
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Family Bonding (Anne and Guinevere)
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