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 The Worst OC's Ever Contest!

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PostSubject: The Worst OC's Ever Contest!   Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:17 pm

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the Worst OC's Ever contest!

The rules are simple!
Take one of the application templates from here and fill it out using an original character.
It can't be a character that's already played here.

The contest will be judged on:
( Categories are bound to be changed and added. )
Terrible spelling and grammar.
Obvious lack of knowledge about the country.
Usage of country names even though this is clearly an AU roleplay.
How 'kawaii-desu~~~' the character is.
How much better your character is than everyone else.
How politically incorrect everything is.
Things that, in general, make no sense about the character.

The prize?

*Note: This contest is not to be taken seriously in any way, as there is no real prize. It's just for fun! Submit as many terrible OC's as you would like!

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PostSubject: Re: The Worst OC's Ever Contest!   Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:09 am

Character's name: Kloe Solei-Tsvetok ( thats french an russian 4 sunflower) Bonnefoi-Braginsky-San (her daddies r france an russia my otp so kawaiii!!)

Nicknames: (it wasnt ther but i added it coz i have a bunch) klo-klo-chan, sunny, cutiepie, and neko-chan! (she sprots kittie ears an a tail sumtimes when shes really happy or sad)

Country of origin: Phillipines

Year: 6!

Age: about 16 almost 17 her birthday is Christmas! Like Jesus-San!

House: Gryffindor duuuuhhhhh!!!!

Personality: i may seem rally mean at first but i promise im not! Kloea is just shy, she gets it from russia-chan! She's also really smart. she could have ben in racenclaw but was better in Gryffindor! Shes in griffyndor so shes super brave an has alot of friends. Filipines is really friendly! i love meeting people~! Also she acts rally angry around boys but thats just coz shes really shy, like I said before.she knows alllll about love from her daddy France and is kind of a pervert ^^" and she likes to get all her friends together in relationships. I just think they all deserve luv~~ ^^!


(i drew that meh self, isnt it kawaii? XD)
the first thing ever1 notices about me is my eyes! their usually the color of the sky (bright baby blue!) but when shes rally angry or happy they turn purple like russia-chans eyes! my hair is also really pretty. It's a yucky brown though, so i died it black and gave it white, blue, and red highlights, to look like my daddies flags!! all my friends tell me its supe r kawaii and it rally is! Her skin is pale like moonlite and kind of glows a little. shes told alot that shes really pretty but she doesnt believe them (even tho she totally is). she also has the perfect curves but shes really jealus of ukraine coz hers are super big 0.0! Also shes kind of tall coz russia-chan is her daddy and he's rally tall which makes her kind of selfconshus an shy. i have the perfect metabolizm and i dont need to work out to stay fit witch is good coz i dont rally like sports.also her eyelashes are rely long and dark and pretty. Her hairs usually in a ponytale with side bangs like Deidara-chan from Naruto!also u can kinda c her cat ears an her tale under her skirt (she wares skirts alot coz their cuter than pants and more comfortable).

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? pureblood! Like harry potter!

~shes an awesome fighter**
~she writers better than anyone and is writing a novel at the moment**
~she can sing amazing! Like Gaga only better!**
~shes much prettier than Belarus, but she doesnt wanna marry russia-chan hes her daddy thats gross**
~she can program computers really well, better than estonia-san**

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:
~shes rally shy, specially around boys**
~she has a really bad temper**
~she has a crush on america which wood make russia-chan mad if he new.**
~she meows sometimes coz shes part kittie**
~shes afraid of drowning**

Your Character's backstory: i was born when my daddies took a trip to phillipinns one summer! in winters we live in france coz its warm and in summers we live in russia coz its cooler.our house is like a manshun an mah bedroom is as far way from my daddies as possible coz they like to do it witch is gross coz their my dads >.< even tho yaoi is haaawwwttt!

We Just Got A Letter:
it was a perfect day for a swim. i was waring a new swimsuit from pairs that my daddy france got me yesterday. its the height of fashion and he want the best for me.i look super kawaii in it too and lots of boys at the pool stared at me but i didnt notice coz I was to shy to look at dem. they were all rely cute but im not good at talking to boys0.0

After the pool my daddy russia-chan took me to get ice cream coz its cold and he likes cold things like snow and winter coz hes russia. Lots of girls sared at him coz they think hes really attracted like auntie Belarus *shudders she scares me* but I think their all crazy. Boys stared at me too but russia-chan glares at dem and they baked off. He didnt want boys touching his baby girl.

Then we returned home and daddy france said to me that I had a letter and so I went and opened it and it was my hogwarts letter!!!!!! i was so excited coz i had been waiting for it forever an i finally was happy to find out I wasnt a squid! daddy france made a special dinner for me to celebrate.

The Sorting:
i was really happy an excited to go to Hogwart but I was also nervous.what if i didnt make friends or no 1 liked me. i was scared to put the hat on but then it shouted out Gryffindor so I got happy again and i new id make alot of friends! ^^

Name: KawaiiAngel124<3
Age: 13!
Timezone/Country: Japan-San! (i wish)
Tell us a little about yourself. i loooooooovvveeeeeeee england-san sooo much! Hes so kawaaaaiii! Also im eeeetsy beeetsy part Japanese so you can call me kawaii-chan! Gomenasai! That means pleased to meet you!
Anything else? pick me!
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PostSubject: Re: The Worst OC's Ever Contest!   Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:20 pm

Character's name:(Their human name. If they don't have one, make it up.) rin miku (like miku hatstune!!)

Country of origin:(This is the country they represent in the anime) mytonea (lol i made it up its next to usa adn shes alaskas sister XD)

[color:8dd9= blue]Year:(first, second, third, etc.) seven year (shes the youngets in the year )

Age: 14 (see thats why shes reallys mart 4 her age)

House:(Your choice.) slitherin

Personality: ( 2+ Paragraphs )shes a girl who dosnt tack shit from anyon shes a touph (is that how you spell it) girl and she licks punching boys becase shes strong eevn thou shes only 14yrsold. but relly thats becsaue shes senstive and she dosent wont anyone to get close to her bcause she had a bad past (read the history if u want 2 no what happend). she licks cake adn other sweat things lol shes gready.

Appearance:(In either words or pictures... or BOTH.)

(my best freind drew that bcaseu i cnt draw ilu claire xxx) (heres her da: link) (i drwe in da wond afterwrd beacus ths is a hp au!!!)

when shes a bat she has red eyes not purple lick in the picture ok?

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? pureblodd

Strengths: shes strong pshysicaly
shes pretty
she cn do wondless spells bcause shes smart (lick i said lol)
everyobdy in the school loves her exept the techer she has a crush on
shes a vampir (nut lick da one in twilite that book was o-k but she dusnt sparkle loll)
shes also a goth bc she licks the color blakc its her favrite

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:she needs blodd to live
shes sacred of steaks becusea they can kil her
shes in love with cack (quotes frm her: " are u going to eat that *eats there food*" "caaaaaaaaaaaaake11!" shes obsessed even tho they arnt made of blodd but some of dem are)
shes sacred of her dad an her uncel and strangers bcase of them
shes good at shield spels becase she wonts to protect herself
im forgetting some stuff but thtas all i remember for now

Your Character's backstory:(This is their past, childhood, how they knew they were a witch/wizard, all that good stuff.) rin was rapped by her dad and her uncel thts why she dosent lick people bcusae shes afrid of them tht there going to rap her 2. she lived in mytoneo (thts the cuontry i made up remember thts her ) nd she taut heself magic with out a wond so shes relly good at it and thenshe moved 2 enlgand dats were hogwards is!!!111 its weres shes goin but shes sacred of evreyy body her mom is dead.

We Just Got A Letter: (Tell us what happened when they got the letter to their regional magic school and to Hogwarts)

i was in my garden hiding frmmy dad when dis bird it was an owl came down n dropped an e i gasped n picked it up it was frm that wizard school tht was in london it ws fammous so i reckognised it mom told me b4 she dide tht its fammous becaseu the headmasterr was harry potte n i wonted to go so i ran frm my hom and travelld to britin

there i got on da the train from pltform 9+10 an thought tht my dad wold b agnry by noww hed have fond out i was missign adn hed tell uncel i was afrade someone wold try to do something bad if thy found me alone on da train so i hid in my batf form in the corner "pepple r kowai thats japanese for sacry" i said to myself but no one was lisening

at one time a boy with blck hair nd glasses cam in he was hrry potter lick from the movies only this is the bok!!!!!1112 he was hot bt not gofthic so i didnt lick him but i dd lick the techer dat folowed him in snap was super sexy i suddenly wnted to kiss him but i didnt b/c i was a bat that wold b weird.

eventually i cam down and i changed back so i wasnt a bat anymore and i siad to them "konichiwa (thats japanes 4 hello), im mytonea im a contry but dnt tell anyone im also a vampir but again dont tell anyone!!!"

harry potter said "hi ur cute" and i siad "im sorry i dont lick you lick that" so he siad "oh ok sorry" and we were friends "btw he said you look rlly cute" "thank u" i replied going pink only i was a vampire so u couldnt tell

The Sorting:

ms macognal calld out my name so i went frwrd and put on the hat i was given

i walked up tot he stooll and sat dwon putting the hat onmy hed "hajimashte (thsats japanese for nice to meet u") its said to me i said "hi r u japanese" back but he said "no im the sorting hat and u belong in slitherin" "oh" i said "whats slitherin?" "its a house nd yours house will belick your famliy u wil live with them"
"is snap in slitherin"
"yes hes the mst popular kid except now ur the most popular kid"
"idnt want to be pupular i went to be normal" i scremed and threw the hat on the florr and stomepd over to the slitherin table my boobs bounced with furious rage!

Name: i cant tell u its nt safe
Age: 12 (13 in 2 months yay!!!!!11)
Timezone/Country: i cnt tell u!!!!!!!!!!1
Tell us a little about yourself. i hve been rping 4 yeras lol i think iv improved i spetn my h/w time on this aplicatin i got in troble w/my teacher but its fin dont worry abuut me xxxx
Anything else? Saionara! (thts japanse for goodbye lol)
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PostSubject: Re: The Worst OC's Ever Contest!   Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:15 pm

Character's name: Taylor k. Usagi (sometimes he likes to be called taytay

Country of origin: courland (it in latviya )

Year: he is supposed to be 1 year but he got magic whn he was 5 an started tranning when he was little sohes a 5th year already but is just 11

Age: lol i said hes 11 alredy

House: slytherin becuz he is really cool and has a dark side n goes insane when he gets real mad and gets emo but is stil cute ^///u///^ plus he gets perks becuz slytherins r the favvs so he can use his cellphone+ laptop

Personality: he is cute nd likes sugary things an sweets an specialy cupcakes and pie becuz those are cooler than stupid cake lol(he can eat aloooot n not get fat cuz fat is gross xD). n he also likes nekos cuz the y r kawaii like he is xD and he is really uke and cute and really lkes tall semes that r ormantic becuz they are really sexy, he is dark tho and sometimes if he get really mad he goes insane and kills things, he kill his mom when he was 3 becuz he got mad at her over a cupcake(LOL), so then his dad had to rise him and he was scared of taytay becuz he could kill him with magic whenever if he got mad So tay was spoiled and always gto the thing he wanted. he like to be friends with every1 and is really popular and if people don’t like him he hurt them and make everyone hate them so everyone really lovse im. he is emo though and dies his hair lots of colors becuz it how he express himself nad the peple that dun like it ar just stupid
he is mean to hot people but actualy jus wants them to love him(he is insecure!!) n he is nice to ugly peple becuz they need friends too an he is relly nice to them(but they ar gross so he only pretend to be nice) and he hate fat people. his faverit color is pink and he loves pandas(ih nd he reall likes emo music so he likes mcr and simple plan but he doesnt cut hims that is gross)

When tay was little he was good friend with poland and he taught tay tay to be real cute so taytay dies his hair and it is orange and spikey with rainbow neko hears and it had black tips and some pink streaks in da front! then he has a rainbow neko tail that match his ears(its soooo kawaii ^//////^ i might get one lik it for xmas YAY!) n he has one red eye n a green eye with long dark eyelashes n since he good friends with poland he crossdress as well, he always wear a plad miniskirt(i almost type mimiskirt haha)nd a belly shirt wit a piece sighn on it oh n he is really pale like snow becuz he related to russia

i drew this its not a base only peple who cant draw usebases so if u wanna use this you have to credit me NO STEALING

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood?purblood duh XD

likes sushi
eats wit chop sticks only
super strong wizard/relatedto voldmort n can do the unforgived curses
alwys gets his way
gets perfect grdes n neveer gets in truble in clas
strong like russia(but not strong nough to beat him yet but he cand rink more thn russi does!!!
cuter than latviya
lots of friend n every1 really likes him
he does yaoi cuz girls are whores nd shuld do nasty yuri together xD
is prettier thn girls and all the guys fall for him(he cant help it though)
he can shapeshift cuz he lerned that when he was little
can do animagus and is a rainbow neko with bows
can do pretty much all spells
speaks japanise becuz its way better than latvan or english(i actually an fluent in japanise so if you want i can talk it lol)

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:
breaks stuff alot(but doesn't get in trublexD)
emo(some peple are mean to him cuz of it so he gets made fun of!
too cute cuz some times people wanna do bad things to him!
kitties love him so mjch sometime greece gets mad at taytay
every1 wanna treat him like a baby but he not a baby and hate it
short!!! (but it makes him cuter so its not really a weakness but he hate it XD)
cries alot
gets real mad and kills peple an hurts them sometimes if they r lucky
he grows wings n horns wen he get mad so wtch out!! o.o
insane(split personalites)
gets sick real easy :( (but he is cute then too so some1 has to take care of him!)

Your Character's backstory:
so when taytay was a toddler he killed his mom becuz she didn't give him cupcakes(she said they were fer afterdinner xD she stupid right), n then his dad had to raise him. he had magic when he was really little so he got pecial training and got really strong@ so every1 was scared of him but taytay didnt like that becuz he just wanted to make friends with everybody. dat is when he met poland who taught him to be cute so then he made a lot of frends! he was real happpy until russia came long and made him go into prostution(the thing that whores do), becuz russia needed alot of money and taytay was cute enouf to be sol. so when he escaped being a slut(he really hate that though, don't call him it!) he went n lived with england who fed him scones so he ran away. hen taytay went to italy because he had good food(he almos went tofrance because he has good food too but he didnt cuz he knows france is a pervertttt xD)n that i s how he got tob e gud at makin frends italy taughthim! but then romano(south italy) didnt like taytay and he had to leave and go to belarus becuz she always tought he was real cute(she like him more than shelike russia!!) so she savedhim from russia nad then finally he got a letter for hogwarts.

We Just Got A Letter: so taytay got a letter when he wit belarus and he accepted becuz he wanted to escape from russia and be even farther away but he almos didnt go because hogwarts is in england nd he didnt want scones againxD

The Sorting:
taytay told he hat he wanted to be inslitherin so he could use his electrnix at scool nd the hat let him also since he kill his momhe got put her nd the hat was scard to put him nywhere else cuz taytay said he woulc kill the hat too if he did(o.o)

Name: u can call me usagi(it taytays last name so you know its me!)
Age: 19(i really am but peple say i look younger but im just cute like that its like im a shota XD
Timezone/Country: um idk lol
Tell us a little about yourself. basically am like taytay(i didnt killmy mom thogh dont worry) so that all u really need to know you can ask me if u wanna know more ask but dont be a perv that embarrsing >///<
Anything else? you speeled any thing wrong lol

[[ http://kami-bases.deviantart.com/art/Base-1-174410140 <- linking to the base used OOC because sdlkfjlk ]]

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PostSubject: Re: The Worst OC's Ever Contest!   Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:00 pm

Character's name: Fellatia Haruniji Kirei No Usa!

Country of origin:(Iraqu!


Age:12! Shes ttly smart!

House: grifndor but sometimes slithering becuz the sorting hat couldn’t decide when it sent on her head and it like died!

Personality: Eh?! My personality?! Im really nice n kawaii most of the time but sumtimes I can be relly mean too becuz my dads were evil sometimes! Shes really hawt but she doesn’t know it because were she grew up everyone was like omg ur a freak luk at ur blond hair and blu eues but now there red because of a really bad spell that wrnt wrong where she was like emo because she thought she was so ugly so she did a spell to make herself beautiful by the standards of the people around her begause she thought she was so ugle even though she’s so hawt (she has self esteem issues) but it went wrong so now I have red eyes but that’s cool because now I look more like dady prusia LOVE YOU DAD lol XD

Also im really smart and I read like 2 books aday and I kcnow every language and year 7 magiv but they were like no you can’t be in 7th year ur to young but they let me in 5th year because im that smart they couldn’t just put me in the first year with all those retards! Im not a islam or anytin :P

I have a gold wand made from angels because olivander said I was too exceptional for ordinary wands and he gave it to me for free but then he tried to feel me up because Im hot and hes a dirty old man gross yuk I know :P im in love with harry potter and in this world hes not with ginny or whatever hes still at Hogwarts and hes totally in love with me but I don’t know it. My bff is RYOU who is totally hot AND GAY YAY YAOI

Appearance:(In either words or pictures... or BOTH.) I haf blond hair but with like white streaks because my dads are prussia and England and I have really big bobs but im super skinny. I buy all my clothes at hot topic. Also im part wolf like inuyasha (did you see that show? Omg it was soooooo awesome and inuyasha was soooooooooo hot I love him)

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Purblood!


Im really hat (but I don’t know it))
Im relly clever
Im really nice
I can do all the spells
I love the colour pink XD
I sing really god
Im such a good artist

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:
What weaknesses? XD lol

Your Character's backstory:England-kun and Prussia-sama were having a affair even though England was ment to be with America-tono but he’s kind of evil like that sometimes you lknow? Anyway, because theyre affair was secret they had to go to really secret n dangerous places far far away to have smex (XD YAOI) So they eneded up in the MIDDLE EAST WHICH IS SO DANGERUS And they had sex in Iraq somewhere and Prussia got pregnant and it was really bad because they didn’t know what to do. Prussia was gonna have an abortion (So sad rite?) but they wouldn’t give him an abortion because he was gay  So Prussia-san had me and him and England were like omg shes such a pretty baby shes so gorgeous I cant believe it. But they culdnt keep it because their affair was secter so they left me in a manshun in iraq where I grew up all alone but all the locals thought iwas a freak which made me really sad because they thought I was really ugly even though im hot but I don’t know im hot. All the boys and the creepy old guys wanted to marry me but I said no so they got really mad and were like your so evil or whatever. I knew I was a witch since forever bbecaus I could always do spells without a wand or anything.

We Just Got A Letter: I was flyin around the dessert on my pink broomstick going faster than any witch or wizard has ever done before and this owl just came out of nowhere and if I was clumsy I would’ve fllen off my broom in shock but im not clumsy so I was just like woah. Anyway it had this letter and it was like begging me to come to Hogwarts and I was like omg yes finally so I got to go to hogwarts

The Sorting:
I was sitting int he great hall and it was so big and I was so scared. They called my name and everyone was whispering as I walked up to the chair and was like omg whos that shes gorgeous I wish shed be my girlfriend but I thought they must be talking about someone else because im so ugly. I sat on the chair and I was so so nervous and professor mcgonogal put the sorting hat on my head and it was like omg wtf I have no idea is she griffinfor or slithering? And then it just shouted out GRYFENRIN And it sort of died and everyone was like omg wtf so I didn’t knw where to sit so I decided to sit with gryfinor some days and slytehering other days because I love them all fo much.

Name: yall can call me k. dats k 4 KAWAIIIIIII
Age: 13 :P
Timezone/Country: idk wuts a timezone lol XD
Tell us a little about yourself. im kind of similar to iraqu-chan but shes not a marysue lol no my past is way darker so im kind of emo :/
Anything else? yah why are there not HP canon charas here? Wtf dis is hetalia/HARRY POTTAH nut just heralia my god u guys retarded or wut XD ?

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PostSubject: Re: The Worst OC's Ever Contest!   Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:23 am

Character's name: Jeff Katsuki Juan Wood (lol wood!) XI

Country of origin: the repulbic of Malta

Year: six

Age: 16!

House: gryfinddor

Personality: Jeff is rly friendly and luvs peopel! he's rly gud at making friendz becuz hes sooooo nice. Exept when hes mad becuz then he is rly mean lol. Sumtimes he loses friendz becuz he is so mean. most of the tiem he is rly sugoi! so every1 luvs him. he can be rly cocky. lol cock! nd he is completly strait becuz maltans HATEHATEHATE homosexuals! gross! ( nooo, but i luv yaoi!! <333 ) Jeff dosn't liek cats at all, nd he hates any neko-people! but he luvs dogs! He is also foxxy, lol! Mening his part fox!


jeff is rly sexy! Teh sexist fo ALL the boys, lol! his blond wit blue eyes, lol germeny would luv him! But he alos has red streeks in his hair nd it is all spikey. he has blak fox ears and tail. JEff always wers pink shirtz wit skiny jeans nd pink shoes. his so strait! also ther r scars all ovr his body becuz he was abuzed as a kid, lol.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? pure blood becuz hes perfect lol!

bein soooo sexy lol!
used to takin punchez
every1 luvs him!!!
his strait!
nd rly stong!
plus noes liek all da spells evar!

gets rly mad wen hes near nekos ):
goes CRAZY fur cocolate, lol!
peopel call him gay BUT HIS NOT!!1!

bein calld gay!
spiders ew! lol!

wut r quirks? XD sonds gross!

Your Character's backstory:
jeef for always new dat he wuz a wizard becuz his whol famliy is! his the elephanth Jeff Katsuki juan Wood in da family, lol. his famly rly lieks that name. n e way, wen he was 3 his dady decidid to hat him becuz his a basturd, lol! Dad is a basturd not Jeff just clarfying. nd not litrally lol. His dad startd to beet him evryday just becuz.JEff wuldnt take dis, so he startd to fight bak. when he wuz six, he kiled his dad. Den his mom wuz liek 'U KILED HIM BASTURD' and punchd his face lol! jeff told her to git bak in da kichen but she didnt lisen!!!1!!1 wut a bad woman, lol! becuz hes a gentalman ( lol he gits it frum england! ) he wuldnt punc h her bak nd so he left home.

We Just Got A Letter: Jeff ws walkin down da stret when sudenly an owl uppeared! he drop kickd it and it died lololol! he didnt fell bad becuz it was jus a stupid owl. but den he noticid it wuz carring a letter! he pickd it up and saw it was frum hogwards!!! openin it kwickly he saw it waz fur him and he was sooooo exited! he jumpd up n down in da streets screeming! sumone calld him a fag and he kiled them wit avarada kadabra! lol! he alredy new dat speel becuz his dady tried to use it on him all da tiem!

The Sorting: when he got 2 da skool he had to stand in line nd it wz sooooo boring. but all da ladies were all ova him and liek five boys but he wuz like 'lol im not gay yur gross!' so he made out wit da girls and wuz rly horny nd stuff lol! but den his name wuz calld so he had to leve da gurls and he was all sad nd stuff. his boner wuz ttly ovious so da peopel were laffing and he kiled dem, lol!!!! Dumleydore laffed and mcgongal told him to sit in da chair. so he told her to make him a sammich wich made mor peopel laff and Jeff was happy. but he sat down ne way and den she put a hat on his head. he didn't noe wutw as goin on so he pulld da hat off nd drop kickd it! lol! every1 wuz laffin again and den Jeff decidid dat he wanted to be in gryfinddor becuz he licked da colors.

Name: AwesomeSauce lol!
Age: 42! jk 12
Timezone/Country: Malta duh! lol!
Tell us a little about yourself. i'm awesome! nd yaoi is my favrite! is so kawaii desu~~~! I luv it when boys are tuching echothr!!!! so hawt! <3 it maks me sad dat Jeff hates gays lol! but mayb sum1 can change his mind? ;) lol!
Anything else? i'm awesome lol!
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PostSubject: Re: The Worst OC's Ever Contest!   Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:37 pm

Character's name: Jazmyn "Jazzy" Saphhire Selene Dumbledore (( She has a second middle name cus Dumbledore wanted to use her dead mom's name ))

Country of origin: Atlantis

Age: 16 (like me! and she's a teacher because she's like a bajillion times smarter than girls her age and Dumbledore gave her his intelligence and stuff. It's explained in her history)

What they teach: Cryptopseudonecrosapphireology (( She's so smart she made her own section of magic lol ))

How long they've taught: 1 year!

House they head: Gryffindor (she's totally brave) and Hufflepuff ('cause she's special)


Jazzy is always wanting to learn, even though she knows like almost everything. But she's not like mean about it. She doesn't brag about it or anything because she like wants students to listen. Oh and she really likes jewels and stuff so sometimes people bribe her with that. She has low self esteem cause like she doesn't think she's pretty. She thinks she's all like plain, when actually she's pretty. She's totally shy, but loves going up to people and talking and chatting. She misses her dead mom and dad a lot, so sometimes she gets very sad! But her pet phoenix always cheers her up! She's like also good at sensing people's emotions, shes empathetic and stuff. Her favOrite color is Heliotrope (which is like this really pretty purple)


Jazzy has light gray hair because of an accident as a kid, so she like has special hair. It's okay because her dad had gray hair too. Her eyes are a light purple that glows a lot and almost looks like Heliotrope but doesn't. She likes to wear dark red lipstick with some rouge on her cheeks. She always wears a heliotrope shirt with purple robes and matching purple shoes. Her skirt is also heliotrope but sometimes she wears pants. Other times she wears skirts. She also likes this really pretty dress I once saw at Macy's. It was like purple but not too purple and it had a pretty diamond on the right shoulder strap. Jazzy wears that to fancy occasions.

She's really pretty and like catches people's attention, and most people think she's a student. But she's totally a teacher and stuff! LOL! Though she doesn't think she's very pretty.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Pureblood

-She is really really smart!
-She's goood at magic cause she invented her own technique
-Jazzy is good with animals cause her pet phoenix helps her out
-Jazzy can sense other people's emotions cause she's sensitive
-she's brave and stuff

-She doesn't think she's very pretty
-She can be shy (but she still likes talking to people and stuff! Sheesh! )
-She sometimes trips and falls, but never really gets hurt
-Jazzy gets sad about her dead parents and angsts about it

-she is scared of werewolves because her mom was killed by one
-she doesn't like being alone

-she really wants to eat purple donuts
-she loves shiny jewels and can be bribed with them, but in the end she knows what is right and stuff

-Heliotrope and purple!
-Books and stufff
-her phoenix, Amethyst Star
-her parents
-teaching and stufff

-stupid people
-her parents being dead
-the color black because it's like dark and stuff

Your Character's backstory:

Jazzy is the child of Dumbledore and his wife Selene. But then Selene died right after Jazzy was born, so she never knew her mom. :C and then Dumbledore got killed by Snapey so Jazzy is an orphan except for her phoenix which has been htere since she was a kid.

Dumbledore met Selene's mom in Atlantis, so Jazzy is actually an Atlantean. But Dumbledore kept it a secret that she was actually the representative of Atlantis! So she's like a nation. But she found out when Iggy (that's what she calls England) took her in as a colony and she became the bestest colony but she had to rebel for her people. But Iggy didn't even fight because he really loved her! But she had other things to do so they couldn't be together.

Also before DUmbledore died, he gave Jazzy all his intelligence because he didn't want the world to lose it. So that's how her hair turned grey because of all the power and stuff. But it's okay, the gray hair suits her and looks a bit purplish under the right light.

How they were hired/transferred:

Since she was DUmbledore's daughter and had all of his intelligence and created her own magic, she was offered a job at Hogwarts.

RP Sample:

With her purple robes, purple shoes, and heliotrope bag, Jazzy went to class with Amethyst Star. She put down the stuff and told the students to pay attention as she taught them Cryptopseudonecrosapphireology whichi is like magic but way harder! And the wands have to have jewels on them! Jazzy's want is made of ivory and has lots of purple jewels on it because she's a master at it and can afford stuff like that and her wand cant betray her. BUt suddenly! Int he back of the class, she saw her beloved Iggy! She hadn't sneen him since the revolution!!!

What was she going to do? She didn't know. but she was glad he was smart enough to take her class. That's her Iggy! but wait... He's a Slytherin!!! That's da bad house! She was also a teacher and he was a student so their love might haveta be forbidden! Like Romeo and Juliet! Bella and Edward! What would she do?!

Name: I'm Jasmine
Age: 16
Timezone/Country: Atlantis, lol jk
Tell us a little about yourself. I rally like Hetalia and Twilight. Purple is da best color!
Anything else?
Igggy is soooo sexy! I wish he sparkled!
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The Worst OC's Ever Contest!
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