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 Main Street (Anne and Raivis)

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Former Fem!England

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PostSubject: Main Street (Anne and Raivis)   Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:21 pm

There was something soothing about the Hogsmeade trips. The bustle of the students in the shops, the colorful displays, the street vendors. A feeling, almost of nostalgia, always washed through Anne as she walked the streets, full of warm Butterbeer. Often times she wouldn't even shop, preferring to simply stroll down the walk. Of course, she could afford almost everything, had she any inclination to buy.

She would stock up on chocolate, usually. That was one of the reasons she enjoyed the trip so much. Honeyduke's was a personal favorite of hers. The walls full of sugary sweets always lit a small fire within her, a kind of childish excitement. It was always her first stop.

Then she'd make a quick appearance in the Three Broomsticks to enjoy a warm Butterbeer. The tavern was always cozy and welcoming, a fire roaring whether it was January or May. She never dared step foot in the Hog's Head. Just the outside looked forboding and dirty and so very beneath her. Besides, the Three Broomsticks was better anyway, in her opinion.

Lastly, she'd simply wander about the streets for an hour or two, pausing every so often to windowshop. If it was too cold to bare it, she might enter one of the small stores (though they were usually the pricey-er ones). But today was beautiful, and so she kept to the streets, taking care as to not scuff up her shoes. Anne even smiled slightly. It was nice to take pleasure in such wonderous solitude.
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Raivis Galante

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PostSubject: Re: Main Street (Anne and Raivis)   Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:52 pm

Raivis quite loved being able to go to Hogsmeade...back in his school in Latvia, the school had been underground, and there was no little town to wander off to on the weekends. In fact, the students only went above ground for certain classes and flying lessons- even then, there had been a large, underground Quidditch field that Raivis absolutely loved when the snow was too heavy for him to be flying outside. It was cozy and nice- and there wasn't even a chance of muggles finding them! In fact, there wasn't a chance of anyone uninvited finding them, they would really need an escort to lead them to the entrance to the school, as was as one to show them which tunnels to go through, and everything. It was quite well hidden. But, it was lonely. Raivis enjoyed this crowd quite a bit, it was a breath of fresh air, and there were always interesting things around...if he was ever going to run away, Raivis would want to live here.

He mostly liked to take trips down to people watch- finding a nice place to sit and observe the people was always interesting. There was such a difference in clothing on the wizards and witches here compared to the ones he'd seen back home(who, he would admit, dressed a bit scarier and darker...but Raivis still thought they were pretty cool). He also liked simply wandering, exploring around and seeing what he might have missed. He wasn't much for window shopping, since he really didn't have all that much money, and he had to save the allowance he got for things he really needed. His family wasn't the richest, and his father was even working two jobs(one was a muggle job, the other was a wizarding position in the Latvian Ministry), so Raivis tried not to be too greedy or anything...he just asked for only what was necessary! ...But he really did want to spend his whole allowance on chocolate frogs, those things were delicious and entertaining.

But, while caught up in his own thoughts, Raivis strolled, unobservant, through Hogsmeade, thinking about the candy he really wanted to try this weekend(he only bought a few kinds each weekend, but tried to rotate the kinds so he could try everything they had!), Raivis felt himself collide into another person. Immediately after hitting the ground, Raivis apologized, realizing he'd run smack dab into this other person, who...he hadn't met, but could see was a blond girl. A string of stuttery apologies escaped his mouth, and Raivis tried to get up, then offered her a hand to get up as well. He felt a bit silly, he was shorter than her, she probably thought he was some unruly kid now and was going to hex him...

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Former Fem!England

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PostSubject: Re: Main Street (Anne and Raivis)   Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:11 pm

Anne had been contently admiring a shop window full of brand new magical books when it happened. Her own supply of reading material had greatly diminished and it had been months since she'd bought a brand new novel. There was something so incredibly enticing about new books. The crinkle of the unopened pages, the smell, the unstained pages. They were just as enchanting as ancient texts, though in vastly different ways. She was too busy studying these new tomes and didn't notice when a small Hufflepuff bumped into her, knocking them both to the ground.

She groaned, her body aching in the way that came only from the force of a one hundred and twelve pound body hitting solid cobblestones. The blonde winced, blinking as the feeling came back to her skin, prickling like pins and needles. She glanced to see the perpetrator, glaring at him (though the fault might have been hers just as well). She didn't bother taking his hand, standing on her own and brushing herself off. At least she didn't flash anyone this time.

"Watch where you're going next time," she muttered.
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PostSubject: Re: Main Street (Anne and Raivis)   

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Main Street (Anne and Raivis)
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