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 Elizabeta Héderváry // Hungary [DONE]

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PostSubject: Elizabeta Héderváry // Hungary [DONE]   Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:48 am

Character's name: Elizabeta Héderváry

Country of origin: Hungary

Year: Fifth

Age: 16

House: Gryffindor

Personality: Elizabeta is the free-spirited, big sister type. The type to comfort you when you need it one moment, and push you to your limits and kick your ass into gear the next with the necessary roughness, to make sure that you don't laze around. She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty if needed, and would be more than glad to do so than stay clean. She doesn’t particularly care if she’s chastised because of it, as she is one who is determined to stay free of obligations expected of her and refuses to go back. She is fond of roaming wherever she can and however far she can go to explore before she’s called back; she always feels like there’s something calling out to her. She’s attracted to any sort of conflict, a warrior at heart, and will most likely be found right at the heart of where the action is; either at the sidelines or in the middle of it. She is a firm believer in pansexuality, as her romantic feelings have more than once swayed towards her own sex. And she’s not afraid to show it. This also includes her fondness of male love. And them doing questionable things behind closed doors. Yes, Elizabeta has very strange tastes when it comes to romance sometimes. Her many quirks make her an odd sort of person.

She loves being around people – anyone who captures her interest – and taking on the role of looking after them if needed; she has a tendency to mother those younger than her, even if she isn't too much older than them. She could be a good mother, if she wasn't so attached to her independent lifestyle. But she is fond of teasing people, especially a certain Prussian. She is extremely energetic (you could never get her to stand still for more than a few minutes), endlessly cheerful -- though with a bit of dark humor -- stubbornly determined and rather hard-headed at times. Elizabeta has the ability to make friends, and enemies, quickly with her overprotective and mostly wild behavior. She lets herself loose from what she's supposed to do and doesn't care for the consequences; she doesn't hold herself back when it comes to doing the first thing that comes to mind (such as having a tendency to slap people multiple times on the head with her frying pan). She switches between acting very feminine and very violent without warning most of the time; it is usually impossible to tell what kind of mood she is in. She thinks of herself as a master strategist, and she manages to make her voice heard with threats of bodily harm. She has a short temper; it is not something you want to be on the end of. She'll find a way to make sure you know that you've done something wrong. She has a pristine memory, and won't easily forget a face.

Otherwise, she can be a very sweet person -- if she wants to be, or if the situation calls for it -- with a long fuse. She is willing to listen to and nurture, and to help those in need to the best of her ability. One could say that her charity is her greatest strength and weaknesses; her heart can be a bit too open at times despite her rough exterior, and if she is unable to help someone, she draws within herself for a short period -- before immediately bouncing back and acting like nothing was wrong. Because she won't hear of any concern, far too proud to admit anything. Elizabeta is very devoted to her passions, determined to prove that she's just as capable as any man at her job. The Hungarian is incredibly stubborn after all. She refuses to be limited, and will knock down anyone who stands in her way without mercy. And she won't like you if you deliberately try to take her attention away.


° Eye color || A bright emerald green; very expressive and usually quite open about her emotions.

° Hair color || At first glance her hair is plain brown; but at a closer look there are some hints of auburn and dark blond. This is more apparent when she is outside in the sun. She is fond of braiding her hair, even though it usually comes loose by the end of the day. There are often flowers in her hair.

° Height || 5'3" -- though when angry, she can look much taller.

° Weight || About 135 lbs; do not ever mention her weight to her face. Most of it is all muscle.

° Defining features || Elizabeta has two very contradicting, outwardly unique qualities about her. One is the fact that there is always some sort of freshly-picked flower woven into her braid. It matches her sweet but mischievous smile and seemingly innocent face. The other is that she always carries around a frying pan (hidden somewhere on her person); be wary of her short temper; she means business. She also has a long, ragged mark from her right shoulder that crosses her collarbone and travels down the length of her arm. She doesn’t like to talk about it.

° Additional features || Elizabeta is slim, with a slight stocky build that’s not quite feminine but not too masculine either, with narrow hips and long legs. There is definite strength in her body, no doubt about that. She is more muscular than most females, though it is not too noticeable. She is careful to not tip other people about what her body looks like; she alternates between taking full advantage of it (particularly when there is justice to be served and enforcing to be done) and disliking it immensely. Her hair is always partly pinned up, usually in a braid wound around her head. For casual outfits, she prefers a mix of green and white with hints of brown with form-fitting dresses, with the low neck and her long brown hair cascading down her back. She is fond of dressing up in her country’s traditional clothing for the holidays, and will hit you if you make fun of her. She’s too proud of being Hungarian to let it go.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Unknown


+ Strength (emotional and physical) ;;
Elizabeta has always prided herself on being able to come on top of bad situations with her strength of will and mind. She isn't an easy person to knock down, and even if you manage to do so, she will drag you there right down with her. She's not afraid to step on you just to prove herself. She will always find a way to climb back to her feet, and she will make sure that she gets her own sense of revenge. She is also much stronger than she looks, and isn't too hesitant on using her strength against you.

+ Sisterly/Friendly ;;
She is a very out-going and welcoming woman. Elizabeta pays attention to as many people as possible, always giving them little treats and hugs and encouraging words. She likes to think of herself as an older sister to everything; though she is the kind of person to comfort you one moment and kick your ass into gear the next. She feels like she is the kind of person to come to when people have problems.

+ Fighting spirit ;;
Elizabeta has an unfailing fighting spirit who refuses to lay down and take what life has thrown at her. She has constant energy and will fight against anyone in order to get where she wants to be. It's not as if someone could stop her in the first place; she's far too stubborn. She's not likely to step down from a fight, and it would be wise to think twice before challenging her to one.

+ Memory ;;
She has always had a crystal clear memory, ever since she first learned to talk. Elizabeta has better recollection of subjects if spoken or written in her native language, but her memory is nearly perfect. She doesn't easily forget a face, or a fact that she has learned, or a weakness -- anything really. However, she is more of an auditory learner and isn't able to bring forth things she had read easily.

+ Charity ;;
She is a very generous person, always willing to give whatever is needed to solve a situation or make someone feel better. Elizabeta puts other people first before her, her heart completely open to others. She never thinks twice about it, and tries her hardest to just make the other person smile and feel better about themselves. This ties in with her sisterly disposition, but she truly sees herself as a caregiver of the younger nations.


- Family ;;
Elizabeta simply cannot resist children. She'll coo over children, and people who look adorable, and shower them in affection and treats. It is impossible for her to say no. This may be stereotypical female behavior and not much of a surprise, but considering that she acts like a tomboy most of the the time, the sight of Elizabeta melting over the cuteness of children is almost strange -- especially to those who had grown up with her and seen her ruthlessness firsthand. She dreams of having her own children someday.

- Temper ;;
She is rather infamous for her quick temper, as she is easy to provoke and goad into a fight herself (even with her trying to do the same to other certain people). Once something sets her off, it is hard for her to come back to her senses -- at least, not until she gets a few good punches in. Elizabeta refuses to listen to reason when she is angry, especially when she feels slighted; the need to prove herself drowns her common sense. Only a couple people are able to calm her down.

- Her fears ;;
When faced with her fears, or her fears are triggered (especially her emotional fears), Elizabeta is crippled immediately. She can't do move or think while her mind floods with the possibilities of her fears coming true -- she isn't an easy person to terrify, but just make a side comment when she's vulnerable and you've got her. Her behavior does a complete 180 when this happens, and it takes her a long time to break out of it.

- Romance ;;
It is the lack of her own personal love life that does Elizabeta in. She has had more than a few crushes in her life, but relationships didn't usually work out for her. She has a tendency to think that someone is interested in her when they pay attention to her alone -- only to usually end up disappointed when they shift that attention to someone else. She never knows how to act exactly in front of people she is interested in, and can't help but feel that maybe she isn't meant for a relationship.

- Charity ;;
As a strength and weakness, Hungary gives whatever she thinks is needed to anyone who comes to her. But it is not always with good results. Her heart is just a little tooopen at times, and she finds herself getting hurt more often -- but when she is concerned about someone, it is hard for her to stop caring. She'll do whatever it takes to make that person she cares about smiling again.

+ children // families // people
+ sweets // candy // unusual flavors
+ paprika // spices // traditional food // goulash
+ horses // large animals // horse-back riding
+ taking charge // action // conflict // confrontations // dueling
+ sparring // wrestling // getting dirty
+ challenges // interesting subjects
+ Transfiguration // Potions // Charms
+ negotiating // debating // obtaining information
+ flowers // plants // nature // being outside // elements
+ warmth // fires
+ water // swimming
+ weapons // her frying pan
+ colors // brown, green, white // bright colors
+ music // bagpipes // traditional music
+ romance // other people's romance // the idea of love
+ wandering // exploring // games // conquering
+ old-fashioned watches // time // progression

- Romanians
- overly spicy foods // weird flavors
- cold temperatures // winter // snow
- dresses // constricting clothing // "proper clothing"
- being inside too long
- homework // boring subjects // boring teachers
- History of Magic
- over-dramatic people // people who can't solve their own problems // idiots // bullies
- laziness // people who don't work
- avoiding fights // having to back down // losing
- being emotional // crying in front of people
- someone taking what she wants // not being able to achieve her goals
- being clean // being too dry
- destruction of nature // needless destruction


~ being left behind ;;
This is a constant fear of hers. She doesn't want to be forgotten just because she's considered small and weak -- and a woman who "can't do anything". And so she pushes herself to her limits, but even then she fears that that would still not be enough.

~ losing those she cares about ;;
As Elizabeta is a very motherly person, those she comes to see as her children are important to her. She attaches herself to other people quickly, but when they're putting themselves in danger or she can't do anything to help them, that is when she starts to worry and fret constantly.

~ never finding someone to love her ;;
Despite how happy she acts when other people's romance is involved, Elizabeta is scared of being alone for the rest of her life. She sees everyone around her falling in love, and it makes her feel lonely. With Gilbert and that damn Romanian teasing her constantly about it, she can only keep up a strong front for a certain amount of time before forcing herself to leave the room so she doesn't end up crying in front of them. She's actually self-conscious of the way she looks, especially since no one has ever really paid her special attention for long periods of time.

• Elizabeta is much stronger than most girls her age, due to the fact that she wrestled and sparred with the boys in her neighborhood often when she was growing up. Her muscles developed through her work with helping her father as well, and she's not afraid to use her strength in order for people to see her way.

• Elizabeta has a tendency to start singing any song that comes to mind when she is alone in the room. She can get completely into the lyrics before she realizes that someone else is there.

• She is fond of "pairing" her fellow students together, though it is mostly for a practical joke. Love of any kind fascinates her, but she is fond of teasing people about it.

• She doesn't carry a purse as most girls her age do. Instead, she stores what she needs somewhere in her clothing -- namely her bra. It is a foolproof way to make sure her things don't get stolen.

• Elizabeta loves walking around barefoot; she has never liked wearing shoes, and prefers the feel of the ground beneath her.

Your Character's backstory: Elizabeta has never known her real parents, though she doesn’t like to be called an orphan. She was found somewhere in the forest surrounding one of many small magical communities located in the northern area of Hungary by a young couple, Ákos and Panni Czakó, in an expertly woven basket and a cloth embroidered with the name of ‘Elizabeta Héderváry’ on the fabric. The couple could only wonder if this little baby girl was magical, considering that there were usually only wizards in this area, but they could find no answers and no leads as they searched for months for Elizabeta’s parents – but it was unsuccessful. Instead of giving her up, the two decided to raise her themselves.

Elizabeta’s headstrong personality shown through even when she was still very young, proving to be fiercely independent and wanting to follow her own agenda. Of course, she had enough discipline to listen to her parents, but she preferred to be her own person and make her own rules. She ran around the neighborhood with other children her age, wrestling and sparring and generally causing mischief, though her group consisted mainly of boys; it was enough to make her believe that she was a boy too.

While growing up, her parents often performed little magic around her. It was enough to spark her curiosity about the tricks, and she would ask constantly with wide eyes if she could do it too. Since her parents did not know if she had any magical blood within her, they simply said that they would have to wait to see. While Elizabeta did not like this answer, she grudgingly accepted it – no matter how many times she tried, she still could not wield the same abilities. But she was determined to not be discouraged!

Elizabeta had been sent to a muggle school for her education, but she had always felt rather out of place among the other children. It was a feeling she couldn’t explain, not even to her parents. But a few days after she turned ten, Ákos and Panni found themselves being called in by Elizabeta’s exasperated teacher for an explanation of why every single desk in the classroom suddenly fell apart. Elizabeta insisted she was innocent, and while she had gotten in trouble for it, her parents were more than pleased. Finally they knew that she had magical blood.

Taking her home, they sat her down and finally revealed the truth: everything about the wizarding world and witches and wizards…and her past. Elizabeta was fascinated by the details of the magical world, but she quickly grew upset at the thought of being abandoned. Despite her parents’ reassurances that her birth mother had surely loved her, she shut herself up in her bedroom and refused to come out for hours. It was only after being bribed by goulash that Elizabeta finally reemerged, and acted as if she had never started to cry. She simply smiled when they asked if she was okay, and proceeded to ask question after question about this new world.

Promptly on her eleventh birthday, she was accepted into a tiny Hungarian magical school. During her first four years there, she excelled in challenging classes and often tried to beat the top students for the number one spot, as she was a competitor by nature. She loved challenges, and school was one.

We Just Got A Letter:
Elizabeta was standing near the heavy wooden table situated in the center of the kitchen as she read her report to her parents when a great brown owl swooped in through the window, its wings barely brushing against any fixture in the room as it landed right in front of her. The young girl’s eyes were wide, entirely fixated on the large bird. Its clawed feet scratched at the table as it stared back at her, and held out its leg with an almost impatient hoot.

“Is this…?” Elizabeta could not finish her question, astonished enough to drop the papers in her hands. She leaned forward to untie the letter from the owl’s leg, and made a small noise of triumph when she recognized the seal for the local magical school. Quickly tearing open the envelope, she read quickly over the introductory paragraph and a wide smile curved up her lips. “I’ve been accepted! Look, look! I’m going to be a witch and learn magic!”

She waved the letter in the air excitedly, ignoring her report as she rushed towards her mother to show it off. Her parents cheered for her loudly, not caring for the level of noise, and the family had a huge celebration with just the three of them.


Elizabeta’s transfiguration class was just about to end when a messenger sent by the headmistress requested her presence. Puzzled by the possible explanations that ran through her mind, the Hungarian quickly gathered her things and followed the other student through the sprawling hallways. Her questions were at the tip of her tongue when she was shown into the headmistress’s office, and finally the reason that she had been pulled out of class was revealed to her.

She could hardly contain her excitement when she was dismissed, unable to resist running through the hallways and whooping in sheer exhilaration at being able to attend one of the famous magical schools ever! She was going to Hogwarts! Oh, she couldn’t wait. She was unable to resist sneering at one of her competitors and rubbing it in their faces that she was going to the British school. Elizabeta could not remember feeling happier than she did at that moment.

Once she reached her dorm, she immediately sent an owl to her parents with only a short message that said ‘I’M GOING TO HOGWARTS’ – and yes, it was in all capital letters. Elizabeta was having a celebration tonight.

The Sorting:
It was almost strange being in front of a sea of people that she didn’t know. Elizabeta was not sure what she should think as she swept a measured gaze over the Great Hall, curious and a bit baffled by the amount of students. She had never seen so many people in one room before. Was there really that many children who held magical blood in this one country? Even at her school back in Hungary, there were barely three hundred people. There was nervousness somewhere within her, but she ignored it as she held her head high and waited for her name to be called.

“Héderváry, Elizabeta!”

The Hungarian straightened immediately and strode forward with all the courage and confidence that she could muster, quietly stepping up towards the stool. As she sat down and intertwined her fingers together in her lap, the large floppy black hat was perched on her head. Elizabeta’s nose wrinkled slightly as the smell of old parchment and fabric invaded her senses, but she resisted the urge to fidget. She was not that nervous. At least she hoped so.

Now what do we have here…?

Elizabeta jumped ever so slightly as the voice filled her head, blinking rapidly as her mind tried to tell her that a hat was speaking. To her. A hat. Did British people have odd things like this all the time?

Such a strong girl you are…brave, compassionate, competitive…smart too…not afraid to work for what she wants…and wanting to prove herself. You are kind as well, and not afraid to stand up for your beliefs.

It was reading her mind. Wasn’t it? This was so…strange. She felt a tiny tickle somewhere, but it was something she ignored as she concentrated on what the hat was saying.

There is only one choice for where to put you…and that would be…


A smile danced on her lips as the hat was lifted off her head, and Elizabeta stood to join her table where she could hear her cheering classmates. She had found a home here already, and she felt welcomed. She couldn’t wait to start her life here.

Name: Chibi
Age: 19
Timezone/Country: USA // GMT -5
Tell us a little about yourself. I have been RPing for over a little year now, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. =w= I love to RP and meet people and have crazy conversations. I'm currently in my second year of college but I will be taking one or two semesters off to focus on theatre, which is what I want to do as a career. I'm often online, but I'm kind of...scatter-brained so sometimes I pay attention to one thing over something else. ;u; I play a variety of characters, including three genderbends (fem!Italy, fem!Prussia, and fem!China) -- so that's Prussia, Italy, Romano, Belarus, England, Romania, Finland, Sweden, France, and of course Hungary XD Hungary's one of my favorite characters to play; I just love her. And I ramble...so...yeah. XD That's me! I'm looking forward to playing here.
Anything else? Favorite color is purple <3
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeta Héderváry // Hungary [DONE]   Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:46 am

I was a little worried about you finishing this application in time but... nope! It's wonderful! Nice and long and adorable >w< *can't help but notice similarities in personality to Guin, so they should get on really well* You're accepted, you can change your name and begin RPing! owo
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Elizabeta Héderváry // Hungary [DONE]
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