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 Somehow, This is All Your Fault [Antonio]

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PostSubject: Somehow, This is All Your Fault [Antonio]   Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:41 pm

Lovino glared at the shelves of Charms book, not entirely sure what he was looking for but knowing that none of them were good or helpful or important to him. They had to do with his most difficult subject, of course they would be unable to help him. Sighing, Lovino looked down at the assignment he was meant to complete and compared the topic he was writing on to the books directly in front of him. None of those books pertained to his selected topic.

Hoping that he wouldn't have to find a way to get to the top of the book shelf, Lovino looked through all of the shelves within his height range. He growled and crossed his arms, giving the books on the top a sulky look. He had to get up there, as his topic wasn't in any of the books on the lower shelves, but he didn't know how. The ladder was being used by a different student, and climbing the shelves was never a good idea.

Unfortunately, it looked like that was his only option. Sighing and briefly touching the cross under his shirt, Lovino stuffed his assignment in his pocket and started climbing the shelves. He was very careful with it, making sure to not let go unless he was pulling out a book to see more clearly what it was. When he finally found the book he needed, he grabbed it without realizing that his grip on the shelf was the best in the world.

Thus, his hand slipped off of the shelf and he was falling backwards. Lovino immediately curled up into a ball and whimpered sharply in pain as he hit the ground, wincing when the book he had grabbed dug into his stomach. He fucking hated Charms.
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Somehow, This is All Your Fault [Antonio]
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