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 The Wind is the Enemy || Romulus ||

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Raivis Galante

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PostSubject: The Wind is the Enemy || Romulus ||   Wed Oct 12, 2011 10:17 pm

Swimming was bad. Very bad. Especially when you were a flimsy little Latvian who hardly could keep yourself afloat. Maybe it wasn't that bad- if you knew how to swim! But to this certain Latvian, it was just another thing on the list of 'ways I'll probably die'. While swimming was bad, Raivis did like the lake at Hogwarts, it was a relaxing sight, despite the many creatures that lurked deep beneath the surface...Sitting a safe few yards away from the edge of the lake, Raivis shook his head and got the thoughts of evil, man-eating creatures out of his mind and appreciated the slightly chilly, but still bright, clear day.

Outside in the fresh air was the best place to do homework, Raivis always though. He quite enjoyed the outdoors, even if he wasn't too great at most physical activities(see above, 'swimming'). With two books open before him, and two more stacked to the side(his wand lay just on top of those books, out and ready for use when needed!), Raivis had some papers laid out before him, a bottle of ink sitting at the corner of a book, and a quill held lightly in his hand. He'd gotten almost all of his work done! He only had to finish an essay for Charms, and he'd be-

...Done. He would be done soon, that was, if a lovely breeze hadn't decided to blow on by and send the scroll he'd been working on into the air. Raivis yelped in shock and jumped to his feet, successfully tipping over the ink bottle, knocking the pile of books over(stubbing his toe!), and chased after the water. Raivis swatted at it frantically, he did not want to have to rewrite his whole essay because he'd lost the silly thing in the lake! Raivis stopped only a few inches from the waters edge and swiped his hand out, finally grabbing onto the flying parchment- and he breathed a sigh of relief. That relief was soon gone when Raivis turned back and saw the mess he'd made...oh, oh no. He'd spilled ink on his book...he could clean that with his wand, right?

...Yes. If his wand hadn't rolled into the water after he'd kicked the pile of books over. Raivis' eyes slowly looked back at the lake, and saw his wand floating farther and farther away from the shore. Dread filled his face- he would never get it back, and it was such a good wand, too...staring at it solemnly, Raivis looked after the long stick of wood as it floated farther away from him, and prayed nothing ate it.

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Former Rome

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PostSubject: Re: The Wind is the Enemy || Romulus ||   Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:54 pm

It was a day in which being indoors would be a pity. The air was crisp and clean with the scent of autumn, the breeze brought a slight but utterly refreshing chill to the air and the sky was the brightest, purest blue he had ever seen in Scotland. It was almost the jewel-like hue of the Mediterranean he so missed. Almost. It still had a hint of Scotland's characteristic grey lurking about the horizon. However, it was a miniscule price to pay for the privilege to teach at the same school as his grandchildren and not have -gasp- be all alone in Italy.

Romulus planned to seize the day for all it's worth because Lord knows when another day of such beauty would occur. Despite the cooler temperature, the one thing the Italian man wanted to do today was take a swim. The food of Hogwarts, while not being as good as home-made, was plentiful and easy to acquire: a recipe that was bound to wreck his figure! That would be a terrible fate for the vain man! Swimming would definitely prevent any sort of currently nonexistent tub from building up.

He jogged from his classroom, after grabbing a quick snack, straight to the Lake the very moment his classes ended for the day. To say he was eager to exert some energy was a vast understatement. Romulus all but ripped off his robes, shoes and shirt when he got within yards of the Lake but kept his trousers on when he spotted a student presumably trying to study by the lakeside. Don't want to give the kid a feeling of inadequacy that will haunt him throughout all his life. Speaking of haunting for all the his life, the kid looked more than a bit distressed. It was his duty as a teacher to figure out why and his duty as a grandfather to fix it!

"Oi~! You okay?" He jogged up the the small blond child with a slight tinge of worry on his features. Swimming would just have to wait.
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The Wind is the Enemy || Romulus ||
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