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 Feliciano Vargas // Italy Veneziano [FINISHED~!]

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PostSubject: Feliciano Vargas // Italy Veneziano [FINISHED~!]   Fri Oct 07, 2011 1:12 am

T h e A p p l i c a t i o n

Character's name: Feliciano Vargas

Country of origin: The Republic of Italy

Year: Fourth

Age: Fourteen

House: Hufflepuff

Right away, it is clear that Feliciano's personality is bubbly and cheerful. He is generally a happy person, though is also unfortunately quite airheaded and clueless most of the time. The poor guy seemed to have missed the lesson on how to read the atmosphere around him. Even if it can be irritating to some people, it is still part of what makes Feliciano himself. He is also a bit scatterbrained for a majority of the time. His short attention span and one track mind don't really help these other traits. He almost has a certain air of naïvity to himself in the way he acts. Whatever people think about him, no one can deny that his personality has a little spunk to it that makes him unique for better or for worse.

Feliciano loves being around people, and is very sociable. Even when people don't want to talk to him, he will still strike up conversation and try to make them have a nice chat if he wants to talk to them. Though he doesn't discriminate against who he is speaking to, females have to be the best to talk to in his opinion. Especially beautiful ones. Feliciano is a big flirt and it is obvious most the time. Often, females actually love talking to him in return and are charmed by his engaging personality and innocent outward appearance. In return, he never really knows what to do with them once he gets them. Oddly, his charms can work on males too to get him out of tricky spots. Men tend to go easier on him too, though that may be more out of pity at times than admiration.

Like most sociable people, friends and family are very important to him. He is a very family oriented person. It may come as a surprise to some people, but he can get very defensive over friends and close family. Feliciano can be a bit more feisty than normal in those types of situations. He is quite a lucky guy and holds his faith in religion close to his heart when stressed, and in general. Though he is religious, he isn't the type to shove his own thoughts down other people's throats.

Ever since he was younger, Feliciano was dependent on other people. The trait never really left him as he grew up. Whenever something doesn't seem right in general or is too daunting for him to handle, odds are he will run to others for assistance. His cowardice is a big cause of his dependencies. Unlike most males who think crying is just for girls, Feliciano is a bit more in touch with his emotions and is a big crybaby. He panics and gets intimidated much too easily. Confrontations of all kinds are avoided at all costs unless necessary. It is probably for the better, he isn't very physically strong. He is perfectly fine with that though and accepts how he is. Besides, he lacks the motivation for those types of activities to really do anything about it. Instead, he chooses simply to run away from his problems, quite literally. He is actually a very fast runner.

This isn't to say that he has no motivation at all in life. Yes, laziness if frequent with him, but there are times when that changes. Feliciano really does love pleasing people and being praised, so he does want to follow directions. If he wants, he could rival a housewife with the way he can clean, and his homemade dinner can rival a restaurant's. He has learned to be a great cook, which stems from his obsession with foods. Feliciano is known for his silly addiction to pasta in all shapes and forms, though he also holds a certain fondness of pizzas. Cooking and eating food are high priorities to him, and he is a bit of a gourmet when it comes to food. He won't refrain from telling someone their food is disgusting. In life in general, he is very blunt and honesty whether he realizes it is appropriate at the time or not. Art is another of Feliciano's loves in life, and it shines in his personality. He is a creative person, and excels at the subject of the arts.

There is no doubt that Feliciano is a kind person. He genuinely does care for people close to him. This being said, he also loves getting his own way. It can come across as selfishness, but it isn't meant in a harmful way at all. He knows how to get what he wants and can be a suck up to do so if absolutely necessary. He isn't the most mature person around, and can be rather childish. Like many people who are child-like, Feliciano gets worked up and even frustrated over simple things in life. Though he isn't one to lash out in anger regularly, he can throw a little temper tantrum. It really doesn't help that he can be considered a drama queen sometimes. He is the type of person that treats a papercut like it will be the death of him.

Overall he can come off as a bit of an annoying person, but his heart is always in the right place. If he likes you, it is likely personal space isn't an option; he clings and doesn't let go. Feliciano also tends to talk with lots of hand motions to add emphasis to his speech. It doesn't bother him personally, he has a tiny verbal tic that can be a bit obnoxious to others at first. He is really just a big ball of fluff who is extremely friendly, loves people, and just wants to be friends with everyone. Really, Feliciano is a great friend to have. Though he might not be able to handle standing up for them physically, he can be a good listener and is very supportive. Sometimes it just takes a bit of effort to get through to him since he can be lost in his own little world.


Feliciano's hair is brown with a reddish tint to it (please don't call him a redhead though, he doesn't like that). It is parted right down the middle. The hair is actually cut rather nea.Though his hair is straight with only the slightest bit of wave to it, there is a strange piece of hair on the left side of his head near his ear that always curls up. It refuses to go down. Ever. Not even the strongest hairgel in stores or a hair straightener can solve the problem. Just because it sticks out and looks silly doesn't mean he likes others pulling or prodding it for fun. It can be rather tempting to people though, since they like touching it. His eyes are a pretty amber brown color, though that can be a bit hard to spot sometimes. Feliciano tends to squint a lot, which blocks a lot of their color most of the time. Whether he admits to it or not, he is rather baby faced and innocent looking.

His body is really nothing special, just average. Average height and of average weight, though he is perhaps a little squishy in some places because he eats too much. Feliciano doesn't really have any muscle, he is psychically weak. He doesn't like exercising at all, so his body doesn't really bother him at all. He really cares about his appearance though, so would never let anything get too out of hand. Luckily his hyperactivity seems to burn off anything that is bad for him. As far as his build goes, Feliciano isn't particularly muscular or athletic. He just lacks real distinctive muscles. Since he eats so much, he is a bit squishy in some places. He really doesn't care though.

Despite the goofball he is, Feliciano actually has a nice sense of fashion outside of the school uniforms he is forced to wear. Normally he is a pretty well dressed guy. He certainly enjoys shopping for clothes more than most males his age. Though he likes to be fashionable, that doesn't mean that he will be uncomfortable for the sake of fashion. Feliciano loves comfortable clothes. Like many artsy people, he likes colors so always has plenty of variety in his closet. At least he knows how to match though. Sometimes his outfit choices can be a bit odd or on the more feminine side, but he wears it well and no one says anything. Even if the outfits are silly, he pulls it off and looks well dressed.

He loves dressing up fancily when the occasion calls. Though he might have to worry about ruining a dress shirt or a nice pair of pants with his clumsiness, he cleans up rather well. Feliciano just prefers to keep all those clothes for special occasions most of the time. Plus, they are too expensive to buy for casual wear and not as fun.

It might be something silly, but he loves borrowing the clothes of friends who have a bigger build then him and wearing them around the house instead of proper clothes. As much as Feliciano loves clothes, sometimes he has trouble keeping them on...

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Half-blood

When used correctly, one of Feliciano's greatest talents is retreat. Despite hardly ever training successfully for anything, he is an naturally fast runner. Sometimes though, he chooses to use this skill at inappropriate times. Also, he is undoubtedly good with handling people, as he has great people skills. To most he is cheerful and full of a certain eagerness that people love to have in a conversation with someone. Always willing to talk and listen, people like him. He can also get people to trust him because of the fact that he is very honest (though perhaps painfully honest in some cases). With people he loves, Feliciano is extremely loyal which is a great trait to have.

Without a doubt, Feliciano has an artistic mind. It may come across as just odd at times, but he is very creative, and tends to be in that mindset a lot. People may not believe it, but this can come in handy once in a while. Feliciano himself considers it to be a good strength. In the same category, he is also good in the kitchen. He learned to be a fabulous cook, which he considers to be another one of his important talents. Maybe that is why in school he has always been pretty decent with making potions. Like many people that are good at cooking, he is good with cleaning and chores. Feliciano may not always want to do it, but he certainly knows how to make a house sparkle.

Feliciano may not be the best at confrontations, but he is good to have around. He is great at supporting people he cares about, and even strangers. It may not seem like much, but moral support can help greatly in stressful situations. Also something on more of the sidelines that he is good at is first aid. Though he really does hate blood, he can do things when he needs to. Like common sense would tell you, this is a useful trait.

Overall, Feliciano is a very weak person, physically and also in some mental points. He is a horrible coward, tending to run from danger often before it is even posing a real threat to him. One to panic easy in stressful situations, he is also a huge crybaby. He cries more than a man of his age should. Also, he is not physically strong, leading him to be horrible in hand to hand fighting, not that he really wants to fight at all. He was always just weak and relied on people stronger than him to do things for him. In ways, such as that, Feliciano can be extremely co-dependent on others.

One track minds can be good in some cases, but not in Feliciano's. When he wants something, he focuses on that one thing and it becomes very important to him, even when there are other more important issues at hand that he should be dealing with instead. It distracts him from the things that really require his attention. Speaking of attention. Feliciano has a very short attention span. One thing might be the most amazing thing in the world to him one moment, and the next it disregarded as not as important as soon as something else catches his attention. It makes it very hard for him to focus.

Judgment is something is is useful in all situations, from simple seemingly meaningless tasks throughout the day to more important issues. Sadly, Feliciano seems to lack proper judgment. He is very easy to trust people, and is easily bribed and persuaded (especially if threatened, or even if he just feels threatened). His inability to read the atmosphere around him ties in with this, as he can judge a person wrong, or even a whole situation.

It might be a bad trait, and something he doesn't want to admit to, but he can be very selfish at times. If he sees that something might benefit him, he will jump on it often not using his brain and thinking of the consequences at hand. This may seem like something little, but it can get him into a lot of trouble when he isn't in a good situation. Also, like many people, Feliciano is clumsy.

♥ food
♥ pasta ; enough for it to be a separate category
♥ clothes
♥ art ; both creating and works of others
♥ architecture
♥ music
♥ cute ladies
♥ friends
♥ animals
♥ sleeping
♥ cooking
♥ happiness

✖ working too much
✖ disgusting food
✖ arguments
✖ feeling alone
✖ exercising
✖ rude people
✖ getting his hair tugged
✖ wearing pants

☒Losing people important too him. Most specifically this applies to his grandfather and older brother. He doesn't know what he would do without those two in his life and it would be absolutely devastating if something were to take either of them away.

☒Being bullied. When he was younger he got picked on a lot, so even as he grew up a bit, being scared of bullies stuck with him. It does with any child, but a little too much with Feliciano here...

☒Getting injured. He will go to great lengths to avoid even the smallest bump.

☒Being left all alone. Since he is so dependent on other people, both for support and just because he loves them so much, it would kill him to be forgotten by all of them. Not to mention that Feliciano cannot stand being left alone for too long.

♦ Ever since he was tiny, he had a funny little speech problem. It is more prominent when he speaks English, but is there on occasion in his native tongue. It isn't overbearing in either language though. It is just something silly and small.

♦ The more nervous he is, the more he tries to avoid eye contact and fidgets around. It is painfully obvious there is something wrong most the time due to these.

♦ He hates wearing clothes, particularly pants. It isn't for any perverted reasons, he just likes to walk around like that. It can be rather upsetting and shocking to any dorm mates he has to stay with. Feliciano often finds himself getting scolded for this problem.

♦ Hand motions. Odd hand motions anywhere and everywhere.

♦ His never ending stomach. Nothing can get in the way of him and food.

Your Character's backstory:
Feliciano's story didn't start out particularly different from that of most newborn babies in the world. He was born to a mother and father, though his father was a bit different compared to what people thought to be normal. His magical blood made him special, and it made Feliciano be a half blood. Also in his family was an older brother, Lovino. Even though as he was older he was told stories of his father, Feliciano never really got the opportunity to create any memories with him that he would remember personally. His father passed away after an accident when Feliciano was still extremely young. As if that wasn't sad enough, Feliciano and Lovino's mother made a bit of a wrong decision in life that led to her untimely death at the hands of an abusive new husband. Once again, though he was older, he was still too young to really remember anything about his mother. All he has to go from is pictures and stories.

These misfortunes left two young boys alone in the world when they were quite obviously not old enough to care for themselves. Their grandfather, Romulus, took the two boys in with his wife and raised them. Once again misfortune came, and the little group of four was cut down to a group of three -- Feliciano, Lovino, and Romulus. Not much of a surprise, but he was still too young to really remember this time in life today, and it is probably for the best.

Feliciano never really understood why, but there came a time when his big brother had to go away too. The key difference in this though was that his brother was still alive and well. It was saddening to the young Feliciano, because as much as he loved his grandpa, having a big brother to roll all over and tug on to bother was a necessary part of his life. He got over it though, at least the two could still talk as they got bigger. When he was young, Feliciano was a very bright boy. He had a deep love for his grandfather (that he still has today!) and was always eager to learn things from him. The two were also very similar somehow, so it was great for him. Sadly for him, it seemed like he was a bit slow with showing any signs of the magic that was in his blood. Instead, he excelled at other muggle things. Art was something that he was considerably talented at. He always loved to come home with pictures he drew in school to show his grandpa and get praised for. Since it was just the two of them, Feliciano also grew up knowing how to do chores...when motivated enough, that his. The other thing he was great at was cooking. Even if he was really too young to operate a stove on his own, it was clear by what he could do that he would be great.

It was as much of a surprise to Feliciano when he actually showed some magical ability as it was to his grandfather. It was a happy surprise though. He found it to be the most nifty thing and it made his grandpa proud which was always a plus. When he was eleven he received a letter inviting him to attended the school for witches and wizards in Italy. Of course, he accepted. What person wouldn't? At first he struggled a bit, but in time this whole wizarding school thing wasn't so bad to him. Sure he wasn't a straight A student, but he still passed and did well. He was prone to silly accidents with spells, but that would be something that would never really leave him. Though he wasn't the most popular kid around, he was generally well liked. It was like a dream come true, though he was scared his poor grandpa would get kidnapped without Feliciano around to protect him. That hasn't happened though (yet!!).

While in school, an interesting opportunity came to him. It seemed that students were able to apply to go to school abroad to Hogwarts. The school name was very familiar to Feliciano. It was the background of many of his grandfather's stories that he told about when he was younger. Through this it sounded like the best place in the world in his head. He had added his own details and his imagination hadn't helped. Sure he wasn't the smartest in his class, but he still figured it was worth a shot. It wasn't that the school he attended now wasn't fun, he just wanted to have more fun like he had heard it was. Feliciano seemed to have been born a lucky boy, and now was another shining example of this. He was chosen to attend Hogwarts. It was then he realized that he would have to leave everything behind, but much to his enjoyment he learned that his grandfather would be teaching there!

We Just Got A Letter:
Feliciano eagerly awaited receiving any type of letter from the school he was to be attending. Most children didn't care all that much about school, and he really was no different. There was something different about this though. Something, well, magical. Luckily for the boy, he was always rather distracted easily, so as long as he was kept busy he didn't have the time to worry that it was not coming. He didn't want to be broken and not get to go. It would make him very sad.

He was used to hearing an owl tap at the window nearly everyday. His grandfather received so much mail! It made Feliciano a bit envious. He received letters on occasion, but nothing could compare to the amount the older man received. Maybe that is why Feliciano seemed to appreciate his letters more. Most were kept in a small old box under his bed. Still, today he wasn't expecting anything particularly interesting. The light 'tap tap tap' at the window was nothing new. The owl would get impatient and frightening if he (Or was it a she? He had never asked.) was kept waiting much longer. As quickly as he could, he abandoned his half eaten lunch and made hide way over to the window.

There was only one letter in the owl's beak. Strange. Usually more letters came. At first Feliciano just figured it was a boring mail day. It wasn't until he actually took the letter and looked at it that he noticed something that made his heart nearly skip a beat. The letter wasn't for 'Romulus Vargas' like most. No, this letter was for 'Feliciano Vargas'. He could hear the flutter of wings as the owl flew away, and Feliciano took that as his cue to run back to the kitchen table and open it. Maybe this was finally it!

He couldn't help but eagerly open the letter and read over the contents. This time, he was really right. It was the letter that he had been waiting for. A big smile made its way across the young boy's face, and a small noise of excitement escaped from his mouth. Suddenly he felt very happy, and relieved at the same time. He knew that he wasn't broken for sure. "Grandpa!" he squeaked out. That was right, he had to share the good news. "Grandpa! Come quick!" Feliciano's voice was louder this time, and he was running off to where he knew his grandfather would be. As if his own excitement wasn't great enough, the look on his grandpa's face when he revealed the news was enough to make him ecstatic all over again.


It had been weeks since Feliciano had filled out the application to study abroad. It wasn't that he had forgotten about this action really. It was just too long ago for him to really be feeling anxious about it much longer. There were other pressing issues on his mind, such as homework and what he was going to be eating for dinner later. The latter of those two more frequently crossed his mind than the former. If the issue of Hogwarts came across his mind, he did have a sad little opinion. Since he hadn't heard anything from the headmaster, he simply assumed that someone else was chosen for the program instead of himself. He wasn't wrong in assuming that.

Though he might have caused accidental mischief on occasion due to his silliness, he didn't often get in enough trouble to be called into the headmaster's office. Feliciano wasn't really a trouble maker. He was far too afraid of being scolded to actually do anything he thought would have serious consequences. That was why one day after classes, a little bit of information got to him. The teacher of his last class informed him that he had to go to the headmaster's office after dinner to speak with him about something. Though the teacher that told him this didn't look the least bit angry or worried, it worried Feliciano a bit. He had no idea what he had done to deserve such a scary fate!

It was clear that he was a bit jumpy later that night as he made his way to the location he was told. Just like earlier, he still couldn't think of a legitimate reason that the headmaster wanted to meet with him. He sat in a big comfy chair, awaiting his fate as the older man spoke with him. He didn't seem angry, which helped the younger boy relax a bit. Did the headmaster almost seem excited? As he spoke, Feliciano finally realized what was going on. The papers he had filled out...he had actually made it! Once he heard that news, the rest was kind of a mishmash of words in his head that didn't seem as important as the original news. Luckily for Feliciano, he was given paperwork explaining details of the situation to give to his guardian to look over. What the papers didn't tell him was exactly why he was chosen, but he was simply too excited to even remember or particularly care about that detail that was said to him.

The Sorting:
This school was so big and full of people. That was one of the first things that Feliciano noticed when he got here. Maybe it was just because this was the first day of school, but everyone was so packed together too. He was very lucky he wasn't claustrophobic or he would have been rather nervous being squished together with a bunch of other exchange students and first years that actually lived in the area. Not that he was particularly tall for his age, but it still felt a little funny being next to eleven year olds who were so small! Then again, judging by the other students around him, there were exchange students who were much taller and older looking than himself. There was no use feeling silly then when there were people worse off.

Things were explained and Feliciano did his best to listen to everything. They would wear that hat that talked, be sorted to someplace, and then get to eat. The back of his mind was more focused on the prospect of eating a large meal than the rest, but he knew that wasn't the issue on hand at the moment and tried his best to ignore his stomach talking to him. Instead he focused on the tables behind them. There were four and they were all very large with students wearing different colors. Since he wasn't from this school, he wasn't really familiar with all the houses in detail, but he hoped that whichever one he was put into was one with good colors. Being forced to wear an ugly colored uniform every day would be tragic to him.

Since his last name was near the end of the alphabet, there were so many students before him. Waiting so long made Feliciano a little fidgety. The longer it took, the more he just wanted to get it over with. Why did the letter V have to be so far away from the beginning of the alphabet? He just wanted to sit down. As he was contemplating if he could simply sit down on the floor, he realized that it was almost his turn. Since his last name started with 'Va' he figured he would probably be the first for that letter since it wasn't too often he met people with close last names to his own.

It was still another few minutes, but eventually he heard it. "Feliciano Vargas." There was what he was waiting for, his name. There was no way that there was another person with that name here. Feliciano was very rarely shy, so he didn't really care that as he walked forward there were countless pairs of eyes on him. As he took a seat and looked around, he really did realize just how many people were there.

He didn't have much time to think about that though. In the next second, the old looking hat that had been placed on the heads of so many other children before him. It was nearly too big to fit on the boy's head. If he tried to glance upwards, he was unable too because the brim of the hat blocked his vision. Feliciano had heard the hat talking to everyone in the hall before and yell out its final decisions, but he wasn't expecting to hear the voice inside his own head with his own inner thoughts. Maybe it was best that the brim of the hat covered his eyes from the audience for the most part. That meant people couldn't see the surprise on his face as easily.

Feliciano could hear the hat debating on some things. The voice ruled out Gryffindor. The boy here was the exact opposite of brave and daring. Ravenclaw was also a no, as he didn't really show any of the predominant qualities of that house either. Slytherin was also a no, he wasn't fitting there either. That left one place for him. "Hufflepuff!" the hat yelled out to the audience, earning cheers and claps from the table of students wearing yellow. The hat was taken off his head, leaving it a little messy as he got up and walked towards the table of what was to be his house for the rest of his time at this school.

Now that he was sorted, at least that meant one thing -- it was closer to eating a fabulous dinner. That was what he was really looking forward to, though in less than a minute there would be a new pressing issue on his mind. On the list of students Vargas, Feliciano would of course be followed by Vargas, Lovino. The other boy would be no stranger to him. It would just so happen be the brother that he hadn't seen in who knew how long.

A b o u t M e
Name: Caitlin
Age: 21
Timezone/Country: -5 Eastern Standard Time // Rhode Island, USA
Tell us a little about yourself. I'm Romania pretending to be Veneziano. Don't tell shhh. I honestly suck at keeping multiple characters so if I am ever really lame with Feliciano just tell me and I will throw him out a window and just keep Dominik, okie dokies? ;u;
Anything else? I like lots of colors. I pick...pink again because it is the most manly color.
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PostSubject: Re: Feliciano Vargas // Italy Veneziano [FINISHED~!]   Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:17 pm

Of couse this is accepted, it's so good ;w;
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Feliciano Vargas // Italy Veneziano [FINISHED~!]
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