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 Aimée Collins - Seychelles

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PostSubject: Aimée Collins - Seychelles   Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:36 pm

Character's name:
Aimée Collins

Country of origin:
The Republic of Seychelles




Aimée is a happy, cheerful girl who always tries to be optimistic about things. She doesn’t understand it when others don’t feel that way, and will try to do everything to change their mind.
She loves a lot of things, and wants to get to know everything about that thing/creature/person. She especially likes working with animals, magical or not. She seems to prefer the aquatic kind.

She is a Tsundere type B. As she is usually in deredere mood, something/someone needs to trigger her tsuntsun, which usually happens when she gets really nervous and embarrassed.
If someone makes a bad comment about her or her friends or has the wrong attitude, she sticks up for herself, resulting in some sudden outburst. Although she usually quickly regrets this because she isn't very subtile in expressing herself.

Aimée is easily distracted, and day-dreaming is one of her ways to spend her times in class. She thinks up the silliest plans. She also loves to think about stories about being a princess with a prince on a white horse and fairies and all that pretty stuff.
This daydreaming usually has the result that she forgets she has more important things to do, like homework. She winds up procrastinating them and needing to do a lot of work in the end.

She quickly judges people by the way they look, and can easily be intimidated if someone throws a glare at her. Though Aimée can also be pretty naïve once she thinks people will be no harm to her, and will trust them fully.

Though she’s not able to do any cooking herself (for some reason it always ends up.. badly), she absolutely adores food. She loves tasting new things and eating dishes from all over the world. Aimée will get down and moody if she hasn’t eaten for a long time.


Aimée is a short girl you will rarely see without a smile on her face. Her hazel eyes usually display curiosity, unless she it with her thoughts elsewhere. Her dark brown hair is tied in two pony tails with ribbons. Her skin is fairly-tanned, especially after the summer holidays when she returns from her family who live in the Seychelles.

She wears her school-uniform while she’s at Hogwarts. Apart from that, she has a lot of airy clothes that flutter around her when she walks. Her way of walking also fits with the way she dresses; her arms swing around everywhere.
Aimée prefers her clothes to be in bright colors, so she isn’t too happy with the plain black Hogwarts robes. But she tries to brighten them up a bit with wearing different kinds of ribbons every day.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood?

~ Good swimmer
~ Singing
~ Dancing
~ Care of Magical Creatures
~ Herbology

~ Food
~ Animals, fish, bird, mammal or insect, it doesn't matter.
~ Ribbons (collect 'em all!)

~ The dark, being someone with a big imagination Aimée will see all kinds of scary things that aren't actually there.
~ Collars/cages/not being free. Aimée wants to be able to run around freely. If she gets restricted in any ways she will go wild.

~ Aimée will talk to anything, animals or plant or random object, as if it's something that understands what she says and talks back.
~ Superstitious

Your Character's backstory:
Aimée never knew her parents, as she had been with her grandfather since she can remember. The only thing she knew about her parents is that her mother was a wizard, and her father a muggle. Her grandfather didn't like to talk about these things, so the girl just gave up about asking him to tell her more. Her grandfather made up for that thing he didn't tell her; Aimée could listen for hours to him, telling stories about adventures he made, or myths about the islands they lived on. Aimée spent a lot of time in her childhood re-enacting those stories, exploring her way on the islands.
Her grandfather taught her the everyday things, like reading, and telling her not to do anything mean to anything because it would come back to her. After failing to teach her play an instrument, he discovered her singing talent when he heard her humming one of his songs he tried to teach to her, and decided to stick with it.

It had never been a secret that she had magical powers. She had no one to compare herself to, apart from her grandfather, who was a wizard. Who was bothered by the fact that the flowers around their house suddenly shined unnaturally? Who noticed a little girl swimming in the ocean, with lots of happy tuna swirling around her? Aimée enjoyed this life, and no one would take it away from her.

It was one of those normal, magical days that Aimée's grandfather came to her with a book. He told her to read it. Aimée did what he said; and was surprised by the contents of the book. After she finished it, she went to her grandfather.
"Who are these people? Is there something wrong with them?" She asked him, innocently.
"There's nothing wrong with them, my child. They're like that naturally.. They're called muggles," he answered, looking upon her. Aimée looked in the distance, thinking.
"But they're not like us."
"They are. They just lack a little thing we have. But they make up for it greatly in other things, like innovation."
Aimée wasn't sure yet. Could people like that exist, and still be happy? Without having all those things she had? The girl looked up at her grandfather when he put his hand on her head.
"Listen, Aimée. That one thing they lack and we have, is magic. And that magic needs to be controlled, and can be used for great things. You will learn how to do this at a school for wizards and witches," he told her.
"School? Away from here? Can't you teach me?" She protested. She couldn't imagine leaving her little home.
"No.. And don't be angry, you haven't even tried it yet, silly! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It's not as if you're going there today!"
"I'll think about it," Aimée told him, and walked off. Leaving this place? Never.

We Just Got A Letter:
When Aimée turned 11, her grandfather baked a delicious cake for her birthday. She was thrilled to try it out, but just when she was bringing a piece of cake to her mouth a beautiful, colourful bird appeared on the window-sill. Aimée closed her mouth, and looked at the bird questioningly. her grandfather stood up from the table, approached the bird, and received a small envelope from it. Without saying anything, he handed it to Aimée; a small glint of pride in his eyes.
Aimée inspected the envelope. Her name was written on it, and it had a stamp on it from.. South Africa? She has never received anything from there. She opened the envelope, took the letter out of it and read it.
"It's a letter from a magical school in South Africa! They want me to take lessons there!" She exclaimed happily, totally forgetting that she never wanted to leave this place. Her grandfather hugged her and smiled;
"Then we need to buy you school-supplies, non?"


Summer vacantion, after Aimée's second year at the school in South Africa. The weather had been terrible that day. It was usually sunny on the Seychelles Islands, but today water was falling from the sky as if it wanted to turn the whole world to one, big ocean. Aimée had ran outside this morning eagerly; she enjoyed the rain. But when the wind blew her almost off the island the girl quickly retreated inside her house.
She had been sitting on a chair with closed eyes for a while now, her head leaning against the cold window. This weather wasn't normal. Her grandfather had left the house early in the morning, so she couldn't ask him to make the weather outside more bearable.
A small tap against the window made the girl open her eyes. She saw a small, brown bird sitting there; a species she hadn't seen around here before. Aimée quickly opened the window to let the poor thing inside.
The bird hopped towards their fireplace and ruffled its feathers, drying itself.
"You're.. And owl, aren't you?" Aimée asked nicely. The animal answered with "Hoo~". Then it extended its claw, and revealed the envelope it was holding.
Aimée remembered that one day she turned eleven; a bird, bringing her a letter, with the stamp of an foreign country on it. Though this one wasn't just a stamp from an African country, this letter came from.. Scotland? "Uwahh.."

When her grandfather returned home, Aimée ran up towards him; "Grandfather! I received a letter from Hogwarts!"
Her grandfather looked confused. Aimée quickly handed the letter to him, pointing to certain parts.
"They want me to take part in their exchange program! Isn't that great? I'm invited to one of the most famous schools in the world!" Oh, how much she would be able to learn there! A lot of famous witches and wizards studied at Hogwarts, and meeting new people from all over the world excited her.. Though it also scared her a bit; meeting all the students at her African school was already an enormous shock to her.
"Are you going to accept the invite?" Her grandfather asked her, reading the letter more closely.
"Oui! I think.. It's really far away from here.. I will stay here if you ask me to!" She said, suddenly becoming insecure of leaving her grandfather all by himself. It wasn't that easy to go back home if she was all the way in Scotland.
Her grandfather laughed after hearing the last sentence; "non, Aimée. You will go to that school, and when you return, I want you to show me all the new magic you learnt!"
Aimée laughed, and held the letter closely. This was an opportunity she would never get again.
"Then I'll return a letter to them, saying that I accept!"

The Sorting:
Aimée was deeply impressed by Hogwarts. The only castles she had seen before were muggle-built ones, and those were only pictures of them. Now, seeing the Hogwarts castle in real life absolutely was breathtaking.
Unfortunately, the clouds hanging in the sky ruined the whole picture. Aimée was shivering; she didn't think the climate would be that much of a difference. She was already wearing the black school uniform, but it wasn't made for Aimée's skin that was used to the African climate. She probably had to get used to it, because the coldest days were still coming.

The temperature in the great hall felt a bit better. Aimée looked curiously at its contents. The were four great tables in the middle of the great hall, each filled with students who sat with eachother, talking and not paying attention to the foreign students who just came in. Each table seemed to have their own colour. Those must be the different houses I read about. Aimée had read some of the history about the houses too, but she didn´t really care where she was put in. She was sure each house had its own good points.

The first years had already been sorted, leaving only the foreign students standing. Aimée was feeling nervous; she had some contact with students in the train, but those were local. Most of the people around her were talking in languages she couldn't place. Ah, but I'm sure I will get closer to people in my house en make friends~
Excited, she waited until her name was called.

"Aimée Collins!"
The girl walked forward, careful not to do anything stupid in front of the whole school.
The Sorting Hat was placed on her head. It made a low "hm" sound. Aimée had heard the Hat sing before the sorting ceremony, but hearing it inside your head was a whole different experience.
"It seems you're another one with chances in different houses," it told her. Aimée moved nervously on her place. "Well of course, a person can't just simply be cunning, brave, smart or loyal; everyone possesses a little bit of each."
Were they supposed to talk back to the Hat?
"That's a wise thing to say.. But every person leans more towards one quality that fits with them. Or do you think you have all the qualities on the same level?"
Aimée thought about it. The Sorting Hat was right; Aimée was anything but cunning. And there were moments she had some brilliant ideas, but usually she was a slow learner. And a hard worker.. She'd rather be outside, laying on a quiet place.
Aimée heard the Hat chuckle.
"Indeed. So you know which house remains, don't you?" It softly said. It read my thoughts!? The Hat didn't give her any time to answer his question; as it already yelled the name of the house;

Name: Manon
Tell us a little about yourself: I'm dutch. :D So I'm sorry about any mistakes in my English~ ^^' Also, I might be slow in replying for a week or two, but I quit my work so I'll have more time for myself then. <3
Anything else?: Purple might be nice, yes.
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PostSubject: Re: Aimée Collins - Seychelles   Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:50 pm

Hmmm, you need to be careful with your grammar and particularily your paragraphing; you don't need a new paragraph every sentence! But other than that it's good, you're accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Aimée Collins - Seychelles   Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:00 pm

Merci~! <3

Maybe I love my enter key a bit too much. ^^' I'll be careful not to use it that much anymore. C:
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Aimée Collins - Seychelles
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