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 Marianne Bonnefoy/ Fem!France Application [DONE]

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PostSubject: Marianne Bonnefoy/ Fem!France Application [DONE]   Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:50 pm

Character's name: Marianne Victoire Bonnefoy

Country of origin: France

Year: Seventh

Age: Eighteen

House: Slytherin


Marianne considers herself royalty, her behaviour mirroring that belief most of the time. In the presence of people she doesn't like, or has no interest in, she is is haughty and sometimes even rude. She is not afraid to let someone know of her disinterest. However, she completely changes around people who catch her interest and the ones she has to be polite to, such as the other noble families of France. With them she is polite, charming, maintaining a safe distance from them, making her seem to be somewhat mysterious and unreachable. She is an expert in polite and pointless conversations, an extremely important trait for nobility.

When someone catches her eye she will throw away the mask of a perfect lady and become a ruthless man-eater. True to her French nature, flirting is a skill she was born with. She considers herself a master of the Art of Seduction. Teasing people with her looks and actions comes as a second nature to her; so much so that she does that sometimes without even realizing. (Of course, that is extremely rare.) She enjoys getting men all hot and bothered, then simply leave them begging for more. Marianne is very proud of skills in seduction and will use them on anyone she deems worthy enough; usually in terms of looks and/or money.

She is as spoiled as one can get. She never had to do manual labour in her whole life, not counting the times she sneaked off into the kitchens to cook of course. She is used to getting what she wants, be it presents from her parents or enthusiastic bed partners. She does not take well to being rejected, however rarely that happens.

Marianne, as a true admirer and pursuer of l'amour loves sex. She believes lust is only another form of love, a mere, albeit strong, admiration of the partner's body. Although she is not afraid to say "Je t'aime" or "I love you", she never means it. At least, not in that sense. She believes in soul mates and that we have only one true love during our lifetime; the other little love-affairs only serve as a form of satisfaction for the body. And to chase away loneliness and boredom. Or relieve stress. But they never mean anything more than that.

Being a descendant of a siren on her mother's and a descendant of a veela on her father's side, Marianne is capable of seducing anyone with her singing voice. Her normal voice is beautiful too, but when she uses her heirloom no male can resist her. She rarely uses this to her advantage though; she thinks it would be cheating.


Marianne has long, light brown hair, reaching down to the end of her scapula. It's naturally straight, with a light wave at the bottom. Her hair is usually twisted up into a bun or a half-bun, except when she aims to seduce a harder target; then it's let down. Even when in a bun, a few strands of hair tend to escape, framing her face and covering half of her forehead.

She has violet-blue eyes, long eyelashes, and carefully trimmed, thin eyebrows. Her face is usually make-up free, maybe a light touch of mascara or lipstick. She thinks natural beauty is worth much more than the artificial one such methods can give you.

Her figure is petite and lithe, with muscles carefully hidden under creamy skin; the marks of a true ballerina. Marianne has been doing ballet since she was five, which means she is quite flexible; a trait many has found extremely arousing in the midst of...activities.

Marianne enjoys wearing skirts and pants alike, although she does prefer skirts, as they are more feminine. She usually wears blouses; T-shirts are near the top of her will-never-ever-wear list. High heels are a must for her. She only ever wears slippers at home and ballet shoes in the studio. She would never wear anything too short or with too big cleavage; a woman must tantalize men with what she hides, not what she shows.

Sometimes she wears a little tiara in her hair, mostly made out of diamonds, but sometimes it's a golden one. (Real gold and diamonds, of course.) Her favourite tiara is a golden one with a light purple sapphire in the middle of it. She only ever wears this one on formal events, preferring to keep her loveliest piece of jewellery in her room, under heavy protection enchantments.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Pureblood


~ Her natural skills at flirting
~ Her performance in bed
~ Ballet
~ Singing; she can play the piano too, but she prefers singing.
~ Divination; she had always had a knack for telling and/or guessing someone's future.
~ Her ability to keep calm in most situations, only losing her temper very rarely.
~ Fashion; she is very fashionable and always knows the latest trends, wizarding and muggle alike.
~ Cooking; she can cook anything, but she prefers French cuisine naturally.


~ Short attention span during class; anything and everything can distract her from actually paying attention
~ Lack of physical strength; although her legs are strong from years of ballet, if someone attacked her, she wouldn't be able to defend herself.
~ Doesn't take 'no' for an answer.
~ People tend to call her a pervert; she has no idea why.


~ Becoming old and undesirable
~ Becoming poor
~ English food; she has heard so much about how disgusting it is, she almost cries at the though of eating that vile country's cuisine.


~ Slipping into her native tongue; usually she does this on purpose, but sometimes when she is angry or aims to seduce she unconsciously starts talking in French.

~ She only drinks wine with her dinner, never water or anything else.

~ Showers multiple times a day, just to feel energized and clean.

Your Character's backstory

Marianne was born as the first and only daughter of the well-known and widely respected Bonnefoy family, one of the oldest noble families in France. Her arrival was eagerly awaited, as her parents were already a year late with producing a child. Her parents' marriage was completely loveless, based on mutual agreement of her grandparents and a few sparks of lust that flew between them.

Despite her parents' lack of love, Marianne had an extremely happy childhood. Although her parents tended to forget about her, she had her nannies and dolls to play with. She was a beautiful and charming young girl, earning herself the adoration of every single nanny she had ever had. As a result of her parents' lack of attention, Marianne never felt close to either of them. She dutifully told both of them how much she loved them on every occasion they got her a present, but after a few years, she came to expect those presents and barely even said 'Thank you' for them.

From a young age, Marianne has been taught how to act like a true lady, worthy of her family's title. She learned etiquette, how to play the piano, how to sing, and later on she was even taught how to seduce. The lessons on seductions had been fun, but Marianne always liked one thing the most: her ballet lessons. Dancing always felt liberating and carefree; a complete opposite of her everyday life.

She started to show the first signs of rebellion in her mid-teens; small things like sneaking into the kitchen and force the chefs and house elves to teach her how to cook. She lost her virginity at the age of 15 and she didn't regret one moment of it. She didn't think it was a big deal.

She had always been popular in school, but after she grew out of her charming, yet still somewhat distant attitude, she became the number one celebrity in Beauxboutons. Finally she started putting her seduction lessons to good use, and even put her own moves in it. She was rich, popular, and beautiful. The perfect girl in everybody's eyes. And she loved it.

During formal parties, though, she would stay her formal self; polite and charming, the perfect Daddy's little princess. She would grow bored rather quickly of this act and try to find herself some entertainment. Said entertainment mostly ended up being a few minutes of heavy flirting with a handsome noble and a few hours spent up in her bedroom, or a random room in the various castles, palaces, and mansions these parties were held at.

She had never been particularly interested in school, preferring to make others do her homework and classwork, mostly males or girls trying to become her friends, which meant a straight way up to the top of school hierarchy. She rarely studied for her exams, going out with her friends admirers and followers instead. After the exams were over and the students had left, she would go to her teachers one by one and persuade them to give her top marks. No, she never had sex with any of her teachers, but she had her ways. (It was mostly simply pushing her breasts out and staring at them hotly or a few minutes of heavy kissing.) If they couldn't be swayed with her body, she gave them money.

Sometimes her parents would try to arrange a husband for her, which she firmly refuses. She will not get married to someone who is not her one true love. She can see on her parents what an arranged marriage does to people. She does not want to have a marriage where the parties constantly cheat on each other and neither is bothered by it. That's not how it's supposed to be. At all.

We Just Got A Letter:

Marianne stared at the little piece of paper disinterestedly. So, she had been accepted to Beauxboutons? How shocking. The acceptance letter itself was beautiful; rich blue and shining gold lines criss-crossing and forming beautiful patterns on the page. The writing was cursive and beautiful, written in the most sophisticated French possible. (Not that the whole language itself wasn't sophisticated enough.) She wondered if she was supposed to feel happy or accomplished or something along those lines. Maybe she would have if she didn't know her whole life that she had been on their list even before she was born. Oh, well, she might get a present for getting accepted, so it was probably worth it.

The next time she got an acceptance letter, Marianne was much more shocked. Hogwarts? As in the Hogwarts in Britain, or Scotland, or whatever? That Hogwarts? She wrinkled her nose slightly. Why would they invite her to that rosbif land in her last year? Were they crazy? She wasn't even such a good student...oops, maybe she was. She did have the best grades in her year. With a huff and an inelegant snort, Marianne threw that stupid piece of parchment in the rubbish bin, right where it belonged. She wasn't going to go to school with a bunch of uncultured barbarians.

Unfortunately, one of the maids found her letter and brought it to her parents; she was immediately fired after that, of course. She was immediately summoned into her father's study. She expected another present, or her father asking her about her day. She was in for a nasty surprise. A few minutes later she stormed out of the study, her whole form radiating fury she had never experienced before. She threw the door to her room open and buried herself under her covers. Marianne Victorie Bonnefoy, going to a rosbif school? Such abomination should never happen! She belonged in the country of l'amour, of fine wine, even finer cuisine, not into that disgusting country filled with drunkards, horrible food, and revolting Englishmen.

She cried for real for the first time in years. She had to go. Her father said so. It would make the Bonnefoy family appear snobbish and rude if they were to reject such a gracious offer. She had to leave in a week; until then, she was free to say goodbye to her admirers and followers and get used to the thought of her terrible last year.

The Sorting

She had to admit begrudgingly, the castle itself didn't look half bad. Sure, it was typically anglais, but not that bad. Beauxboutons was much more beautiful and sophisticated, of course.

The Great Hall or whatever it was called was grand. It's walls were beautifully craved in a post-roman-gothic fashion. It reminded her somewhat of Notre Dame, although a bit more scarcely decorated. She had always been an admirer of art and architecture. She looked up at the teacher's table at the sound of someone singing.

No, something singing. She stared at the ratty old hat in bewilderment. A worn, black hat was singing? And it was singing something about the houses. And its role.

That thing was going to touch her hair? No way, there was no way she was going to let that happen! Who knows what kind of heads that head had been placed on before!

So, they did place that accursed thing on her head. Oh joy. Please, note the sarcasm there. "I see you are not happy with me." She heard an amused voice saying, sounding like it was from her own head. "It does, little lady. I am the Sorting Hat, as I have already told you in my song. Now, I do not believe placing you will be very hard. You are sly, deceiving, and have no problem using others for your own personal gain. You do not care for your studies, you are not loyal, nor are you especially brave. However, you are smart enough to avoid unnecessary conflicts, you have firm ideals you would never give up, and you are perceptive. The best house for you is...SLYTHERIN!" Wait, what...? Before she could question the Hat on its decision, it was already taken off her head. Her eyes automatically found her half cheering, half triumphantly smirking housemates.She could see a few quite handsome males and beautiful females. Marianne smirked at them charmingly. Maybe her stay here might not be as horrible as she originally thought.

Name: You already know, but it's Vicky.
Tell us a little about yourself.I'm Hungarian, I don't speak French, so Google translate will be a friend of mine.
Anything else? My favourite colour is green~

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PostSubject: Re: Marianne Bonnefoy/ Fem!France Application [DONE]   Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:10 am

Ah, I loved it of course <3~ She's very stuck up, I wonder if she'll actually get on with Guinevere, who certianly won't let herself be seduced and comes from too rich a family to be bought out. We'll just have to see ^_^

Accpeted, of course <3
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PostSubject: Re: Marianne Bonnefoy/ Fem!France Application [DONE]   Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:42 am

We'll see~ I don't think Marianne would like her if she can be neither seduced, nor bought.
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PostSubject: Re: Marianne Bonnefoy/ Fem!France Application [DONE]   

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Marianne Bonnefoy/ Fem!France Application [DONE]
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