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 Tino Väinämöinen Application (Finland) COMPLETE [Accepted]

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PostSubject: Tino Väinämöinen Application (Finland) COMPLETE [Accepted]   Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:00 am

Tino Väinämöinen

The Republic of Finland




Tino is a naturally positive person, despite his rough early childhood. He’s hardly ever seen without a smile on his face, and he thinks the best of everyone. It’s in his nature to be kind, considerate, and honest; it’s hard for him to be rude, unless he’s provoked. He can sometimes be much more talkative than he should be, and is a little annoying in that sense—whenever he’s tense or nervous, he tends to have quite the motor mouth. He’s also been known to tell jokes to lighten the mood in a tense room. He can sometimes be easily flustered, too, but that depends on the situation he’s found himself in.

Tino is not the smartest student—he’d be in Ravenclaw if he was—but he’s definitely not dumb by any means. He’s a studious person, always wanting to do the best he can on his work, especially charms work. He tries to set aside a fair amount of time for his schoolwork, which can cause a lot of anxiety for Tino when final exams are just around the corner. He also takes time every week to go flying, which is one of his favorite things to do.

Tino isn’t angered all that easily, either, and he is pretty tolerant of most things—except bullies. He’s dealt with many bullies so far in life, and (to be completely honest) hates them. He’s quick to defend anyone who finds them at the mercy of a bully because of this intense hatred. It’s in these moments—when Tino is provoked into anger—that his usual honesty can turn into bluntness, and he will not hesitate to say exactly what’s on his mind.

Finally, Tino is fiercely loyal to those with whom he is close, and he would never want to let them down.


With his light blonde hair, violet-colored eyes and slightly effeminate body shape, many people have mistaken Tino to be a girl—to which Tino would kindly inform the person of his true gender. His skin is fair, and he gets sunburns fairly easily. He has a few faint scars from his early childhood in different places on his body, but they are so faint that they’re very hard to see unless one is looking for them.

Tino is also fairly short compared to others his age, a fact that he tries not to dwell on much—after all, he’s pretty strong, despite his size.

If he's not in uniform, he's probably wearing a pair of nice jeans, a collared shirt and possibly a sweater or scarf. He sometimes wears a white beret, too, which was a gift from his adopted mother.

Muggleborn, Half-Blood or Pureblood?

-Most things in Transfiguration
-Defense Against the Dark Arts
-Tolerant of most things
-Care of Magical Creatures

-Flustered easily
-Gets extremely stressed when his free time runs short
-Babbles when he’s nervous
-Sweets (He has an enormous sweet tooth)
-Anyone who's being bullied

-Tino is afraid of frogs. He's not quite sure what it is, but it's something about them that just creeps him out.
-Tino is also slightly claustrophobic; he had a bad experience with being locked in a closet when he was little, and he'd like to not be put in that situation ever again.

-He's short for his age.
-He's easily mistaken for a girl.
-He tends to fidget a lot when he's nervous, along with babbling a lot.

-Charms work

-Small rooms
-“Short” jokes

Your Character’s Backstory
Tino had a little bit of a rough childhood. His mother died when he was little, and his father didn’t really take care of him. Of course, when his father did take any notice of him, it was never good—once, his father locked him in a dark closet for three hours to “teach him a lesson;” it’s the reason Tino is now slightly claustrophobic. Normally, though, Tino was left to fend for himself, and he learned to cook and wash clothes at an early age.

He was born a Muggle, so he attended a small primary school up until he was 10 years old. He kept mostly to himself, and was almost constantly picked on by the larger boys. Luckily, it was in this school that Tino’s teachers noticed that his parents were never attending parent functions, so they investigated and found out about his situation. He was placed in a foster home, and has lived there ever since.

Since he was about 8, Tino has lived with a charming Muggle couple, Niko and Johanna Takala. They married young, but soon learned that they couldn’t have any children of their own. They were thrilled to learn that Tino would be staying with them, and treated him like their own child. After a year or so, they adopted him. Tino has loved living with the Takalas, and loves them like they are his real parents. The small family soon grew very happy, with simply the three people and eventually a small dog that Tino received for Christmas one year that he named Hanatamago.

Not long after the Takalas adopted him, Tino began noticing that sometimes strange things would happen if he got really upset. Once, during school, one of the older boys had followed him into the bathroom to call him names and quite possibly stick Tino’s head in one of the toilets. Tino finally decided at this point that the only way he was to make most of the bullies stop was to stand up to them, and quickly lost his temper with the larger boy. As a consequence, the sinks in the bathroom broke and all began spewing water, quickly flooding the first floor of the school. Tino received his first detention, and his adoptive parents didn’t believe his story about the faucets behaving like that on his own.

Every few weeks, other strange things happened: Hanatamago suddenly turned bright orange; Tino’s adoptive mother had her hair grow at an exponential rate. The strange occurrences started happening more often, as well, so finally Tino’s parents agreed that Tino was only the indirect cause of what was happening.

Being Muggleborn, Tino had no idea that the reason for the strange occurrences was that he was a wizard and could not control his magic--yet. He soon learned this, however, when a month or two following his eleventh birthday, a strangely dressed woman came to the Takala’s house and asked to speak to the small family. She introduced herself as Aida Heikkinen, the Charms professor at the small Finnish Academy of Sorcery, and said that Tino had been accepted there. She explained to the Takalas and to Tino that their adopted son was a wizard, and that his current inability to control magic was the cause of all that was happening. The Takalas asked if there were any other schools of magic in the north, and Professor Heikkinen said that there were plenty of small schools, and one very large institution: the Durmstrang Institute. She explained that Durmstrang was where most young wizards learned their magic, but that it did not enroll Muggleborn students, so Tino could not attend.

Professor Heikkinen also gave the Takalas a formal acceptance letter, complete with Tino’s school supply list and the courses that he would be taking. A few days before he was to leave for the Academy, Professor Heikkinen also escorted the family to Helsinki, the largest city near the Academy, to gather Tino’s things for school.

The Academy itself was very small, only catering to students from Finland, and the entire school’s population was roughly 250 to 300 students, the majority having been accepted at Durmstrang. Tino didn’t mind this at all, and quickly came to know every other student’s name.

His first year there, Tino first came into contact with Pureblood supremacists. Several of the older students, all male and from a “Pureblood” background, called him things like “Mudblood” and other names for Muggleborns. Tino was infuriated when he learned what the terms meant, and quickly told the older students off about it—they never quite left him alone, but they knew better than to push him too far.

Tino quickly became proficient in Charms, Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts at the Academy, as all three are his favorite core subjects. He quickly became one of the better Charms students, and spent lots of time with Professor Heikkinen. Tino was soon a popular study partner among his fellow students, and often held study sessions for the subjects he excelled at to help those who needed it.

The summer before his fifth year at the Academy, Tino and his parents travelled to Great Britain for a holiday, stopping by a few of the most major magical sites. They stopped and bought a few things in Diagon Alley of course, and then met one of Tino’s friends from school to visit the area around Hogsmeade. Tino was immediately interested in Hogwarts, and learned more about its history.

Nothing major happened during his fifth year at the Academy, except for a summons to the Headmistress’s office towards the end of his second term. There, he learned of his acceptance into Hogwarts’ Exchange Student Program.

We Just Got a Letter
Tino stared down at the letter in his hands, the curved script winking up at him. He could hardly believe what was happening, and he was starting to think that this was all a dream and that he’d wake up to find that none of this had happened.

“I’ll be able to escort you to Helsinki to buy his supplies, Mr. and Mrs. Takala.” Professor Heikkinen was saying, smiling softly. “I’ll help guide you around, show you where to buy everything.”

“I would really appreciate that, madam, thank you.” Johanna replied, smiling back. “This is so interesting!”

“It certainly explains what’s been happening with Tino the past few months.” Niko added, chuckling and ruffling Tino’s hair.

Tino mumbled something about being annoyed, turning his attention to Hanatamago, who was pulling lightly on the hem of his pants. He knew that everything would change now, and he sighed a little.

“Tino?” His mother asked. “Is everything alright, dear?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes, everything’s fine.” He said, although he wasn’t quite able to keep a melancholy tone out of his words.

Professor Heikkinen laughed lightly. “Oh, there’s no need to be upset, young man. You will be staying at the school, of course, but there’s always letters and packages from home that you can receive; not to mention the holidays, when you can come home!”

Tino blinked. “Really?”

The witch smiled. “Really. And you know what?”


“I think you’ll make a great wizard some day. I can feel it.”

Tino grinned, pulling Hanatamago onto his lap and squeezing the little dog lightly. “You really think so, miss?”

Professor Heikkinen nodded. Right then and there, Tino decided that he liked this woman immensely, and was certain that he’d do well if she taught him.


The last of his final exams had just come to a close, and Tino walked out of the Charms classroom feeling very pleased with himself—he knew that he’d passed with flying colors.

Tino didn’t quite understand why all the other fifth years thought that the OWLs were so tough—but, then again, Tino had studied extra hard that year and was well-prepared for the new exams. The Academy had just introduced them into their curriculum, along with NEWTs for the older students, and Tino figured that the Headmistress had finally gotten around to having the Ministry of Magic send them the curriculum.

Upon reaching the boy’s dormitory, a younger student tapped Tino on the shoulder shyly—he turn to see that it was little Barnabus, one of the students who came to him for help with his homework.

“Hello, Barny!” Tino exclaimed, using his nickname for the younger boy. “Can I help you with something?”

“Y-yes…Professor Jarva asked me to tell you to see her….” He lowered his head, blushing a little. Tino patted the other boy’s head.

“Thank you, Barny! I’ll go find her right away!”

And so, Tino set out for the Headmistress’ office. It wasn’t that far of a walk, as the Academy was very small, and in minutes he was knocking on the door to Professor Jarva’s office.

“Come in.”

Tino slowly opened the door, poking his head inside. “I heard that you wanted to speak with me, professor?”

The elderly woman looked up from the parchments on her cluttered desk and smiled broadly. “Ah, yes, yes Tino! I’m glad that Mr. Eerola found you. Please, come in and have a seat.”

Tino did as he was told, and took the envelope that Professor Jarva held out for him. “What is this?”

“It’s from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; we received by owl this morning after breakfast.”

He frowned a little, pausing. “In Britain?”

“The very same.”

Tino studied the envelope for a few moments. “But…why would they be sending something for me?”

“Why don’t you see what it says?”

He nodded, carefully breaking the seal on the back and pulling out the letter. There, staring up at him in green ink, it read:

Dear Mr. Väinämöinen,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Hogwarts Exchange Program. You are one of many students from all over the world who have been chosen for this prestigious honor, and we would be honored if you would accept your place at Hogwarts for your sixth year of magical education.

Please respond as soon as you possibly can.

Sincerely yours,
Miranda Tennison
The Ministry of Magic
London, England, Great Britain

Tino’s eyes went wide. Professor Jarva only laughed.

“I knew that Heikkinen was right about you—you’re one of our best students, and all of your professors are extremely proud of you.”

He smiled brightly, folding the letter up again. “Thank you for telling me about this, Professor. Would you mind if I…?”

The elderly witch nodded, shooing him away. “Go, go! I know who you wish to tell this to; but don’t forget about your parents! Send them an owl as well.”

“I will!” Tino exclaimed, running off to find the one professor he knew was the proudest of him. She’d been right from the start, and he intended on proving that what she had told him five years earlier was true.

The Sorting
Tino had to admit that the inside of Hogwarts Castle was more beautiful than he could have possibly imagined. (And he could imagine quite a bit, thank you very much.) He was enthralled by the floating candles, the banners exclaiming each house and its customary table in the Great Hall. Even the teachers looked interesting! Tino was certain that this year would be wonderful.

Tino was able to blend in a little among the first year students who were waiting to be Sorted into their houses; this would have normally been annoying to Tino, but because he was so interested in the hall around him, he didn’t pay it much mind. Slowly, one by one, the first year students walked up the stairs to the Sorting Hat, and the hat would shout out their house.

Tino had never seen such a thing, since the Finnish Academy only had a boy’s and girl’s dormitories. It was obvious that he’d have to get used to the exponential growth in the student population.

Finally, once the first years had all been Sorted, the exchange students began being called up to the Hat. Tino fidgeted a little in place, twiddling his thumbs as he waited his turn. After what seemed like ages, Tino heard his last name, and skipped up the steps, unable to control himself. He sat down on the stoll, closed his eyes, and waited.

He felt the old hat being lowered onto his head; it was much bigger than his head, so it slid down his nose a little. Tino started fidgeting again, wondering when the Hat would call out his House.

Hmm, what a treat. I always enjoy the tough ones. Such a challenge…

Tino’s eyes shot open, and he lifted the Hat a little on his head, staring up at the edge of the brim. He probably looked quite ridiculous, but that thought was quickly pushed the back of his mind as the Hat spoke again.

Now, where to put you….mmm, loyalty, good, good…and a hard worker, too...You could make an excellent Hufflepuff….and smart as well…Ravenclaw would be happy to have you, I’m sure…

Tino glanced at both the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables, and was about to say that either of them would be perfect when the Hat cut him off.

Ah! What’s this…? Mmmm. Brave enough to speak your mind without waiting, very passionate….Well, that makes the choice obvious. Let’s put you in…


A sudden burst of cheering erupted from the table below the scarlet and gold banners, and Tino smiled brightly, hopping off the stool, returning the Hat, and trying his best not to run to his new House.

This was going to be an excellent year—Tino was certain of it!


Tell us a little about yourself. I can make constellations with the freckles on my arms. I'm sure you guys wanted to know that, ha.....
Anything else? I don’t have a favorite color because I love so many~

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PostSubject: Re: Tino Väinämöinen Application (Finland) COMPLETE [Accepted]   Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:06 pm

I see no reason not to accept you, you seem to make a good Finland! Although... This is a personal preference, but I see Finland as the sort of person who can get really agressive when angry. If you'd read a lot about Finland in history, you'll see that the country can be rather fierce. Also, Finland struck me as a serious heavy metal fan- I'm not sure if you'd agree, but that seems to be the common personality you'll come across.

Am I making sense?
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PostSubject: Re: Tino Väinämöinen Application (Finland) COMPLETE [Accepted]   Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:42 pm

Ah, guess I should have been a little clearer on that--I meant that Finland can be really fierce when he wants to be, although he's fairly tolerant. I'm still working out the few minor details of his character, too, so I'll definitely keep your thoughts in mind--and you're making perfect sense.
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PostSubject: Re: Tino Väinämöinen Application (Finland) COMPLETE [Accepted]   

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Tino Väinämöinen Application (Finland) COMPLETE [Accepted]
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