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 Anne Kirkland - Fem!England Application - DONE

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PostSubject: Anne Kirkland - Fem!England Application - DONE   Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:32 pm

Keep Your Wits About You And You'll Stand On Top

Character's name: Anne Elizabeth Kirkland

Country of origin: The United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain

Year: Fifth

Age: 15, Birthday is April 23rd

House: Slytherin

At first, Anne can come off as a cold-hearted bitch, lips constantly quirked downward in a scowl. She uses sarcasm as a means of defense and often lashes out verbally due to embarrassment (and, on some occasions, personal enjoyment). When in close quarters with people whom she has decided are "threatening" (or people she merely dislikes), her personality quickly turns abrasive and her thinking becomes very brash, sometimes causing her to speak without a second thought. However, the circumstances in which her temper flares are few and far between, unless provoked. In reality, she's actually fairly conservative and reserved, keeping a proper stiff upper lip about things. Even the slightest innuendo (made in public) will cause her to blush and regard the speaker with disdain. She's a bit of a snob due to her high-class roots and well-upbringing, causing her to be fairly elitist and mildly spoiled.

However, she's extremely efficient. If her mind is set to it, any task will be completed hours before its deadline, even adding embellishments here and there. Terribly prudent, she's been planning for her future ever since she could talk, though none of her plans ever stick. She's a bit of a scatter-brain at moments, constantly losing belongings. However, she's fairly well organized. Her prudent nature has caused her to be extremely ambitious in matters of her future and perhaps a bit fanciful. She's not above losing herself in a good day-dream every once in a while (but she wouldn't dare make a habit of it lest it affected her grades).

Anne is highly studious, spending much of her free time researching, reading, or doing homework. However, it's more to keep her reputation up than anything. She's afraid of disappointing her family, all of whom are expecting her to make Head Girl or something equally as prestigious. She pushes herself hard with her studies and enjoys seeing it pay off. Nonetheless, all of her time spent on school has caused her to suffer slight pangs of loneliness. She can get by in formal situations, as she's had to attend many a dinner party thanks to her background, but casual engagements are an entirely different story. She never quite manages to make the first impression she'd wish for. Due to this slight social impairment, she throws herself further into her books and studies as to appear that she doesn't have time for other people (as opposed to just being awkward). Just as well, she'll act coldly towards someone new for the same reason, and to appear better than them so they'll be terrified to approach her on a casual basis.


Anne has come to the conclusion that it's easier to maintain her long, ashy-blonde hair if she keeps it up and thus ties it back in two pigtails, using a couple bobby pins to keep her bangs from drifting across her face. While her family could easily afford a muggle eye treatment, they're close-minded bigots and banned her from such, as they called it, "treason against the Wizarding Blood". Therefore, the Briton is stuck wearing her red glasses for life (or until she graduates from Hogwarts and is officially out of her racist family's care for good). Her eyes are a bit peculiar, being an extremely bright shade of green and fairly uncommon. Her eyebrows are slightly bushy, though she manages to tame them with tweezers. Her skin is very pale and blushes easily, though it's hardly pasty. Her nose and lips are straight from aristocracy itself, her nose having a slight ski-slope look and her lips forming a perfect cupid's bow.

She'd be terribly pleased with her appearance if it weren't for her body shape. Anne's very slender, mostly likely due to the fact she eats less than the normal person (though it's perfectly normal). However, it could just be her genes. Due to this fact, she's not very well-endowed, causing a slight jealousy (boob-envy, if you will) to stir up sometimes. She's not very tall, exactly five feet and two inches and weighs 112 pounds; extremely petite.

Keeping up with her reputation, Anne prefers to keep well-groomed and dresses meticulously, spending a fair amount of time preparing herself in the morning. She owns a small Scottish Fold (affectionately named Shakespeare) and thus spends a few minutes each morning magicking away any stray hairs left behind. Her uniform always appears pressed and neat. When not in her school clothes she prefers to wear a button-up blouse and skirt, sheer stockings and fairly expensive shoes, courtesy of her family status.

Blood Status: Pureblood
* Clever.
* Ability to tell lies from truths.
* Herbology and gardening; she posses a very green thumb.
* Very focused.
* Knowledgeable about many, many, many spells/curses/hexes/jinxes/etc.
* Care of Magical Creatures, particularly care of unicorns. Anne's very fond of them.
* Transfiguration.
* Memorization, somewhat of a photographic memory.

* Cooking, something Anne cannot do to save her life.
* Owls, the birds always seem to hate her.
* Potions, much like cooking, proves to be a problem for Anne.
* She's constantly losing things.
* She's very anti-social.
* She's not very strong physically.
* Her handwriting is atrocious and barely legible.
* She's very stubborn.

* Though Anne is often by herself, she has a slight Autophobia, however that pertains mainly to those whom she's close to leaving her in some way, shape, or form.
* After one particularly gruesome nightmare caused by an extremely descriptive book, Anne developed a phobia of pirates.

* When thinking, Anne tends to tug on the ends of her pigtails.
* Clenches and un-clenches her fists when she's nervous.
* Digs her nails into her palms due to anxiety in social situations.

* Embroidering, knitting, and other needle-works, for soothing purposes.
* Reading.
* Cats. One cat, specifically (Shakespeare).
* Cooking, even if she's terrible at it.
* Alcohol, even though she's underage Anne's developed a keen taste for Firewhiskey.

* Noisy/obnoxious people.
* Pranksters.
* On principle, the French.
* Students who walk slow when she's trying to get somewhere.
* Slobs.
Your Character's backstory:

Anne was born to Lord and Lady Kirkland, of the highly esteemed Elizabethan branch of the prestigious Kirkland bloodline. Their roots can be traced back to Anne Boleyn herself, it's rumored. Of course, that doesn't mean the rumors are true, but they certainly sound well-bred, don't they? The family is as Pureblood as they come, including, but not exclusive to, muggle-hatred, fabulous dinner parties, loads of money, and nasty family secrets (such as Talia Silva Kirkland whom the family is forbidden to mention). The family thrives during public appearances, the epitome of socialites. From ages six to ten, Anne was primped and polished in an attempt to turn her into the perfect Kirkland socialite: intelligent, witty, and pure Slytherin. She had always had to make a positive impression in such occasions and is used to the world of fake smiles and ballgowns.

From the moment Anne could understand English, her parents began to fill her with all kinds of Pureblood Supremacy propaganda. Unfortunately, she was a late bloomer, her first talent for magic not appearing until the ripe age of six when she caused a particularly ferocious pigeon to stop harassing her for food by causing it to explode. Needless to say, the situation was traumatic. Before that, her parents worried whether or not she'd turn out a squib, as Anne looked the most promising out of their six daughters. Once Anne's magic developed, her parents were relieved and immediately tossed her into magical studies, hiring the sharpest tutors and buying the thickest books (perhaps it's this reason why Anne's four older sisters loathe her so much. Compared to "perfect" Anne, they were nothing. Patricia, the baby of the family, has no such feelings, but proceeds to call her a "jerk" anyway).

However, throughout her time at home, Anne witnessed the scandals her family attempted to hide from the Wizarding public (particularly those nasty paparazzi). She had heard of cousins "taken care of" due to muggle-friendly spouses, pre-marital activities, or merely due to a family feud. One of her aunts, a particularly sweet woman, was poisoned in her bed for speaking out against the Pureblood Supremacy propaganda in front of the impressionable children (that was one event Anne never quite got over). In such a situation, Anne was very much like a doll. Her parents did the best they could to raise her by the strict Kirkland laws into a fine young woman. And she played along. However, she had learned how to act, the talent a second nature (as it seemed to be for all Kirklands). She disagreed greatly with her family's opinions, but settled for keeping her tongue lest she be striked off the family tree and left penniless.

We Just Got A Letter:

Like any young witch or wizard in England, Anne anxiously awaited her eleventh birthday and the acceptance letter into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that would come along with it. Truthfully, she remembered the day like it was merely yesterday.

It was the morning June 6th, quite a few months after Anne's eleventh birthday. Unfortunately, the sun had not decided to make an appearance. Instead, a steady drizzle fell outside of Kirkland Estate, the heavy charcoal gray clouds obscuring any sunlight trying to make its way into the manor via the windows. Anne was sitting at the large dining table with her family, all eight of them silent as they consumed their breakfast. Her parents were strict believers in the statement "children should be seen, not heard". The morning post had yet to come, a tiny window meant specifically for owls was opened and letting rain into the immaculately clean house. Neither Lord nor Lady Kirkland looked particularly pleased by this.

The post was normal, bringing a few tabloids and the Daily Prophet. However, not two minutes after the Kirkland's beautiful snowy owl arrived did an average looking barn owl peck at the now-closed window. In its talons was clenched a letter, the maroon seal sticking out against the light tan parchment. Anne couldn't help the small gasp that escaped her lips, her eyes widening. She tried very hard not to appear too smug, putting on a stereotypical Kirkland air of indifference (quite a feat for an eleven year old).

She had to wait patiently for her parents to look over the letter first, sitting on her hands to keep from squirming and reaching out for the parcel. Really, it was no secret that it was her Hogwarts letter, and yet her parents didn't say anything. Their expressions were unchanged too. Suddenly, Anne's shoulders felt heavy. She knew what her parents expected of her. Be Slytherin or be disowned. She felt slightly queasy as the letter was handed to her and she only had the heart to give it a quick once-over.

Anne was supposed to feel excited. She was going to get new things: new books, new clothes, new quills, all the very best money could buy. She'd be the talk of the school, or so her parents hoped. And yet, she couldn't force herself to look forward to it. She only felt dread. Dread for that face that outside of her immediate family, she hadn't truly come into contact with anyone her age. Dread for the fact that her family was incredibly prideful. Dread for her fate.

The Sorting:

The Great Hall was noisy - too noisy. Never before had Anne been privy to such a rambunctious crowd. Sure, she had been in crowds before, but not like this. Not crowds of students. Everywhere around her adolescents chattered with their peers, greeting each other after a long summer holiday. To her, they all seemed delighted to be back. Even the other first years in line with her were making friends. Her stomach flipped and jumped and tied itself in a bow. It seemed impossible for her to make friends. She had attempted a smile at one girl, but it failed miserably and turned into a fearsome scowl. After such a lousy attempt she could do nothing but give up. Perhaps someone would make an effort to befriend her. Things would be much easier that way.

The first years were lead through the hall, many of them 'ooo'ing and 'ahh'ing at the enchanted ceiling. Anne merely snorted. It was almost cute, in her opinion, how very few of them actually researched the school they were going to. Such little preparation on their part surely put her ahead of the game. Why, she could be smarter than all of them, it seemed. A ghost of a smile crossed her lips. Wouldn't that please her parents?

Standing on the stage in front of the whole school was unnerving. She tried to tell herself it was like all those grand entrances her parents liked to make at public appearances. However, she knew that was a lie. These weren't people she'd smile at once and then never see again. These were her classmates for the next three, five, seven years. She knew in her gut that they'd judge her not only on her appearance and intellect, but on who she was as a person as well. And that terrified her. A wave of self-consciousness, followed by a tsunami of homesickness, washed over her and she dug her nails into the palms of her hands, attempting to distract herself.

That didn't work, but her the Sorting Hat did.

"Kirkland, Anne." She hadn't even realized they'd made it down to the 'K's.

A hot blush working its way across her cheeks, she nervously made her way to the lopsided stool. After the unnecessarily long five seconds it took to sit, she realized she was trembling. Clasping her hands together, she hoped to quell the shaking. A moment later, she was engulfed in darkness and a musty smell as the hat was placed on her head. She had to strongly resist the urge to scream.

Hmmn... Interesting... There was a voice in her head. In. Her. Head. Once more, Anne had to resist temptation to scream. No, no, don't worry, dearie. I won't hurt you, I'm only a hat. The voice in her head was a hat's. A hat's. Was that even possible? Yes. Apparently so.

Her stomach continued to clench and un-clench anxiously as the hat pondered its decision, dreading the outcome. A loyal heart... A keen mind... An overbearing family... Those green eyes... You're a Kirkland, yes? She thought her confirmation. Well, well, well... You're not like the others, I see. Ravenclaw would suit you just fine... Her heart nearly stopped and her blood ran cold. Her brain was malfunctioning - she couldn't even think. No? Well, where you do fit in...? Best be...

She squeezed her eyes shut and attempted not to hear as the hat seemingly drew in a deep breath.


Name: Madilyn, Maddie, or any other variations of aforementioned name.
Tell us a little about yourself. I hail from the good old U.S. of A. and I like to think I'm a Ravenclaw, personally. I'm a junior in high school and I have a deep love for Harry Potter and Hetalia. I've been here before, as Seychelles, I think, but then I kind of forgot about it and by the time I realized I felt it was too late to come back and reclaim my character (also, I have no ties to Seychelles whatsoever and am slightly glad I don't need to RP her anymore)... But I have returned and this is all a little intimidating but I'm excited to be back.
Anything else? A tie (ty?) between dark-dark blue and purple~

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PostSubject: Re: Anne Kirkland - Fem!England Application - DONE   Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:37 am

Well, I can't fault your application, it seems fine. I would like to know how, if in any close way, she was related to Arthur and Guinevere (Ancient England). However, I don't believe that if they were closely related, i.e. cousins, it would seem out of place, particularily with Guin's history.

I also want to know who "Talia Silva Kirkland" is and why they must never speak of her. Was she a squib, did she marry a muggle, was she the Aunt who spoke out over the propaanda? I apologise if it's obvious, but I just don't know.

But in asny case Accepted
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PostSubject: Re: Anne Kirkland - Fem!England Application - DONE   Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:44 am

Just as a clearing-things-up-post:

I didn't want to Godmod and assume Anne was closely related to them just for the other RPer's sake. I can definitely PM them and discuss if that would help out. I assume they'd be distant cousins, but again, I'll just have to clear that up with them.

"Talia Silva Kirkland" was just supposed to be someone "blasted" off the family tree, such as Andremeda Tonks was "blasted" off the Black family tree for marrying a muggle-born. There's no real importance, it's just a bit of family whosawhatsit. Same with Anne's aunt, who was a different woman who merely didn't have the "Pureblood opinions" of Anne's family and was thus "taken care of" rather harshly.

I hope that cleared things up a bit? Unless you'd like more info?
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PostSubject: Re: Anne Kirkland - Fem!England Application - DONE   

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Anne Kirkland - Fem!England Application - DONE
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