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 Guinevere Kirkland // Britannia App

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PostSubject: Guinevere Kirkland // Britannia App   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:42 pm

Character's name:Guinevere Marian Boudicca Kirkland

Country of origin: England (Represents the ancient group of kingdoms which now make up Britain)

Age: 35

What they teach: Potions

How long they've taught: About three years, but only just starting at Hogwarts.

Personality: Guinevere is a true Gryffindor, she’s headstrong, loud, and confident in herself. She argues a lot if she thinks that she’s right and is stubborn as a mule. She has a strong idea of morality and enforces it hard, making her a strict teacher sometimes. She expects the best out of her students, not perfection, but for them to do the best that they can do. She comes down hardest on those who slack of during her lessons because she prizes hard work over everything.

She’s very physical, when she fights she likes to throw things or shove the person she’s arguing with, She doesn’t like her wand sometimes, as it seems so impersonal to throw a curse at someone she’s attacking, it’s much more satisfying to feel someone’s nose break under your fist. This isn’t to say she’s sadistic and attacks people at random, and it certainly doesn’t compromise her morality, she only attacks a person when she believes it’s justified, usually in the defence of herself or someone else around her. Her pride is very important and she doesn’t like surrendering or admitting she’s wrong, and would rather drop a subject.

She’s very kind; she loves her family and the students she works with. She has a big heart and enjoys being affectionate, but only when he knows someone well. She thinks it’s inappropriate to touch those whom you don’t know or know well and wouldn’t like it if someone touched her like that. In fact, she would probably slap them.

She’s a bit of a tomboy, but she’s grown out of that now, not that she’s very feminine either. She likes playing sports and physical things. When she was younger, she toyed with the idea of becoming an auror or a professional beater in Quiddich. She is very strong, even more so now, as she’s been in a few bad boyfriends where she was overpowered and as such has tried even harder to be stronger so that doesn’t happen again. She’s very suspicious of men and she easily gets angry at and hates them and even though she’s bisexual, her track record with men is so bad that she rather prefers to call herself just a plain lesbian.

Appearance: She has long red hair with which waves and curls lightly around her face. She prides herself on her hair, keeping it long and shiny. Warriors of old used to believe that your power is in your hair and though she doesn’t believe that of course, she finds the story interesting and keeps her hair beautiful because of it. When she was younger, Guin even concocted her own conditioner that makes it extra shiny. Sometimes she plaits it, particularly for lessons. When she’s going out somewhere, she pins it up to show off her slender neck.

She has rather pale skin with faint pink tinge to her cheeks when she’s angry, happy or embarrassed. She has light blue-green eyes with long, light eyelashes. Guin doesn’t wear make-up except on special occasions as she claims it’s insulting to women; the most she will wear normally is a little lip balm to stop her lips from drying out. She has a few wrinkles, being 35, around her eyes mostly, but they’re barely noticeable as magical folk age slower than muggles. She also has, as you would expect, the infamous Kirkland eyebrows, albeit a milder version.

She’s relatively tall, about 5’8”, which isn’t supermodel tall by any means, but she’s certainly not short. She has broad shoulders and a curvy waist, with fairly large breasts swelling in front of her. She always wears a Celtic symbol in iron around her neck, and has a small tattoo on her shoulder blade of a celtic symbol meaning ‘strength’.

Faceclaim is this: images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/6700000/Matsumoto-bleach-anime-6748829-1054-1500.jpg If I can have a faceclaim of course.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Pureblood.

  • Her strength. She’s stronger than most, physically, and not bad with her wand either
  • Potions, she’s a prestigious potions master and has created a few of her own before and worked on some famous projects such as the wolfsbane project. She was only an apprentice then, but she’s very proud of having helped.
  • Intelligent. She is very knowledgeable about most things, apart from muggles, where her knowledge is rather sketchy.
  • Physical attributes. It’s a rather underhanded method of getting what she wants, but it means she gets served quickly at bars. She doesn’t mind if people stare at her breasts as long as they do something for her in return.
  • Common sense, which seems to be lacking these days.
  • Languages; Speaks English, French, German, Latin, Runic and Scottish Celtic.

  • Loving nature. She treats her brother’s sons like her own and spoils them. She would also do anything for them.
  • Her pride
  • Like a true Gryffindor, she doesn’t always think before acting.
  • Sweet things. Since her family holidays in the south of France and her days in Beuxbatons, she’s always had a bit of a weakness for French pastries and tarts.
  • Reliance on magic. She knows a little about muggles, but her family never really mingled with them. She couldn’t really use a telephone.

  • Needles. This is very serious, she will faint if she’s faced with a needle. Luckily, in the wizarding world, this doesn’t come up much, but she’s had vaccinations before, mostly as a child.
  • Afraid of the dark. Not darkness but pure impenetrable darkness.

  • Always wears her pendant, except while bathing or sleeping, and feels anxious if she doesn’t have it.
  • Mildly allergic to cats.

  • French bread and pastries.
  • Tea. She is British after all.
  • History
  • Having lots of friends around her, she gets lonely quickly.
  • Cooking. She’s not brilliant, but she’s better than her nephew. At least her food is edible
  • [*} Alcohol

  • Salad. Not that big on vegetables, but when she does eat them she likes them cooked.
  • Mice and rats
  • Cheap tasting food. She’s an aristocrat, used to having only the finest. Cheap tasting wine or chocolate and she simply can’t eat it.
  • People who hurt other people.
  • Mushrooms.

Your Character's backstory:
Once upon a time, there was a rich young lord who fell in love with a beautiful witch. They were married soon after, mere months from their first encounter, and the witch gave birth to a beautiful blond boy (which certainly explains the speedy marriage). He was a strong, strapping young boy who was loved by his family. But the witch wanted a baby girl, someone whose hair she could brush and put ribbons in and whom she could put in dresses. She was pleased so happy when she got pregnant, praying for a little girl.

And she did, a girl with long flowing red hair. For the first few years of her life, her mother dressed her in the most beautiful dresses, of red velvet, lace, white silk or blue gingham. She had only the finest. However, as she grew, she began to spurn the dresses and the tea parties, much preferring to play games and sports with her brother, or climb trees. She would come in covered in mud and begged to have her hair cut short.

She only thing she did enjoy was when her mother read her fairy tales, of knights and dragons, of damsels in distress and princesses who sleep for hundreds of years. She may have been a tomboy but she couldn’t resist those fairy tales, particularly the story of her namesakes, Robin Hood and Arthurian legends.

She grew in to an intelligent and beautiful young woman, with lily white skin and long right hair, her body was perfectly curved and she had full lips. She worked hard during potions apprenticeship, being smart as well. However, at nineteen, she suddenly... 'fell ill' one Christmas after a drunken Christmas eve party in a bar. She was forced to postpone her apprenticeship in order to recover.

Nine months later, she had recovered, and (completely coincidentally of course) a baby boy called Arthur was born. Naturally, of course, an unwed teenage mother couldn't keep her baby, particularly not a Kirkland! Then there was Guinevere's brother, who had a loving wife. A loving wife who couldn't have children. Early on, it was decided that the only possible Kirkland family heir would be raised in that family, forcing Guinevere to take the role of aunt. During her first trimester, she couldn't have been happier about this situation; she didn't have to have an abortion, nor keep a baby she was sure she could not look after, particularly after being cast out from the family. No, she would be able to carry on with her apprenticeship, become famous and spoil her son with everything he wanted from the sidelines.

But then, her baby started to grow and suddenly she felt pregnant; she felt as if she had a bond with the baby inside her, the natural link between mother and child; being pregnant was so good; it felt so right. By the end, she realised she wanted this baby, she wanted to keep her son. But she was still a Kirkland and it was still a blemish on their family.

When he was born, she was near mad with love for him and didn't want to let him go, wanted to keep her baby. They conceded to her crying and her clutching of the boy and let her stay in the nursery with him. But really, it was just like a game of dolls. She got to hold him and feed him, put him in a pram and take him for walks, but in the end, when he was weaned, she still had him taken away. As they took him, he laughed, she screamed and cried.

The next few weeks, she would not listen to reason, becoming hysterical. There were times she would, in a seemingly sleep-like state, take the empty pram for a walk; she would run baths in the baby tub and she would sing lullabies to the empty cot. Then, other times she would just scream and cry. The madness was so bad that her family were on the verge of institutionalizing her. Then, one day, it all just stopped. She seemed well again; she could have conversations, she would talk normally, and she was convinced that being brought up by her brother was the right thing to do.

So, she stayed close and watched her 'nephew' grow up from the sidelines, as was her duty. She functioned normally as an adult and returned to her apprenticeship, nothing was wrong.

Then, she fell in love. He seemed like her knight in shining armour or her prince charming, but she was wrong. Not long after, he became controlling of her and she began to hate him. She would argue and fight but he was stronger and fought back. She felt better with the bruises knowing she had started the fight. She got out as quickly as possible but the cycle repeated several times again until she was sure she was cursed.

She gave up on the idea that a husband could give her a happily ever after and strived to make her own instead, though it’s proving rather difficult.

How they were hired/transferred: She applied to Beaubatons, encouraged by the good facilities, wanting time to experiment, and of course, the fact that it paid well. After a falling out with the charms teacher, where they very nearly hurt each other, she decided it was time to leave, and as there was an opening at Hogwarts, it seemed the logical thing to do.

RP Sample: Guinevere stretched and yawned, sitting up in her chair. She had actually fallen asleep in her chair but then, she supposed what had happened when you stayed up for thirty six hours straight. She hadn’t intended to, but then, she had wanted to watch this potion. She didn’t want to put a preservation charm on it – it was too new and thus volatile, she hadn’t tested it with any spells yet. She hoped nothing had happened while she was asleep but if it had, she supposed the bang would have woken her.

She went over and inspected it. No, it was the same robin’s egg blue as she had predicted, which, of course a good sign. Shaking the last of her fatigue off her, she took a unicorn horn from the shelf and started to grind it in a mortar. She had to sleep properly soon though, as it wouldn’t do to fall asleep in her classes. That was something one could be fired for after all, though in all her knowledge, Hogwarts had never fired a teacher.

Besides, students didn’t even arrive until tomorrow anyway, and there would be time to sleep before then. Heck, she had slept through the feast before as a student, and doing so now would be a nostalgic experience.

Name: Lauren
Tell us a little about yourself. But you already know me. I’m mad and shy, ect, ect.
Anything else? TURQUOISE O3O

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PostSubject: Re: Guinevere Kirkland // Britannia App   Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:09 pm

For some reason, I can't access the picture. ;A;
But it's alright, since I know who Mastumoto is in Bleach.

Your applications are a-ma-zing (as usual). The last part of your RP sample, "Besides, students didn’t even arrive until tomorrow anyway, and there would be" cuts off. But I think I can guess what you want to say. We already know how you RP, anyway. -w-

Guinevere Marian Boudicca Kirkland (your name is longer than mine!), you are hereby
ACCEPTED! Go change your name~
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PostSubject: Re: Guinevere Kirkland // Britannia App   Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:43 pm

That is because I suck and totally got distracted, then thought I was finished oAo I'll fix that right away, thank you lovelie~

You can't see the picture because I put a space in it, as members less than a week old can't post links, to try and deter spamming. But yes, since it's a very well known character, it doesn't matter
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PostSubject: Re: Guinevere Kirkland // Britannia App   

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Guinevere Kirkland // Britannia App
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