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 Dominik Vasilescu // Romania [DONE!]

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Dominik Vasilescu


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PostSubject: Dominik Vasilescu // Romania [DONE!]   Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:39 am

T h e A p p l i c a t i o n

Character's name: Dominik Vasilescu

Country of origin: Romania

Year: Fifth

Age: Sixteen

House: Gryffindor

The word that most people use to describe Dominik would have to be eccentric. Personally, he could care less if that tends to be most people's opinions on him. Although it tends to frighten many others, he has always been drawn to reading about the darker side of things. This left him with an interest in what many people would consider dark magic and the occult. It doesn't mean he is necessarily a bad person, his fascination with it just tends to scare people off or simply give the wrong impression of him. Truth is, he loves magic so much that he thinks it is silly when people differentiate types. Dominik holds a deep love of folklore stories and magical creatures. He has spent so much time dealing with it that it can leave the average person a little lost when speaking to him. He also thinks himself to be good at fortune telling, though he isn't good at doing the bigger aspects of the subject as of yet. Though one would think he loves studying based on all this, he really only likes doing things on the subject that he wants and when he wants.

Dominik's way of thinking tends to be very simple and traditional. He prides himself on the traditions of where he is from, it is in his upbringing. Of course, he is young. The occasional slip ups do happen and are to be expected. He is the type to occasionally reply to things with words of wisdom he has learned from older people. Telling himself that they are right can help Dominik relieve stress sometimes. He tries very hard, but often doesn't succeed. Don't let his odd little smile fool you. If he makes needs to do something, Dominik will pursue it until it is done with all his strength. It is both a blessing and a curse, but he is naturally stubborn.

Overall, he tends to be a pretty friendly guy to other people. His idea of the word "friendly" might be a bit different than others at times though. Despite this, he is still a generally easy guy to get along with if you stay on his nice side. If he genuinely likes someone, he is a great friend and will be loyal to them as much as he can. At the same time, he has a huge mischievous streak in him. He will do things that he knows he really shouldn't for the expense of his own amusement. Mixed with his oddly unique sense of humor, it might not be the best for people around him. Sometimes it can come off as downright creepy. It might come as a surprise, but he is rather romantic when the time comes for him to be. Being the type to read many fairy tales, this is a part of him that was originally rooted in that. He loves reading and mixed in his collection is a section of romance novels.

Though he tries his best to stay friendly, he can have a rather sharp tongue. He can be a bit hot headed and have a bad temper. Dominik isn't the type to hide his feelings for other people's sake. If he doesn't like them, he most likely will not refrain from voicing his thoughts. Contrary to his general friendliness, is rather cold inside. The bigger picture is, Dominik is horrible at actually being able to trust most people easily. It is a bit of a self defense mechanism in his head. Inside is he very suspicious of others motives. This fact holds especially true when dealing with people of high authority. Dominik likes to put on facades of having a better lifestyle than he really does. He will buy things just so it looks like he has more than reality, just to fit an appearance. As one could guess, he is horrible with saving up money. It isn't a completely bad thing though. He will go all out when buying gifts for people he cares about.


Taking into account the general appearance of his body, there isn't much out of the ordinary about Dominik. He stands at around 174 cm tall, making him just about average compared to other males around his age. Though he may not have the ideal body of an athlete, he is far from weak in appearance. On his body there is some muscle, and he is actually decently strong from work. Though he would rather not fight, it does happen from time to time and he can certainly hold his own in a physical brawl. His skin is rather fair. It isn't that he doesn't go outside, it is just naturally light. Though they aren't noticeable until close up, he has a light patch of freckles across his nose.

Most of Dominik's most defining characteristics lie above the shoulders. His hair is cut short, but not so short that it doesn't need to be managed. It is mostly straight, appearing a bit shaggy in some areas. This holds especially true to the areas of hair around his ears, and a few chunks in the back that don't like to stay put no matter how many times he pats them down. Most of his bangs are parted off to the left side of his head. His hair is an extremely light shade of brown, teetering on the edge of being dark blonde. Dominik's eyes often catch the most attention of his features. They are an interesting shade of reddish brown that he rather likes himself since it isn't common. The other unique feature above the shoulders is often seen as very peculiar. Because of his father's side of the family, his two canine teeth are strangely sharp and resemble that of a real vampire's. He is only part though, so they are harmless other than being able to give someone a good bite.(* see notes!) He has heard enough jokes about those to last himself a lifetime.

With clothes, he tends to have a more traditional and old fashioned sense of style. This isn't surprising, since he is very old fashioned at heart. He has a thing for old jewelry, even if he doesn't wear most of it. One of Dominik's favorite accessories is a small hat. He has a large collection in many different colors. They are all unique to him. Some have ribbons, some have jewels, and others are just plain. Though he loves it and some might joke that it is permanently attached to his head, he doesn't really wear it all the time. In his left ear, he wears a small red earring. Even if his clothing may be out of the ordinary, he does take notice to his outward appearance and always tries to look well dressed in his own eyes even if he does have a rather eclectic sense of style.

Of course, few of his clothing choices can be found here at Hogwarts since most of the time he is forced to wear a uniform like the rest of the student body. The only thing from his wardrobe that seems to be frequent with his uniform is that tiny hat of his.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Half-blood

    ♥ Knowledge of folklore and fairy tales
    ♥ Charms and curses
    ♥ Strength
    ♥ Determination
    ♥ Eagerness to learn
    ♥ Knack for fortune telling, even if it is only small things
    ♥ Loyalty
    ♥ Well mannered
    ♥ Hospitable
    ♥ Imaginative
    ♥ Tends to finish what he starts
    ♥ Hard working
    ♥ Playful

    ✖ Impulsive
    ✖ Horrible with money
    ✖ Stubborn
    ✖ Easily Offended
    ✖ Impatient
    ✖ Holds grudges easily
    ✖ Sometimes selfish
    ✖ Short-tempered
    ✖ Superstitious
    ✖ Possessive

    ✦ Betrayal is something that really scares him. It would absolutely crush him to have someone that he trusted turn their back on him.
    ✦ Death, whether talking about himself or people close to him, frightens him. It is common for most people his age to not really want to think of it. Given his parent's line of work, he has heard horrible stories of deaths and doesn't wish that upon anyone.
    ✦ Big, open water doesn't agree with him and he hates it. Something about it just gives him the chills to think about. He is afraid of drowning.
    ✦ Black cats weird him out.

    ★ When dealing with simple illnesses like colds, he normally doesn't visit the doctor or insists that whoever if sick doesn't go. Instead he will try to treat it with treatments typically referred to as "Granny's wisdom".
    ★ He can be very superstitious over things that other people would consider to be silly. It leads people to not understand and write it off as odd.
    ★Because of his parents, he is a bit of a dork with dragons.

Your Character's backstory:
Dominik was born to Sorina and Lucian Vasilescu on the first of December. His birthplace was Romania, and he was the couple's first child. This never changed. The Vasilescus never had another child to keep their son company. He himself didn't mind though. His mind was very imaginative and he was able to make do on his own. Both of his parents had previously attended and graduated wizarding institutions, so he grew up around magic his whole life. On his mother's side of the family, his relatives were very mixed with both magic and muggle backgrounds. His father's side was more sturdy as far as magical backgrounds went. The family was always particularly close to Dominik's grandparents on his father's side of the family.

During his childhood, he spent a lot of time with his grandparents because his parents would be off busy with work. He loved them though, and greatly enjoyed their company growing up. Dominik learned many things that he remembers and still references to this day. Still, children need social interactions with people their own age. As much as he adored his grandparents, it wasn't the same as making friends with other children. Their home was too far away from town for someone his age to really go and visit on his own, so he grew accustomed to simply entertaining himself. Growing up this way may have had some disadvantages, but he used a lot of this time for reading up on things. Nothing made Dominik more happy then being able to recite stories to his parents and seeing a smile. Even on the occasions he was around people his own age, he was a bit of an odd one and sometimes had trouble getting along with them.

Even if his parents were busy with work a lot, there was something that made up for it. If time allowed, they would bring their son with them. When he was very young, it did frighten him, but over time he learned to love it. Where did they work, you may ask? Romania is home to the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary, the largest sanctuary of its kind in the world. They were both lucky enough to hold different positions in that workplace. It provided Dominik with a unique experience growing up, since most people rarely get to experience more than once growing up. Since the sanctuary was also for studying and educational purposes, his presence wasn't really minded as long as he was kept safe. Though he wasn't allowed near older dragons other than to see them from afar for obvious reasons, he did get to see younger ones closer up.

Being exposed to things like that only made Dominik want to grow faster so he would be able to do things like he saw everyone else do. It bothered him that he was only allowed to watch or read about it in books. Of course, there wasn't really anything that could be done about his wishes either other than waiting.

Needless to say, Dominik was overjoyed when he finally received a letter inviting him to attend school in the fall. Though he was far from the best in his class, he was above average. If anything, going to school only made magic more fascinating. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't exactly the most approachable person. During his first years of school, he had few friends. It didn't bother him so much. His own little world that he used to entertain himself in his head was still there, and people did talk to him generally. He would amuse them with tricks.

It wasn't until he was in his third year of school that he actually met a classmate that turned into being a close friend of his. At this point in time, Dominik wasn't completely as emotionally cut off, so he quickly told his new friend all about himself and his life. There was no reason not to, as the year went on. The next year at school didn't go as smoothly. Dominik himself doesn't even understand why everything happened. All he knew was that people were talking nasty about him without any good reason, and some knew things that he had never told others.....except one person. The whole experience broke his heart, and left him stuck the was he is today with not trusting people well and being suspicious.

Even after he had dropped the "friend" that was the cause of his problems, he still didn't feel quite the same. It took a bit of enjoyment out of something he loved. In his fourth year, Dominik heard about Hogwarts opening up an exchange program for other students around the world. He had heard of that school before, though he had never been to England in his life. This sounded like it was just what he needed to get away from the things troubling him at his current school. Both of his parents had no objections, since the school had a nice reputation. Much to his surprise, he was actually the one who got accepted.

We Just Got A Letter:
Dominik swore that he had been waiting the entire summer to receive one simple piece of paper in the mail. Yes, he had been eagerly awaiting this summer for years now, but having the moment finally so close to him was torturous. It felt farther away than ever. His poor mother hoped that he got it soon so he wouldn't be glued to the front window on the lookout for any signs of approaching owls. Little did he know that today would actually be the day he had been looking forward to. His attention to the window had been dwindling every day for the last week. This hadn't been out of wanting to give up, he was a determined boy no matter what. Sometimes his front lawn just wasn't all that exciting after staring at it all day. In his boredom, he didn't see the approach of anything. Either way, when he saw a letter reading the name 'Dominik Vasilescu' scrawled on the front of the envelope, his heart nearly skipped a beat.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting for the proof, it was there in his hands. He was very sure that his parents would have appreciated being there when their son opened up his letter, but he wasn't sure what room of the house they were in at the moment. They would have to wait. Excitedly, he ripped open the envelope so he could read the contents of what was inside. Sure enough, it was just what he had been waiting for all of this time. It was a letter stating that he was to be attending the Romanian Academy of the Magical Arts in the fall. Even though he was sure that was what the letter said, he insisted on reading it a few more times to himself with a smile.

Oh, that was right, he had to share this experience with others and properly celebrate this occasion! Though the envelope was long forgotten on the couch, the piece of parchment that his letter was written on certainly wasn't. That day, he had run all through the house until he could get both parents in one room so they could read for himself. Needless to say, it was a nice start for him to want to go to school so badly. Dominik was even excited to go shopping, which was something he was never too fond of at that age.

Years later, Dominik wasn't quite sure what he had done wrong this time as he was called to the headmaster's office. Being in there was rarely ever a good thing in his case, so not being able to recall doing anything wrong was a bit confusing. He figured though that if he was called out of charms class for whatever they needed to speak of, it must have been important. The thought that it was to discuss him transferring to another school like he had applied to hadn't crossed his mind. Whenever he entered things, he never really came out on top with the prize.

It was a joyous surprise to find out that Hogwarts was interested in having him as a student. The headmaster seemed pleased with him, and Dominik felt much more at home in his own school as he left the office an hour later. It was happier than he had been in a while. His parents were proud of him for being chosen, and had no objections. When he was young, his father had moved around to different schools and he thought it would be a good experience for him.

The Sorting:
The whole experience once Dominik actually arrived to Hogwarts was turning out much more nerve-wracking than he would have originally thought. Back at his old school, there were other methods of separating students. Of course, there it held the same disappointments that any child had deal with about not being in the same sections as friends, but here it seemed like so much more. It was a bit like a strange spectacle. Everyone was to sit when their name was called and have something decided by a hat? The idea was fascinating. Once the hat called a decision, Dominik swore that he could see the pure happiness or sadness on the child's face once the decision was made. Apparently this was all very important. He wasn't once to be shy in front of crowds, but watching all these other people in front of him made him a bit nervous. For once, he was glad that his last name was towards the end of the alphabet on the list of names.

The overall scene was a bit strange. There were students that were coming in as first years to Hogwarts that were actually supposed to be at the school. What was odd was that half of the people who were transferring this year were not first years. Their height alone made them stick out like sore thumbs. Dominik was glad that this appeared to be a widespread thing so there were plenty of other people around his age. Though he wasn't the tallest guy around, he was taller than most of what looked like first years. It would have made the experience even more awkward.

It seemed like time was going by rather quickly. Pretty soon, it was nearing the end of the alphabet and he knew that he would be hearing his name in due time. Part of him wanted to get it over with and sit down, and the other half did not. It was only a matter of time before he heard it. "Dominik Vasilescu." was being called, just like all the names before his had been. As he stepped forward, it was the same as with he had watched with first years and other transfer students; nearly all eyes were on him. Still, he tried not to let the nervousness get the best of him. It was just putting on a cool talking and moving hat and sitting on a stool. Nothing out of the ordinary there! Wait...

As instructed when they first arrived into the hall, Dominik took a seat on the stool. Next thing he knew, the hat was being out on top of his head. An odd feeling came over him, suddenly he was quite excited to hear what the hat had to say. It was almost like he had forgotten everything else that was going on in the hall around him. It made his head feel strange and tingly, but it wasn't anything bad. The amount of time it was taking was still a bit unnerving. After what seemed like forever, the hat's voice finally spoke again in its loud voice. "Gryffindor!"

Cheers from a nearby table of students dressed in the colors of scarlet and gold cheered and clapped, so even if he hadn't remembered which table was which he would have remembered. Dominik left the stool to go to sit at the larger table, taking a seat where ever he could find room. Everyone around him looked like they were having a nice time. Maybe this school year would be better like he had hoped after all.

A b o u t M e

Name: Caitlin
Tell us a little about yourself.
Hey! I decided to join here again. I was the first Spain from this site way back when it first opened. So if you have been here since the beginning, it is nice to see you all again. Romania is very different from the two normal goofballs I tend to play, and this is only my 2nd application as him. He still needs some work and further development, yes, but I hope that my basic ideas for his character are enough to please you! Sorry some parts are jumpy.
Anything else?
I really like all the colors because when mixed together they can create a whole pretty world of color...but if you literally mix them together you get a nasty brown...I am partial to the color pink at the time of typing this.

N o t e s

* I wanted to include this as a note even though it is very distant and has no real influence on him as a person other than a few things in his appearance. I didn't want you guys to call mary sue on me or something. I am really paranoid. The Harry Potter wiki on the section quotes from the FAQ on Rowling's site that states "For example, Filius Flitwick is only one-eighth goblin, but retains a small stature as a result of this heritage." and Rowling said that in her head he wasn't as tiny as the movies show. This is how I imagined it with Dominik's family. Somewhere along the line, his ancestors would have had some type of run in with vampirism. Harry Potter canon ones can breed with humans and other creatures so over the years, by the time it got to Dominik here it would have just left him with physical characteristics. They don't actually do anything or whatever. I actually researched that a lot so his Hetalia canon fangs would make sense...I hope you don't think it is strange!

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PostSubject: Re: Dominik Vasilescu // Romania [DONE!]   Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:38 pm

I love your character! <3
I call first dibs.

And don't worry about the vampire-like appearance. Isn't Romania rumored to be vampire-land? I quite like it~ and the little hat too. c: I have a collection of tiny hats all in different colors. My favorite is the red one.

You also did your research! I love you even more.

Dominik Vasilescu, you are hereby
ACCEPTED! Feel free to join us in the chatbox, any thread labeled OPEN in our roleplay sections, or go ahead and start one of your own~! You are now permitted to change your name to Dominik Vasilescu.

P.S. Ah, there's no ban on Slytherins. I probably worded that wrong, OTL. Everyone is just strongly discouraged from choosing that house.
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Dominik Vasilescu // Romania [DONE!]
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