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 Toris Lorinaitis - Lithuania [Finally FINISHED otl]

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PostSubject: Toris Lorinaitis - Lithuania [Finally FINISHED otl]   Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:59 pm

Character's name: Toris Lorinaitis

Country of origin: Lithuania

Year: Third.

Age: 14

House: Ravenclaw

Toris is really quiet. The few times he does speak up are only when there is an argument going on and he wants to express his opinion about said argument and when he doesn't like something that being said to him. However, he can be a really talkative when it comes to something he loves or when he's around people he considers friends. That being said, Toris is a rather friendly person, but it's hard to him to open up to people.

Because Toris' father always had high expectations from him, he was pretty affected by it himself and also has high expectations. Now that he started to study in the Academy, he knew that even though his father didn't really approve of this, he had to show him that he can succeed even there. Toris also finds everything new pretty interesting – whether it's from the Muggle World or the Magical World - and if he wants, he can spend hours on hours in the library until he will understand something.

Because he is Muggle-Born and didn't have someone who knew anything about the magic world around him, he has a little problem of controlling his magic while he is upset or angry about stuff. Toris might probably make things blow up or set stuff on fire.


Toris has green eyes and brown hair that reaches to his shoulders and not more than that. He likes it that way. He's also rather thin, but usually while he wears his robe, nobody notices it.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Muggle Born.


  • Good in Material Arts; even though he now learns how to use magic, he still practices it just in case there will be a day when he won't have his wand with him.
  • He's a very good cook; his father taught him how to cook ever since he was little kid.
  • Toris is really good at fixing stuff; that contains almost any devices from the muggles' world to magical stuff.
  • Toris has an ability to finish reading books rather fast. He can start one at the morning and by the evening he would be either in the middle or the end of it, depends on the length.

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:

  • He can lose his self-control and get angry in a second; insult him, hurt him, etc. and he will kick your ass for next week or will break stuff.
  • He has Acrophobia, and that doesn't really help him in Flying class.
  • He sometimes has bad mood swings, and when it happens, he prefers to stay alone until it's over.
  • Practical Potions is his bad subject. He can't just make those things correctly.

Your Character's backstory:
Toris was born on the 16th of February in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius and lived there most of his life. His mother died while giving him a birth and he grew up with his father.. Toris' father had high expectations since he started to go to Muggles' school, and had always wanted his son to succeed in everything he did. At the age of 7, Toris got really upset because his father didn't allow him to go play with his friend and he accidentally broke a few glasses that were on the counter with his newly discovered magical power. Thinking that the only way to make things like that to happen again was only when he was upset, Toris sometimes didn't make his homework so his father would yell at him to see what else he could do. He knew he was special. When he was 10, he accidentally set a small fire with his powers (which he couldn't control) during school hours due to the fact that a few boys from his grade laughed at him because of his slightly long hair and called him in names. The only excuse he had to his father after this, was: "B-but I have special powers, dad! I can make things fly if I want!" Of course, his father didn't believe him.

On the summer when he was 11, the headmaster of the Lithuanian school to witchcraft and wizardry came to his house to explain Toris and his father about the school, what the meanings of his powers and how everything works. Toris was amazed at what the older man had told him. A whole world that works with magic and he was a part of it nonetheless! He asked the headmaster – Professor Nakvosaicy – every question that came to his mind. And he had a lot. On the other hand, Toris' father wasn't as enthusiastic as his son. When he said to Professor Nakvosaicy he refuses to send his son there because "He's a normal kid and not.. 'A wizard'." Toris jumped from his place and tried to break something again or to make the newspaper to fly. But he didn't succeed, so he just kicked the chair and went away from there.

Surprisingly, the day after, Toris' father woke him early and they both went to buy his first wand, all the books he needed and an owl (According to Professor Nakvosaicy, owls were the main way to communicate in the magical world).

The rest of the summer vacation was spent reading the books. Toris had a feeling that the rest of his future classmates would know some of the things already because they were born in the magical world. He had hard time leaving his father and going to a place he barely knew on the first day of school.

It took Toris a little while to get used to everything, but by the end of September he knew what his favourite subjects were (Charms and Transfiguration) and also to make a few friend (Which was a surprise to him). When Christmas arrived, Toris had to stay in the school because his father went aboard for business trip. During the holidays time while at the dining hall, he was called "Mudblood". One of his friends that also stayed told him what it meant, Toris had one of moments when he can't control his magic and blew up a few plates and ran away. That was when he realized that no matter where he will go, people would always call him in names.

The rest of the year had passed quickly after the holidays, and before he knew it, Toris was in his way back home to the summer. When he was told he couldn't do magic outside of school, Toris decided to have more self-control and not to get mad at someone/something quickly.

At the second year he slowly learnt how to control himself, although it didn't help much because this year he also had his first hallways mini-duel with the same boy who called him a Mudblood the previous one. They got caught by the Charms teacher, Professor Sabol, after her class and got detention for the first time in his whole life. He felt like he was disappointing his father even though he wasn't there to ground him himself.

The summer between the second to the third year passed quickly as Toris and his father went to visit his family that lived in Russia for most of the summer vacation (which was a hard thing to Toris, because he had homework to do).

We Just Got a Letter:
It was a regular morning, at the start of Toris' third year in the academy.. Or it was, until he got a letter from the headmaster while eating breakfast;

Mr. Lorinaitis,
Please come to my office right after your last class today.
Professor Adomas Nakvosaicy.

Toris stared at the letter for a few moments before his friend had poked him, which of course caused him to laugh and to automatically put the paper in his pocket.
Luckily for him it was Friday and it meant only one thing- A short day. After his last class – Charms – Toris went to the third floor, there he saw only one, wooden door. He guessed it was Professor Nakvosaicy's office, so he knocked lightly on the door a few times (not exactly knowing what else he was supposed to do) and waited. When he saw that no one was answering, he frowned slightly and looked around him.

'What if it is an emergency and Professor Nakvosaicy needs to tell me something important?' He thought to himself, '… But if it was, then he would have call me at breakfast..'

Suddenly he heard footsteps in the hallway, coming right towards him. It was Professor Catelinas, the Deputy Headmaster. The Lithuanian boy quickly took the letter out of his pocket and waited to the older man.

"P-Professor Catelinas, sir.. Ah… The headmaster told m-me to come to his office after class, but I don't know where it is…" He explained as he handed him the letter, biting his lip. The Professor nodded, handing Toris the letter.

"Ah, indeed. I'm sure that Professor Nakvosaicy is waiting for you, Lorinaitis," He said, starting to walk again. "Follow me."

Toris nodded and quickly started to follow him in the direction of what seemed like the bathroom. He didn't say anything, though, knowing that the old man knew better than him. They turned in the corner, only to see, for Toris' surprise, a huge statue of a dragon. The boy stared at while the deputy headmaster took his wand out of his robe and waved it. Toris jumped when the dragon's right wing moved and he could now see a door right behind it. He stared at it for a couple of minutes before the Professor had pushed him forward towards it. The boy looked over his shoulder at the older man, not sure if to start walking or not.

"Go on." Professor Catelinas simply said with a small smile before he went away from there.

Toris nodded and turned, slowly walking to the door like he was going to his death. When he reached the door, the dragon's right wing moved again, this time back to its place. After knocking on the door and a "Come in," Toris found himself in an office full of old books from all kinds. Even though he wanted to read every each of them (He guessed that there were hundreds of them), he knew he has to face the headmaster and the reason why he was called to that place.

He sat down on the chair in front of the big table, biting his lip. The man in front of him was around his fifties, his light brown hair white in a few places and his eyes green. With a kind smile, the headmaster of the Lithuanian Academy to Witchcraft and Wizardry took out from his drawer a letter and put it on the table in front of Toris.

Without any more waiting, he immediately asked, "P-Professor, sir… Why did you call me..? Did I do something wrong? Am I going to be expelled?!"

Professor Nakvosaicy shook his head. "Do not worry yourself too much, Toris. You're okay," He said, "Take that letter and read it."

The Lithuanian teenager slowly nodded (even though he still didn't believe that everything was okay) and took the letter from its place on the table and read it.

Mr. Toris Lorinaitis,
We're happy to tell you that you were accepted to the new International Student Exchange Program. The program was and still is a great opportunity to young wizards and witches to learn about other cultures around the world.

In case you will agree to take a part in that, you will move to Hogwarts, a school to Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland as soon as possible.
Miranda Smith
The Ministry of Magic

Toris looked up from the paper when he finished reading it, smiling. "I-is that.. Real? I mean, I can actually go to learn in a different school if I want to..?" He asked, looking at the older man hopefully. He could continue to learn in a foreign country. And no one would know that he is a Muggle-Born, which means nobody would insult him (Although he learnt to live with that). Without waiting to an answer – again – he stated, "I will go."

Toris found himself on a Knight Bus to France a few days after. Although that most of the trip was unpleased, he spent it reading the copy of Hogwarts, A History that Professor Nakvosaicy gave him.

He wondered how it would feel to have the Sorting Hat on his head, and he also wondered in what house he will be sorted to. Everything could happen. Toris hoped to be either in Gryffindor or in Ravenclaw. He knew that his chances to be sorted to the Gryffindor house were minor because he wasn't "brave" or something of that sort.

When the Knight Bus had finally stopped somewhere in the woods of France, Toris got off it, a backpack on his shoulders and a suitcase with all his books, robes and the rest of the things. He looked around him in amazement. He should visit in France one day.. Maybe in the summer with his father, he noted to himself.
Suddenly, someone tapped on his shoulder. Toris, surprised, automatically took his wand out of his front pocket of his pants and turned around, ready to curse whoever it was.

"Whoa, kid, relax.." The man said in a British accent. He was around his thirties, Toris guessed and he had a black hair, which reached to his ears. The boy put his wand back in his pocket and looked at him. "Lorinaitis?"

The Lithuanian teenager nodded slowly, "Y-yes, sir. I'm sorry.." He said quietly and looked down.

The man shrugged before he took what looked like an old MP3 player. "Portkey. It leaves in couple of minutes. You better hold tight your suitcase there," He explained, "Free hand, touch the Portkey."

"Yes, okay.." He mumbled. Right hand holding the suitcase tightly like the older man said – who still didn't tell his name to Toris – and left hand touching the old MP3 player. He let himself to look around the place they were in before they left to Scotland (to be more specific- to Hogsmeade).

A brief moment later, and they were standing in the middle of what seemed like a main road in a village. The leafs on the trees were already yellow-ish even though it was a bright day and the sky were clear. The man led him to the big entrance of the school, then through the big doors of the castle. It was really different from the academy in Lithuania..

The Sorting:
Toris stood in the –almost - end of what looked like the dining room. The man - whose name was apparently John ("Only John." He told Toris) – said that before Toris even begins to study, he needed to be sorted to one of the Houses in Hogwarts. And he wasn't the only one that was sorted that day. There were what seemed like another fifteen new students from around the world, nervously waiting for their name to be called. He guessed he was going to be somewhere in the middle and indeed, after the first five new people, he heard it;

"Lorinaitis, Toris!"

The Lithuanian boy closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Everything was going to be okay. He could do it. He slowly walked to the chair that stood there and sat on it, closing his eyes again as he felt the Sorting Hat on his head.

'Let's see what we have here..' A voice suddenly said from.. The Hat? 'Good motivation to learn and intelligence but also loyalty..' He tried to keep calm as the Sorting Hat talked to itself, not wanting to know what would happen if it wouldn't know to which House to send him. 'There is also a desire to prove that you can do everything even though you're different.. But for good.'
And the Hat went silence for a couple of seconds. During this time, thoughts that he mightn't fit anywhere and he'll have to go back to Lithuania ran in his mind.
But then it began to speak again. Or more like it screamed. "Ravenclaw!"


Name: Shiri

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, ah. I'm a little bad at it but ah.. Anyway, I'm 17 years old, living in Israel.
English isn't my first language. This be Hebrew.
And well... That's all I guess. c:

Anything else?[i]

My favourite colour changes every week and right now it's green. c:

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PostSubject: Re: Toris Lorinaitis - Lithuania [Finally FINISHED otl]   Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:04 am

Okay, now that you've read the rules and your app is up, I don't see any problems. Accepted.
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Toris Lorinaitis - Lithuania [Finally FINISHED otl]
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