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 Ancient Rome Application -DONE-

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PostSubject: Ancient Rome Application -DONE-   Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:03 pm

Character's name: Romulus 'Papa' Vargas

Country of origin: Italy, Rome

What they teach: How to be sexy Ancient Runes but he is skilled enough at Potions to substitute if needed

How long they've taught: Only as long as his sweet Feliciano and Lovino have attended Hogwarts

House they head: The home of the brave; Gryffindor

Personality: Romulus is the type of man that either makes the best friend in the entire world or your absolute worst enemy.

He, unlike his grandchildren, is brave and stubborn to the point of utter recklessness. Romulus has near blinding confidence in himself at all times and takes pride in being both a lover and a fighter.

He is usually outstandingly merry{or at least good at acting so} and loves both the arts and a good fight. Romulus is also the type of man that loves from the very bottom of his heart and would move the planets to help anyone who earns such affection.

Speaking of affection, the Italian man is usually overflowing with it. With his grandchildren, especially Feliciano, he cannot help but to cover their cheeks with kisses, give bear hugs and spoil with his culinary talents.

His family is his life and if you threaten it...things will not end well.


^That beautiful man in the middle, yeah that is me~^

Romulus is quite the imposing figure at 6'2" and all of his muscle from years of Muggle sports and getting into physical altercations leads people to believe he is ages younger than he actually is{along with the youthful twinkle in his chocolate colored eyes}. Of course, the lack of gray hair also helps in the matter. He likes to think he looks damn good for a 53 year old.

Of the subject of hair, Romulus has it. Everywhere. On his arms, legs, chest and he has permanent well groomed stubble. As he believes body hair is the mark of a manly man, he really does not mind. His hair on his scalp is shaggy and full of curls in unexpected places.

No matter what the season, his Meditteranean skin fosters a healthy tan. Scars from his scrappy youth are on his arms, legs and torso {but not a scratch on his face, that would be awful!} and, like his body hair, he harbors a certain pride of them.

As a rule, if he does not have to dress formally, he sure as heck won't. Jeans, much abused tennis shoes and t-shirts may not be proper work attire but that doesn't stop him from wearing them to teach. Rumor has it, even has has a toga somewhere... That isn't to say that he is always a slob. If it's a formal occasion, expect to see him in head to toe formal wear..except the tie. His tie will always be loose and undone, otherwise he feels trapped.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Pureblood

+Physically and emotionally strong+
+Ridiculously fluent in Runes+
+Excellent cook if he says so himself+
+Artistic in all forms+
+Adept at Potions+
-His family-
-Memory becoming less sharp-
-His temper-
-Beautiful women-
-The moon-
Romulus HATES flying and may possibly be afraid of heights {not like he'll ever admit it}. He is also terrified of the prospect of becoming old. It goes without saying that he fears the moon.
His extreme amounts of affection for people could be considered a quirk. Also, every so often, he tries to teach lesson through song.
☑ Good Food ☑
☑ Manly men ☑
☑ Beautiful women ☑
☑ When his students succeed ☑
☑ His family ☑
☑ Competition ☑
☑ The arts ☑
☑ Romance ☑
☑ Muggle sports ☑
☑ Butterbeer ☑
☒ Aging ☒
☒ Ennui ☒
☒ Bad food ☒
☒ Boring people ☒
☒ Flying ☒
☒ Having to sit still ☒
☒ Reflecting about his past ☒
☒ The moon ☒
Your Character's backstory: Romulus was born into a wealthy wizarding family in Rome, Italy so magic surrounded him since the very day he was born. There was absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that he was a wizard as well, especially since he'd be demonstrating acts of magic since he was a small child. Of course, he took advantage of his skills and used them to help with one of his favorite things in the entire world; romancing the ladies. There were countless kisses he earned as a very young boy with the simple act of making flowers bloom, just for one..or two...or five special girls.

He himself attended Hogwarts and had a wonderful time. Of course he was a Gryffindor and a special one at that. Romulus was the kind of student that everything came naturally to, and, due to his happy go lucky nature, he was well liked. Of course, every so often he raised mischief, like flooding the bathroom and filling the Great Hall with fireworks. One would have thought him a natural at Quidditch but, as fate would have it, he and broomsticks did not mix. Romulus preferred the raw athleticism and competition of Muggle sports anyway.

Long story short, as soon as he graduated from Hogwarts, he traveled and, of course, he married quite young to the absolute love of his life. Romulus and she quickly went about having babies whom they cherished dearly. Something he prefers not to talk about is what happened to him during his travels.

It wasn't just all eating, drinking and being merry. No, there was something else that happened in the wilds of Romania. One of his drinking partners had a little condition that Romulus didn't know of until, after forcing to buddy to hang out with him despite his sound protests. Too shocked to move after witnessing an excruciatingly painful transformation, Romulus was near mauled and infected with the werewolf condition.

For the first time in his life, he felt fear. What would his family think of him? Would he been able to have children? What about controlling his symptoms? And, of course, once he met the certain special woman, could he keep it from her and keep her safe?

For years upon years, even through having children, Romulus never told her why her disappeared a few days every month. She started to think he was cheating on her and, upon that hurtful assumption, the Italian finally told her the truth. She was livid. How could he have kept such a secret from her?! Eventually though, she cooled down and helped him manage his lupine symptoms, helping him make the Wolfsbane potion every night it was needed and keeping the truth from their children.

When a certain child ran off and got married to a Muggle, they were not particularly shocked or scandalized. In fact, they were very supportive. However, certain circumstances arose and Romulus was left to care for his two grandsons. Romulus had to try his absolute best to raise his grandsons with his wife.

Quote :
Sometime after Feliciano was born - shortly afterwards, like when Lovino was a year or so old and Feliciano was a couple of months old - Romulus' son died somehow. A few years later (when Lovi was around four), Lovi and Feli's mother met another guy and married him, only - like all angsty stories with a stepfather - the guy turned out to be abusive. However, he didn't touch Feliciano - just Lovino, since Lovino resembled his father so much and the new guy didn't like their mother having such a reminder. Eventually, their mother decided enough was enough and confronted the guy, which resulted in the guy going to jail and their mother going to the morgue. So Romulus took custody of the two of them, only really knowing the basics of what really happened.

As much as he despises talking or thinking about that incident in Romania, what follows in buried deeper in the corners of his mind, never to ever be discussed. One night, a full moon, the children were sick with colds and Romulus and his wife alike were too consumed with tending to them that they had forgotten a very important thing: his potion.

Luckily the toddlers were inside and fast asleep when the wolf part of him did the unspeakable. By his own hands, he had killed the love of his life. Romulus, upon returning to his human form and mind considered even taking his own life.

One thing saved him, or rather, two things: his grandchildren. They were mere toddlers, who would take take of them?

He tried his very best spoil them and love them equally but with two young children vying for his attention, he was afraid they were going to suffer. His grandchildren were far to young to ask what happened to their grandmother or even remember her existence. However, there still was the problem of his transformations. Feliciano was a good boy and always did what he was told, never questioning why Romulus locked he and his brother up tight in their room once a month even though they did nothing that wrong. Lovino was a different matter.

Searching through his contacts for someone he trusted enough to raise Lovino, the grandchild that really didn't seem to love his Grandfather much to his heartache, he finally found one. A rather nice Spanish family that would guarantee the boy was never in want of everything seemed a perfect match! With great reluctance, he sent Lovino off and focused on raising his little, and probably a Squib, Feliciano.

Of course when Feliciano demonstrated, much to his great surprise, some magical ability; it only meant one thing. They were going to Hogwarts.
How they were hired/transferred: When Romulus found out that Feliciano had been accepted to Hogwarts, he couldn't bear the very thought of being separated from his grandson so he nearly begged for a job. In a streak of good luck, the Ancient Runes professor position was open and he had enough good word in from the staff and other head honchos that he quickly became the head of Gyffindor.

RP Sample:
"Good morning class~," the Italian man near sang out to the small collection of students who elected to take Ancient Runes. Such a shame it was so few of them, Romulus would have loved to pass on his knowledge to an entire room packed with students instead of a mere table-full. Still, the classroom was his stage and it was his duty as a professor to give them quite the show.

Sauntering over to the board with the swagger of a man a third his age, he began sketching a huge and complicated rune smack in the middle of the chalkboard. When he was satisfied with the beauty of the lines and the overall fluidity and balance of it, he stepped aside to sit on his desk.

"Who can tell me what this means~?" When he was greeted by a very pregnant silence, his grin turned into a pout {a manly one though}. "No one can tell me?" He lifted his wand out from behind his ear and the rune detached itself from the board and began a swirling little dance over the students heads before sparking and changing shape into a heart.

"That was 'love', kiddos." The heart split itself in two and began to wail, much to the giggles of the students. It dissolved into smoke as he jumped off the desk, back to the board to scrawl another character and then have it enthusiastically race across the room and tickle a few students. "Can anyone guess this one or do I have to sing it~?"

Immediately, the entire room raised their hands.
Name: Chauncy~
Tell us a little about yourself. I'm the former Latvia ;u;
Anything else? Rictusempra~ *chuckles* ...[- Wingardium Leviosa -]

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PostSubject: Re: Ancient Rome Application -DONE-   Tue Jun 14, 2011 7:24 pm

Ohai, former Latvia! ;u; Didn't recognize ya thar, what with yer strappin' manliness an' all. Hurr durr.

Anyway, idiocy (on my part) aside, I LOVED IT. JEGUS.

-coughs- Excuse me.

Well, I adored it to bits and pieces! The colour scheme was quite nice and I like everything. I JUST CAN'T NOT LIKE THIS.


Romulus Vargas, (Ohshi--Ialmostjusttyped'Vargasm'whichactuallykindoffits...) LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN.

Romulus Vargas, you are ACCEPTED. Have fun, be safe, and the headmaster will totally not approve of that toga! :DDDD
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Ancient Rome Application -DONE-
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