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 Head Canon

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PostSubject: Head Canon   Sun May 29, 2011 10:38 pm

I know we all have it. Things that you feel are canon for your character, or little quirks that showed up while playing your character. Why not list them out, for your reference and everyone else's amusement?

RULE FOR THIS THREAD: One post. Not two, not three, ONE. I know, you're confused. But trust me, if you had tons of little posts for the various things that pop up, you'd be even more confused. Make one post, and then edit it as things pop up, okay? Okay. This is to make things less confusing, and to keep things more organized.

Put your character's name and year at the top of your list. ((It does not have to be colored. And if it is colored, it doesn't have to be the color of the house you're in, though that is helpful.))
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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   Sun May 29, 2011 10:44 pm

Zaman Abasolo-Year 4

  • He's afraid of heights
  • He can climb trees, but can't get down from them.
  • Part of the idiot trio (Mei, Lud, and Zaman)
  • Religion isn't too much of a thing for him, but it influences him in important matters
  • Coconut Milkshakes or Ice Cream. Enough said.
  • Favorite tea is Ceylon Green Tea.
  • Wears house tie (if he can) when dressing casually
  • Dresses in bright colors.
  • Can wear a skirt (in his case, a mundu) and still be manly as heck. *A*

Last Updated: Sept 27th 2011

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Former South Italy

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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   Sun May 29, 2011 10:49 pm

Lovino Vargas
Sixth Year

~ He wears glasses for reading things; he rarely uses them though.
~ He is always wearing a cross; always. He also has a small mini service somewhere private every Sunday and on special days.
~ He speaks four languages: Italian, Spanish, English, and Latin.
~ He used to smoke. He doesn't anymore, but sometimes he is tempted to.
~ He would never tell anyone, but he had a lot of trouble learning to read and even now can't read as easily as others.
~ He works with potions so often because he feels like it's the only thing he's good at (even though he's also talented at Ancient Runes and Arithmancy).
~ Due to a past he remembers only through dreams and brief flashbacks, Lovino has a fear of all men who are bigger then him - basically all men. He's good at pretending to be somewhat comfortable around them though.
~ Also due to his past, he has a great respect for women and treats them better than he treats men by a large degree.
~ He's a great artist, but only with animals. He can't draw anything else to the same level. He's also no where near as great as Feliciano.
~ He carries a muggle lighter with him for comfort, and he's got a pack of cigarettes in his trunk just in case.
~ Almost everything he does has the secondary goal of making Romulus proud of him, even if he never shows Romulus what he did.
~ He enjoys drinking, though he doesn't do it often due to lack of mony.
~ He's clumsy. Certainly not as clumsy as when he was a child, but very clumsy nonetheless.

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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   Mon May 30, 2011 12:44 am

Wan-Mei Chen
Fourth Year

~ Likes being cuddled
~ Loud like you wouldn't believe
~ Part of the Idiot Trio (see Zaman's post)
~ Has a knack for getting herself and usually others into trouble
~ Can be thoughtful when she wants to be
~ Used to hate cats - can tolerate if she hears them talk - Likes a select few.
~ Throws up when under pressure physically or mentally

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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:58 pm

Aleta Carriedo
Herbology Professor

~ She cannot cook. Much like Arthur, her attempts end with burnt food and poisoned friends.
~ Though she denies it, she's had many miscarriages in the past and is scared to keep trying.
~ She's envious of most women, and this comes out in her more than awkward behaviour around women.
~ Her hair grows faster than she wants it to. She could shave herself bald right now and her hair will be back to normal length within a month.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:01 am

Romulus Vargas
Ancient Runes Professor|Head of Gryffindor

*He is incredibly ticklish
*He has rather fantastic hygiene
*Due to his many years of being a werewolf, he has picked up many a doglike trait. For example, if someone rubs his belly, his left foot wiggles
*Romulus spent his teenaged years in many a fight
*He checks every morning for grey hairs and promptly turns then dark brown again
*He made a deal with himself that he will not die until he gets great grandchildren
*He was a fat toddler who ate anything that stayed still long enough
*Physical contact calms him
*Flying and heights are his two least favorite things. He blames not being aerodynamic
*The only thing he's good at is getting women pregnant
*He has scars everywhere but his face
*He is the type who wants the house in the country with the white picket fence and a soccer team of children in the yard
*He's fallen in love many more times than is wise
*He used to write his wife love letters every day from their courtship to marriage. On tough days, he falls back into that habit
*Vargas Family Naptime
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Dominik Vasilescu


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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:41 am

♔ Dominik Vasilescu || Fifth Year || Gryffindor ♔

♦ His full name is Dominik Dumitru Vasilescu. His middle name was after his grandfather's first name, and originally it was supposed to be his first as well. His parents decided that would be too confusing to have two around though.

♦ He's not too fond of water and it seems to not be fond of him. He can swim enough to not drown if need be, but he won't go in big bodies of water alone or too deep. It freaks him out since he doesn't really know what is in the water.

♦ As much as he loves his family, they are pretty strict and like to control what he does to an extent. He hates it and tries to do the opposite of what they say just to make them angry sometimes.

♦ When he was around the age of 9, he got very sickly for a while. He had a bad case of pneumonia. That being said, even today he is burdened from a weaker immune system than most and gets sick pretty easily if he isn't careful. He won't admit to this weakness, but it is rather noticeable.

♦ He is quite flexible. To occupy himself when he was younger he took gymnastics so learned all types of tricks from it.

♦ His sleep schedule is pretty messed up. In the morning he sleeps in late, and he doesn't fall asleep until it is close to morning. It might be why he looks so tired all the time.

♦ If he stays outside to long on very sunny days, he can get annoying headaches. His eyes are sensitive, like the eyes of most people with his unique colored eyes.

♦ His favorite color is purple.

♦ More often than not, Dominik is late for classes. This holds especially true to morning classes, since he hates getting out of bed once he finally falls asleep. He also doesn't care at all that he is ever late. He will just stroll right in.

♦ He is far from fluent, but he knows a good deal of French.

♦ The smell of blood really bothers his sense of smell. Not if someone got a papercut or anything small, but in large amounts like a bloody nose or some horribly nasty injury. That is when he can smell it more than others. So if he covers his nose, don't think you smell bad.

♦ Instead of normal hellos, he absolutely adores getting as close to possible to the person in question, and doing something silly. His favorite is blowing on their neck as a greeting to spook them out, but whispering hello works just as well.

♦ The insides of his pockets are always filled with assorted things that most people would find to be junk. Most of them are for protection or good luck, and some are just for other superstitions that he has.

♦ He has always wanted to play Quidditch but has never bothered to try out, as much as he loves flying.

♦ He has a lovely collection of pens back home. Of course, his favorites came to Hogwarts with him.

♦ His pockets are normally full of a strange assortment of things. Good luck charms, things to counter superstitions that he has, and other types of things in that category. Sometimes he carries a small notebook and pen, since he loves writing random things.

|| last updated; January 11th ||

(I love love love random little headcanons so I hope to actually update this often! )

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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:15 pm

Gilbert Weillschmidt - Sixth Year

~I always view Gilbert as being somewhat asexual. Since in canon, he originates from a religious organisation, and even appears in a priest's cassock, I view him being quite bashful about sex, and uninterested in it. In this roleplay verse though, since he's in the modern era, and lived amongst Muggles, where several teenagers would brag about their sexual conquests, Gilbert feels the need that he needs to bluff it to be 'cool' or accepted. He knows very little about the subject though, so his bluffing is very easy to see through. However this doesn't mean he won't have a relationship with someone, it'd have to be someone he is emotionally comfortable with - like a friend.

~He always admires birds, because he likes the freedom they have. They can pick up and fly away whenever they want - of course, being a wizard, he could technically do that, but he needs the aid of a broom, and even then, the use of brooms are restricted.

~He loathes sunny days for obvious reasons. He has to skulk in the shadows like a vampire, or wear clothes that cover every inch of him, or he'd be burnt horribly.

~He doesn't wear his glasses, even though he desperately needs them. This means he misreads things far too often, and finds it difficult to put names to faces. He only wears sunglasses, and even then, only on bright days, lest he be blinded due to his photo-sensitivity.

~He loves stars, and knows plenty of constellations. Because of this, Astronomy is one of his favourite subjects.

~Gilbert was banned from going anywhere near a cauldron in his old school - although it is yet to be seen if his previous school warned Hogwarts about his ineptitude with Potions. Every attempt to make a potion ends in explosions or noxious gases - or, what happened one time, a sentient slime monster.

~He's very fond of Muggle electronics, and even owns an old laptop back home with internet connection. He has a blog, but can only update it during the holidays for obvious reasons.

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PostSubject: Re: Head Canon   

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Head Canon
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