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 Matthew Williams / Canada application

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PostSubject: Matthew Williams / Canada application   Sat May 14, 2011 11:40 am


Character's name: Matthew Williams

Country of origin: Canada

Year: Fourth year

Age: 15

House: Hufflepuff!

Personality: The first time you enter a room with Matthew in it, you’d most likely skip over him when looking around. He hasn’t any idea why, but Matthew tends to blend in with the background. He rarely speaks up to say something, and if he does, he tends to go unheard, or sometimes misunderstood. But Matt’s used to that by now, he just figures that this is due to his soft voice, and he just needs to speak louder… Though he’s yet to learn how to. So to stop himself from going insane, his main conversational partner is his bear, Kumajirou. Kumajirou can talk because he’s a magic creature.

Because Matthew lacks friends, and the social skills he needs to get friends, he often finds himself reading books to distract him from his loneliness. He doesn’t mind, he’s used to it, and he tends to be a happy, chirpy person who’s always trying to help others, if they need to find their way or cast a particularly tricky spell. He’s not exactly a master at spells but he’s always putting his best effort into it, because he doesn’t like doing things half-assed.


Silky blond hair hangs from his head in wavy locks, framing his milky white face perfectly. A round head with a slightly pointed chin at the tip. Eyes a pair of misty violet portals leading to his soul. A small, smoothly shaped nose sloping down his face to a cute button tip. Pale pink, slightly plump lips hiding two rows of pearly white teeth. All perched on a slender, swanlike neck. This is how Matthew appears if you take a good hard look at him, because you tend to miss the features the first time around.

If your eyes happen to stray below the neck, you’ll find slightly slumped shoulders as though trying to shield himself from the world with his back, though they’d occasionally push themselves back in an act of defiance. But it isn’t common. His arms are thin, not exactly lacking muscle, but certainly not the strongest boy around. His hands are flat, and his fingers are thin, slender and graceful, ideal for playing instruments – which he does do. His torso is neither too thin, nor too fat, nor is it muscly. It’s nothing noticeably different, which is a perfectly good size for him, and he’s happy about it.

His legs, they’re long and thin, and make him a lot taller than the other fourth years, almost by a head. They’re thin and well-shaped, as well as hairless, which makes him feel very feminine, a little too much for his own liking. His feet are equally petite and almost dainty in a way, so he keeps them clad in thick, brown boots lined on the insides with wool. This used to be due to the cold weather in Canada, but he kept them when arriving in Scotland because they felt like a connection to home.

Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood? Half-Blood.


҉ High Metabolism – With the number of pancakes Matthew eats, it’s a wonder he stays thin, so his fast metabolism is practically a blessing to him.

҉ His musical ability – Matthew can play the piano, the acoustic guitar and the accordion. He also sings quite well.

҉ His invisibility to others – It helps him get away with sneaking around at night for whatever reason he might require.

҉ His mind – Matthew might not be the brightest tool in the shed, but he certainly knows a thing or two about transfiguration.

҉ Cooking – He’s a great chef who enjoys cooking and experimenting, which means that he loves potions lesson, but it also means he gets into trouble sometimes because he’s experimented with the potion instead of making what they were being taught.

҉ Green thumb – A great gardener, too. He loves his flowers and plants, and particularly enjoys Herbology.

҉ Memory – He has such a great memory, until it comes to remembering the name of his own polar bear…

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:

₰ His physical strength – Matthew isn’t the strongest person you’ll meet… In fact, he’s barely average for a boy his age.

₰ Speed – Matthew is a slow runner. But he tends to avoid running at all, due to the fact that he has a small asthma problem.

₰ Asthma – As I mentioned. He’s only had one asthma attack in his life, and it terrified him, so he avoids strenuous physical activity whenever possible.

₰ Phobia of strangers – He’s scared of talking to people he’s not familiar with. Matthew may appear friendly if you go up to talk to him, but inside he’s on the verge of panicking.

₰ His quiet voice – Previously mentioned, Matthew’s voice is very faint a lot of the time and difficult to pick up if you don’t know that you’re being talked to.

₰ Low self-esteem – Matthew isn’t the type of person to think highly of himself, mental and appearance wise. If you tell him he looks bad in any way, he’ll believe it without any more convincing needed.

₰ Short attention span – Because Matthew doesn’t get much attention, he’s grown into this small habit of not paying attention to teachers in class when he should, or other students talking about things which bore Matthew, and his mind wonders away.

Your Character's backstory: Matthew was born in the hot month of July to a cheerful Canadian couple who own a delightful family restaurant. The restaurant specialised in breakfasts – Most famously pancakes. Because of this, Matthew spent the first five years of his life being fed pancakes, bacon, sausages and all sorts of delicious food every day. His parents gave him food which the customers rejected for one reason or another, which Matthew loved. He enjoyed food of all kinds so he would almost never turn his nose up at it.

He grew up selfless and almost always with a smile on his face. That is, until his parents divorced. Matthew didn't understand why they would, even though they tried to explain to him that they just "Didn't love each other any more." Matthew thought that people always loved each other, and not loving someone you used to love didn't make much sense. But his mother took him away from the restaurant forever, all the way to a different town. But they didn't stay there long. When Matthew turned 7, he was whisked away to a strange farm with a strange man and a strange boy. Matthew found himself hiding behind his mother's legs a lot of the time.

Matthew's mother and Alfred's father were very encouraging of the two interracting, and Matthew found that he started liking Alfred more and more, once he got past the loud nature of the other. They had a lot of fun together and it all felt like a proper family. Matthew liked to think that he and Alfred were almost-twins because of how close they were in age and appearance. They would do many things together, including helping out on the farm which Matthew had come to love, and be home taught, things like basic Maths and English.

He waited at the door all day on his 11th birthday, for his letter accepting him to a magic school- any magic school. Being a Canadian citizen, he could always be accepted to the closest Canadian magic school, but living in America meant that he could be accepted into an American magic school. Yet, despite his options, Matthew's letter never came. He spent the rest of his birthday in his room, crying. Three days later, he nearly cried again, when Alfred - who wasn't even born to magical parents - had a letter! Why Alfred, and not him?! But he took a deep breath and congratulated Alfred.

Instead of accompanying Al to Abism Alley to buy his things, he spent his time looking for muggle schools to accept him. Finally, he found a place which took anyone. He hated it there, though. The teachers seemed like they'd given up, the students always misbehaved (Or skipped class all together, Matthew liked it when they did that), and Matthew didn't know how to interact with anyone. Alfred wasn't there to keep him company, either.

But he persisted through three years of it, studying hard for his parents and trying to put magic out of his mind. He should have known he was a squib after all; he'd never shown any signs of magic, why should he get a letter? He spent most of the three years miserable, only properly cheering up when Alfred came home for the holidays. One fine holiday in particular, he was with Alfred, when they both recieved their letters to Hogwarts. Matthew thought it was a mistake, and wrote back to the headmaster, but the very next day (Owls were surprisingly sufficient), Matthew recieved a second letter saying that it was no joke, and that he, Matthew Williams, was expected at Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry, to take part in the foreign exchange program. Matthew accepted right away, because he finally, finally had a chance.

We just got a letter:

Matthew was relaxing in a field with Alfred only a few weeks after school had ended for the year, chatting with him and catching up on his life, s othat they wouldn't feel so much like strangers. He was just listening to Alfred recounting one of his tales when two owls swooped down to greet them. One of the letters the owls were carrying was dropped right in Matthew's lap. He was surprised; surely they were for Alfred? He was the magical one. But he read the letter once, twice, then promptly started to cry. He was going to be a wizard? It had been his dream for a while, his very crushed dream. He didn't think it was true. It was far too good to be true. He was being asked to go to Scotland to a wizard school. A wizard school! In Britain!

He was finding it hard to believe, he had to confirm, just to make sure. After folding up the letter carefully, he started to compose his reply in his head, mumbling little sections through his sniffles and sobs. Dear Headmaster, I think you have me mistaken for somebody else. That was a good start. Matthew was ready to believe that it was meant to be addressed to Alfred, but Alfred seemed to have a letter of his own. Still, Matthew kept to his idea that there was some sort of horrible mix-up, and that he wasn't going to get his hopes up any more.

- - - - - - -

This was it. The train ride when smoothly, there were lots of people and a big lake in which Matthew spent the ride curled up in the middle of his boat in case he fell off. And now he was in line for the sorting hat put him into the correct house. There was only him and a couple other people around. Curse his surname, being ‘W’! It was making Matthew’s stomach do backflips with nerves, but he swallowed and waited for his name to be called in silence. When it finally was, he walked up, knees trembling, and sat down on the little stool which, to be honest, didn’t look like the most stable of things he could be sitting on, but it didn’t seem to be creaking under his weight, so Matthew relaxed slightly as the big hat was placed over his head.

”Ah, what have we here… A part of the Williams family. You know, your complete family was suited for Ravenclaw. Except for yourself and your half-brother. But I don’t think you should be heading in the direction of Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Hmm… To me, you seem more like a Hufflepuff, yes. Although…”

Although? What although? There was no although! Hufflepuff, please, not Slytherin! Slytherin scared Matthew, he didn’t like how it sounded!

”Not Slytherin, you ask? Well then, Hufflepuff it is.” Matthew felt the hat lift off his head and looked over at the table of yellow where people clapped for him. Well, that was less painful as he’d thought it would be at least.

Name: Rachel!
Tell us a little about yourself. I’m fifteen and I live in England! I kind of wanted to make Matthew part Veela, but that didn’t make an ounce of sense. And it felt Mary-Sue-ish… Speaking of which, Lovino pointed out that the description of Matthew sounded Mary-Sue-ish, too, but I just like using pretty descriptions. Plus it's a matter of perspective...

Aaand, sorry for taking so long on this app. I’m a slow writer. Apparently, slower than everyone who applied after me. *Flails* Anyway, if there are any problems, tell me... Yeah...

Anything else?


“You’re doing it wrong! It’s levi-OOOOHHH-sa, not Levio-SAAAHHH…”

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PostSubject: Re: Matthew Williams / Canada application   Wed May 18, 2011 1:45 pm

I like the great amount of details you put into this ; u; Though at points it seems a little like TMI...

But it's good! Even though it was a subtle mention, the transferal part is fine~

That being said, you're ACCEPTED~ Change your name and you may start posting
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Matthew Williams / Canada application
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