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 Lars van Rijn // the Netherlands

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Lars van Rijn


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PostSubject: Lars van Rijn // the Netherlands   Fri May 13, 2011 9:05 pm

Character's name:
Lars van Rijn

Country of origin:
the Netherlands

Sixith Year



Lars is a very quiet guy, he would rather much tend to his flowers then deal with other people. His xenophobia or fear of strangers makes it quite troublesome to make friends so he covers it up with a tsundere personality. He hates it when people comment on his hair or his scar but is never violent and avoids fights he would rather solve a problem by talking it out rather then fighting. He likes cute things and can be seen carrying around a rabbit all the time.

He is always seen reading out of a herbology book or sneaking out for a smoke but he is always found in the gardens tending to the flowers. He is a neat freak and will have the urge to clean if he sees a mess. He is sometimes unapproachable because of the frown that is on his face all the time but he really is kind hearted.


Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood?

Serious Student
Strong Strategist
Multilingual ( Speaks Dutch, English and German )

His sister
He is slightly tsundere towards people
Cute things
His tobacco pipe

Xenophobia ( he is almost over it but is slightly weary of new people )
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Hates messy things
His hair looks like a tulip
He hates the Spanish
Has a scar on his forehead from a childhood accident
He always wears a scarf

Flowers ( especially Tulips they are his favourite )
Koffee ( he runs on the stuff )
Cooking ( he loves making traditional Dutch dishes )

Messy Gardens
The Spanish

Your Character's backstory:

Lars the oldest member of his family, which consists of both of his parents and his younger sister was born in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. When he was old enough to understand what was going with his parents, they had separated and he ended up continuing to live in the Netherlands with his father while his mother and younger sister moved to Belgium. Lars would send letters to his little sister by owl but at some point they grew distant and the communication between them slowed down until they no longer really spoke to each other.

Lars's father encouraged Lars to make friends with muggles and other wizards that lived around them in the city they lived in, but he had a hard time doing so because of his xenophobia and preferred to be in is garden and plant flowers and other herbs. It wasn't until he turned eleven that he started to show his magical ability, he was tending his his gardens that he grew in the backyard of his home when the plants which were starting to bloom suddenly started to grow and bloom as if by magic. Lars confused by this went to his father who was overjoyed that his son started to display his wizarding abilities

He was sent to a small local Wizarding school that was located in Amsterdam, he attended the school for 5 years not making many friends but his grades were exceptional especially herbology. It was during the summer after his fifth year while he was tending his garden in the backyard of his home when a owl dropped off a letter to him, he was taken back when he had read the letter which had informed him that he had been accepted at Hogwarts as an foreign exchange student.

We just got a letter:
It was a beautiful day and staying inside just wasn't an option for Lars so he headed out into the back yard and grabbed his gardening tools, he took a look around at his garden and gave it a small smile before kneeling down to start his weeding. He pulled the weeds out from around his beautiful flowers, this was relaxing he didn't have to worry about school work or people coming up and trying to make friends with him just him and the relaxing sight of his garden. He knew he could spend countless hours tenderly tending to his garden making it beautiful which he decided was the perfect day for.

He was busy planting some new flowers when he had heard the unmistakable flapping of wings he sat up and looked into the sky, he saw what looked like to be an large bird heading straight towards him he had to duck when the bird crashed into his unplanted earth. He he carefully picked the poor bird up and was rather surprised to see that it was a owl " wat? " he saw the letter the bird held in its beak and was rather confused when the owl dropped the letter in his lap before shaking itself off and flying off again. He picked up the letter and saw that it was addressed to him, at first he figured that it might be from his younger sister but was in fact shocked to see the seal from Hogwarts.

He headed into the house to show his father the letter to Hogwarts, he found his father in his study reading his book he showed him the letter and they both opened it together. He was shocked to read that he had been accepted to Hogwarts School as a foreign exchange student he looked to his father who had a wide grin on his face.


The summer went by too fast for Lars and he found himself sitting at a long table, he had arrived at the school a few hours before and was getting a bit nervous with all the unknown people around him. He shifted in his seat as he listened to the new student's names being called, sighing in relief as his name was called he walked towards the chair and sat down. He closed his eyes and calmed himself down as the Sorting Hat was placed on his head, he didn't care where he was really sorted to but he knew that he would be sorted into the right house. The hat went silent and he started to get nervous again before the old hat finally shouted " RAVENCLAW! " he sighed in relief as the hat was taken off his head before he stood up and joined his new house. ' It will be an interesting year ' he thought as he took his seat.

Name: can just call me Lars ^^
Tell us a little about yourself. I'm from Canada but i travel back and forth to the Netherlands all the time 8D and i'm really excited about RPing with you all
Anything else? *taps his wand against a table* Wingardium Leviosa

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PostSubject: Re: Lars van Rijn // the Netherlands   Wed May 18, 2011 1:12 pm

I like it, but there seems to be a lot of grammar mistakes. The "wat?" was kinda bad. Just make sure to proofread your posts so they make sense and stuff!

Besides that, I think it's all good! You're ACCEPTED~. You may begin posting! Oh and change your name and whatnot
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PostSubject: Re: Lars van Rijn // the Netherlands   Wed May 18, 2011 1:32 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Lars van Rijn // the Netherlands   Wed May 18, 2011 2:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Lars van Rijn // the Netherlands   

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Lars van Rijn // the Netherlands
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