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 South Italy//Lovino Vargas application [ACCEPTED~!]

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Former South Italy

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PostSubject: South Italy//Lovino Vargas application [ACCEPTED~!]   Tue May 03, 2011 3:22 pm

Character's name:
Lovino Vargas

Country of origin:
Italy/South Italy


Sixth Year


Spiky would be the best word to fit Lovino. Spiky, temperamental, an ass to everyone around him. He’s full of sharp words and silver tipped insults for anyone who crosses his path, regardless of their intent. He’s dependent though, on the people who stay with him despite that, and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and with him, no matter what.

When he wants to hide from people or just doesn’t want to deal with his problems, he’ll act like his brother. Generally, it works out rather well for him and he’s learned to manipulate that ability to get what he wants.


Muggle-born, Half-blood, or Pureblood?

- He’s good at gardening and finds Herbology to be a relaxing class to go to.
- Potions is easy for him
- He’s good at flying

Weaknesses, phobias, quirks, etc.:
- He’s an absolute coward; if he can’t bluff his way out of a fight, he’ll burst into tears
and start talking about having relatives in the country of whomever he’s fighting.
- A huge inferiority complex.
- Jealous of his little brother’s talent and his ease with people.
- He’s greatly afraid of being considered useless and unneeded.

Your Character's Back Story:
Lovino started out life the way most people did, with his mother and father. However, shortly after his little brother was born, his father passed away and a few years later his mother was married to an abusive man who decided that Lovino didn't deserve any kind attention. Eventually his mother decided to stand up to the man and in a matter of a few short hours, Lovino no longer had either of his parents.

After that, Lovino lived with his grandfather and his little brother up until said grandfather sent him away to live with a Spanish couple his grandfather was friendly with. Lovino thus grew up resenting his grandfather for deciding that the older Vargas brother wasn’t worth his time and attention. When Lovino was seven, he used his magic for the first time to stop a basket of tomatoes from hitting the ground and bursting. He kept this to himself, convincing the couple he was living with that they had imagined it. He also hide the invitation to the Italian school for magic from them, telling them that he had been accepted to a normal, muggle, boarding school and getting them to agree to send him there.

Once actually arriving at the magic school, he was immediately roped into joining the “elite” group of students – really the sons of mafia members – as their lackey, doing the things they needed and making sure no teachers suspected them of foul play. He quickly learned to play by their roles and became quite the manipulator, convincing some of the members younger than him to do his work for him.

He was sent the invitation to join Hogwarts’ exchange program at the beginning of the summer before his sixth year and immediately decided to join, knowing that it would be better than waiting for the group he was part of to start trying to pull him into the actual mafia. Again, he hid this from the couple he was with and told them it was a program with his “normal” boarding school, getting them to sign the papers needed to transfer him to Hogwarts. He was left unaware of Feliciano’s presence in this program until just before he boarded the train to go to Hogwarts.

We just got a letter:
“God damn it you stupid bird, stop making so much noise!” Lovino whisper-shouted, trying to keep his voice down while at the same time getting the bird to stop hooting and being stupid. If it didn’t stop it would wake up his “parents” and that would not be good at all. Glaring at the owl and puffing his cheeks out, Lovino tried to think of a way to get it down from its circling route around his ceiling. He stomped his foot and grabbed a blanket, tossing it over the owl like a net and pulling it to the ground.

Nodding in satisfaction, he picked up the letter the owl had dropped on his bed and read it over, scowling more and more as he read. Damn it. He didn’t want his “parents” to know that he had magic – because he knew they were reporting to his idiot of a grandfather and he wouldn’t give that man the satisfaction of having a magical grandson – but he also didn’t want to give up the chance to go to a school where he would learn to actually use his magic. So…he would have to lie. Again. Lovino wasn’t against lying to get what he wanted, but at the same time he didn’t feel right lying to the people who were taking care of him.

He took a few minutes to think it over before deciding that another lie wouldn’t hurt things. He quickly scribbled out a reply to the school and gave it to the owl – earning a peck on the head for the net trick – before settling onto his bed to think up a way to lie to them. It would have to be extensive and foolproof if he wanted it to actually work.


There was an owl sitting in his garden. In the middle of the day. Holding a letter. Lovino scowled and held his arm out to the owl, wincing as its weight settled onto his arm. It wasn’t one of the owls his normal school used, and it was also too soon after the school year had ended for him to be getting the supply list for next year, so the owl’s presence was a complete mystery to him. Offering it a treat – because one never knew when it was a good idea to have a treat – he took the letter from it and read it over.

“Fuck.” He muttered, looking it over and thumbing through the pages. Why on earth would this school, this Hogwarts, pick him to be a student there? There were so many other people who would make a much better choice…but they sent the letter to him. His name was on it. That meant that Hogwarts thought he was better than all of the other students in his school. A faint, self-satisfied smirk crossed his face at the thought.

Of course he would have to go here. But that meant another lie to his parents. Glancing up at the house, he thought it over for a moment before deciding that all they knew about him was a lie, so why start telling the truth now? Lovino nodded and gave the owl another treat, sneaking it into the house and writing back to Hogwarts before writing to his own school to start the transfer process. He would make up the muggle papers tomorrow.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Lovino was scowling harshly as the hat – crawling with who knows what – settled on his head, his eyes avoiding looking over at the Hufflepuff table where his brother – the brother he hadn’t seen in years and the one that he hadn’t known would be here – was happily sitting with a big ass stupid grin on his face. Of course Feliciano was magic, why would Lovino be better than the idiot in anything?

He tensed as he felt something moving through his head, slowly relaxing as he realized that it was the hat’s magic. He decided right then and there that he would not ever be in the same house as his brother, and started thinking about all of the things that made him unworthy of being in Hufflepuff. Sure, he doubted this was how it worked, but he would not be in a house where everything he did was compared to his brother’s work and found lacking. And he knew it would happen; all around the house he lived in there were paintings and portraits done by a ‘F.V.’ and all of them in places where Lovino’s work had been.

He was so focused on being away from Feliciano that he almost missed the hat shouting out “SLYTHERIN!” He didn’t miss the way the silver and green table started cheering though, and he took the hat off and set it down on the chair roughly before stalking over to the right table, his scowl lessened only a little by the thought of being separated from his little brother. But now he would have to deal with him…Lovino wasn’t sure if he was ready for that yet.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I HAS RETURNED! >>;; I missed this place too much to stay away. So yeah. ;u; <3 (If you guess who I am, I’ll give you cookies). Also! I’ve never actually played South Italy before, so if my role playing is somewhat lacking that’s why.
Anything else?
Wingardium Leviosa.

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PostSubject: Re: South Italy//Lovino Vargas application [ACCEPTED~!]   Thu May 05, 2011 8:56 am


But huzzah, Lovino~

I believe everything is in order~! I don't know if Slytherin actually takes half-bloods, but I can't -really- remember and if Kiku has a problem then he can tell you.

For right now, accepted~

Just change your name and you can start posting~
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Former South Italy

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PostSubject: Re: South Italy//Lovino Vargas application [ACCEPTED~!]   Thu May 05, 2011 4:14 pm

-gives cookies to Feli- Si~

Also! None of the houses can actually stop people from joining based on blood, it's just common place for half-bloods with Slytherin traits to go to Ravenclaw versus Slytherin. But half-bloods can go into Slytherin, Tom Riddle (Voldemort) being a prime example.
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PostSubject: Re: South Italy//Lovino Vargas application [ACCEPTED~!]   Thu May 05, 2011 5:07 pm

I completely forgot! Right! Sorry, I'm a bit loopy right now. X-x -homnom cookies-
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PostSubject: Re: South Italy//Lovino Vargas application [ACCEPTED~!]   

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South Italy//Lovino Vargas application [ACCEPTED~!]
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